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  1. Having real problems with low irons 4\5 often pull hook it or hit a big fade. currently have mp59s dg s300 shafts. what iv found is with my 6\p iv had to real slow my swing down at transition and in general to get them to work and they are fairly consistent but with 4/5 iron if i slow it down just cant get the ball the required distance or flight. just wondering would it be worth my while going to heavier/ stiffer shaft so i can swing more naturally. any suggestions on shaft? swing speed is 92mph with irons and naturally have a quite aggressive transiton
  2. i play competitions but they are not regular enough for me to get my handicap down to where i think im at. i seem to be improving fairly quickly and dont like being branded a bandit as i regulary shoot 6 to10 shots lower then my handicap of 18 without any struggle any suggestions?