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  1. What would be a good ball for a beginner, such as myself, or does it not really matter in my situation yet?
  2. Thanks for the tips everyone! I'm going back to school tomorrow and am going to talk to a few of my friends that play and see what they think of the clubs I picked out.
  3. Well I'm pretty average, 5'9" 140lb, built like a tennis player because that's been my life for the past 15 years.
  4. I did a search for used golf clubs and pieced this together, let me know what you think and if I'm missing anything, total price is around $300 which I would be willing to spend. Used Nike Ignite 450 Driver $49.99 Used Nike SLINGSHOT #4 Hybrid $39.99 Used Nike IGNITE T60 3 Wood Fairway Wood Men Right Hand $44.99 Used Nike OZ MALLET Putter $39.99 Used MacGregor NVG2 5-PW Iron Set $109.99 Used Nike CCI Iron Sand Wedge Wedge $19.99
  5. Hello all, I've been wanting to get into playing golf for quite a while, my friend took me out to a course by our school over the fall and I loved it. I'll be graduating in May and will have more time to start playing once I finish so I'm looking into buying a set of clubs. I know that I don't need anything crazy but I would like so input on a set I found at Dick's.. Top-Flite XL doesn't look too bad but then again I don't know what looks good either. I did like it because it includes two hybrid clubs which I've heard that are easier to hit. Some input would be great, thanks everyone!
  6. Tiger! Been watching him for a while and he's good friends with my most favorite athlete Mr. Roger Federer.
  7. http://www.lebaronhills.com/
  8. Student at Bryant University, about to graduate in May and then off to State Street to start my career in finance/banking!
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