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  1. play your way through the bad times,it does eventually get better.
  2. played Saturday morning in the weekly competition. my iron play was very hot with 9 greens in regulation.my driving was not to bad except for a crazy OB on 4th hole which went over a road and into a herd of cattle.With 1 three putt .1 OB.11 pars and 1 birdie. I finished shooting a 79 ,which im more than happy with after last weeks game an 89.
  3. flymojames


    Thanks .I,ll take that on board and let you know how I do over weekend.
  4. flymojames


    Played horrible yesterday. ZERO fairways hit out of 13. 7 greens in regulations.5 par 3s all parred. Hard to believe I got 2 lessons in Driving in the last 3 weeks. I know if I keep practicing it will all come around. Shot an 86 ,15 over, with 2 double bogies 1 quadruple bogie 8 pars my 2nd shots were not bad ,made some nice recovery shots with my long irons .
  5. flymojames


    yes better weather ,no rain for a change .about 10c and little wind.
  6. flymojames


    I have not posted since January I played sunday .I shot a 79 ,it felt much worse only 7 gir and 4 f,i,r. I scrambled like hell and made some putts .finished 8 pars 2 birdies .but disaster on 2 of last 3 holes ..with 2 double bogies.
  7. First game back in over a month.Home course is like a bog after all the recent rain. 6 inch placing everywhere bar the bunkers.Started off pulling my drives on first 4 holes ,luckily my mid irons were not to bad and I made some nice long putts which is a change. Finished with 9 pars and 9 bogeys which I was delighted with.Hope it continues.
  8. Its a month since my last game.I was as rusty as hell.only 1 fairway hit all day and only 4 g.i.r. my iron play got me out of a lot of trouble.I somehow managed to get through 17 holes without a double bogey,then I finished with a triple.I I finished 3 over my handicap,but it felt much worse.
  9. flymojames


    Its that time of year again.Today we played for Turkeys. I hit only 3 fairways today ,8 greens in regulation.The only thing that was very good was from 140 -100 yard out. I genuinely had 8 birdie putts inside 15 foot. Only made 1 3 putted twice ,once from about 8foot.I had 2 sevens and 1 nine'. Finished with an 87. If I continue like this ill starve for xmas.
  10. 28 putts fantastic stuff. if only I could putt.
  11. flymojames

    away day

    Played an away day last sunday .Castleknock golf and country club ,county Dublin.Its a beautiful layed out course,with plenty of water and lots of well placed bunkers.it could not of started worse,my first tee shot straight in the pond. I luckily got in the hole for bogie.i bogied first four holes followed by 4 par and birdie. The back 9 started double bogie .bogie followed by 3 pars .followed by 4 more bogies. finished with an 82 of white stakes.The best thing about this course is the par 3 s.they are all long irons and water comes in to play on them all. I cant wait to go back.
  12. shot an 80 sunday. 11g.i.r with 11 pars 2 double bogies 1 treble 3 bogies and 1 birdie..Played quite well except for a few bad drives that got me in deep shit. I also had three 3putts which is unforgiveable.Needless to say I came nowhere,tied for 20th.
  13. don't mention that word ,its been known to be contagious.
  14. I haven't posted a thread in quite a while.My back gave in about a month ago. I just bent down to tie my laces and I fell in a heep. Slowly the pain eased and I was rearing to get back on course. a little driving range practice followed by my first game back .it took about six holes before I trusted my back ,then I began to play quite nice .I shot 84 on par 71 easy enough course,but good to be able to play again. Last week managed to play two games .first one on a links course called Seapoint in co louth. played pretty well on first 12 hole,5 pars and 1 birdie, then I could not hit a ball for love nor money. On sunday played in club golfer of year competition.i played some good stuff again.shot a77 on par 71 sss69.13 pars and 2 three puts. my handicap has dropped back to 9.8. I have never been lower and would love to get down to single figures.
  15. flymojames

    hole in one

    today was the day I finally got a hole in one after 30 years of trying .Happy days.Playing a local course Moore Park. IT came on 16th hole 155 yards ,a nice 7 iron one bounce and goodbye ball.ITS time for the Guinness again.
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