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  2. Oak Creek is a decent track as well and is in Irvine, a little on the pricey side. I've played Strawberry Farms as well but I think you can find better courses for what you pay here. But there's a lot of courses in Southern Cal doing maintenance so check beforehand
  3. I'm going to be in New Orleans the first week of December and was wondering: 1. Is it playable this time of the year. 2. What courses are recommended.
  4. The good thing is that it doesn't get dark until a little after 9 pm so you should be good to get 18 in. It is weird golfing that late. Check the weather though. I teed off in the morning and needed a long sleeve shirt but by the time the afternoon came i didn't need it and if i remember from the weather forecast when i was up there it was supposed to be overcast most of the week.
  5. I played Chambers Bay on Wednesday morning, you won't be disappointed by playing this course. Make sure you practice putting here because these greens are very slow. The place is surreal, I kind of lost myself during my round by looking out at the Puget Sound. In the afternoon I played the Home Course down in Dupont (a little further south of Chambers Bay). This was a good course as well and my only compliant is that the fairways need to be mowed (and there is no clubhouse) but the greens were pretty fast. Or maybe it just seemed fast after playing Chambers Bay in the AM. Its pretty rea
  6. I'm going up there next week and have a reservation at Chambers Bay and was hoping to play Washington National which is supposed to be a good course as the previous post indicated. I'll let you know about the conditions here. I have played Druids Glen which I really liked. I've also played Port Ludlow which is west of Seattle and you either need to take a ferry across or go around and I'm not real sure its worth the drive. I've also heard Gold Mountain is a good course but haven't played it.
  7. I'm going to be up there in a couple of weeks and will be playing this course but I was wondering what other courses are worth playing up there. I've played Druids Glen and Port Ludlow. I've heard the UW course is nice and Gold Mountain also but don't have a lot of input about these or if any others are better than these. I probably will be staying by Seatac.
  8. I go to Portland and Seattle a lot and played a few courses up there. From San Fran the flight is even shorter. Have you considered Coeur d'Alene, haven't been there but one day I will.
  9. My parents moved out to Ashburn and since I'm in Southern Cal I don't get to stay on top of the courses in VA. I've played the following (and I'm excluding some of the lower end courses): Virginia National Old Hickory Raspberry Falls South Riding Stonewall Westfields Virigina Oaks I'm going to play Laurel Hill next time I get back but does anyone know of any other good courses old that way that are worth playing.
  10. 1. Whistling Straits 2. Pebble Beach 3. Bethpage 4. Chambers Bay 5. TPC Sawgrass I'd like to think of course I can actually play since I'll never get to play Augusta or Pine Valley
  11. I just got back from there for a company conference and I got to play Whirlwind-Cattail which is about 20 minutes south of the airport so i wasn't sure if you were considering going south but i thought this was a very nice course and got a discounted tee time (about $65).
  12. I did receive my tickets in the mail a couple of weeks ago. If you got the same confirmation I did you were supposed to get the tickets sometime in May and I think there was a number to call if you didn't get them.
  13. I would consider the following: Torrey (be careful I think they usually are doing maintenace around the time you are looking to go and since its a muni it usually takes longer for the course get back into decent condition and for the price you'll be paying it would not be worth it) Barona (get the casino card and you'll save 15% on the green fees - I think this is the best value in town) Maderas Coronado (its only $25 to walk any day any time) Talega (this is actually in Orange County but only takes an hour to get there) Salt Creek Carlton Oaks (this is hit or miss - I've seen great co
  14. I moved from the Washington DC area to San Diego for the golf. I play all year round, isn't that the question here???? I was playing today and thought it was a little to chilly for me...I think it was in the upper 50s.
  15. Any of them????? But if i had to pick one probably either Scott's, Goosen's or Woods. Maybe Elk in his prime.
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