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  1. @Coops Possibly start with club adjustment, go somewhere that has a trackman to verify the specs of your driver. See what spin, Launch Angle you have. The occasional pull hook can be caused by the following - A. With a wide stance and ball position forward right toe area), the impact position could slightly lag. B. Driver (the actual club itself) could need to be corrected for your swing. C. A different driver shaft may be considered. Watching your swing reminds me of watching guys on the Long Drive Competition. Post a swing with 5 iron and 9 iron, DTL and Face On.
  2. Dear Abby, just kidding... Here's a thought, while he's playing golf, go take a beginner course on playing golf. Don't rush it, it takes a while to learn to hit a golf ball and play. Be sneaky about it, don't let him find out. Then next year, ask him to take you golfing. He will be overwhelmed ….
  3. Tiger was pretty good at it. His hole out at the Masters when he threw the ball above the hole and with the slope it rolled downhill to the hole. It ranks right up there with my hole out from the fringe at the on the 18th hole during the Newport Cup …. That chip shot was slicker than snot and had 15 feet of bend in it …. It's all about having the imagination and the ability to control the little white ball ….
  4. @ShawnieD https://jkellygolf.com/ He has been around for years and was one of the first to use Trackman with an indoor hitting area. He's a little flakey to talk to, but knows his shit. He has sooo many golf stories, I just enjoy listening to them. His son is one of the premier players in St Lou. GolfTec is now local along with Club Champion St. Louis downtown and Clayton area. Local Private clubs have some very good fitting stations now. I'm not sure who is using Trackman for fitting at clubs, but this year at our Demo Day, all manufactures showed up with them. We had all the big boyz, Ping, Taylor Made, Callaway, Titleist, Cobra and they are all more willing to work with members on fitting their product. There are some very good fitters at Golf Galaxy, but they only spec and order major brands. There is an old guy at the Falls Golf course who has a shop at the range who has been building clubs for years. Most of the older guys I used to deal with have passed on or retired. One of our assistant pros who now teaches in Chesterfield Valley at the range may have more current info. His name is Christian Becker, he's now with Golftex. https://www.golftec.com/golf-lessons/st-louis/chesterfield If your looking for a custom set of irons or woods, I have a friend in Colorado who still builds clubs.
  5. A flexible shaft can be played by a player who becomes accustom to waiting for the club head to release at impact. Not many players prefer a soft tipped driver for that reason. You could remove the driver head and trim the tip which would make it stiffer. Or replace the shaft or find a different driver. A flexible shaft requires a long smooth swing arc and slower tempo, then increase hand speed through impact, IMO. Being you indicate you like the stiff irons, then then driver you indicate is most likely not the club for you.
  6. Should make shopping at Walmart faster … All it needs is a big ol fog horn ...
  7. I've never seen a putt that never makes it to the hole and deemed left short, go in. I've heard the percentage is somewhere near 100% never go in when short …
  8. It's typical for the golfing writers to jump on a band wagon of players who win. They get paid to write stories, whether good or BS. Same goes for golf announcers.
  9. Not everyone needs a handicap. People who are just beginning, social golfers in leagues, occasional golfers are a few categories of those when it would not be necessary. Players who do need a handicap would be those who play in competitions. Some players may not have an official handicap, but track their scores on their own when playing with friends. When players with handicaps compete in events or simply a game with friends, they use handicaps to determine the specific group / flight of players. When just playing with friends, each player obtains their strokes for casual games when $$ or are a wager. It's a means to determine a level of fair competitions. If asking "How does the Handicap System works" - it's a system the USGA uses to determine a Players Potential. Players enter their scores into the handicap system / service and the scores / records of rounds are calculated / updated on the first and 15th day of every month. There are other details / specifics which determine the calculations, a golf course slope/rating. The calculations use the latest 10 best scores of a player latest 20 rounds played. Some players may play only a few rounds per month, while other play often each month. Therefore those who play less their handicap usually does not change very much until their scores reflect a better or worse score history.
  10. Welcome to TST @KrisF Posting often is a great means of interacting with other members and leads to great discussions on the site. It is also good to have new ideas from new members to shed light on new topics. That's what make this forum the best around.
  11. Nothing like waking up and finding out one of your premier "Fantasy Players" starts off with a Snowman …
  12. We had a month of rain after the demo day and I never got around to test drive the demo in the shop. It's pretty much out of the picture now, doubt if I'll even bother.
  13. There are many very good courses in Denver area which are golfer friendly and scenic. It really depends on where you are staying. You can go north, south, east or west a few miles and be close to several. Fox Hollow was one of my favorites.
  14. A few weeks ago we had the club reps at our club. I spent about a half hour with the Ping rep just on adjustments to a driver to lower my ball flight. I'd hit three shots and he would look at the numbers on the trackman and adjust the club. After about four different settings, we finally reached my goal. Unfortunately, my friend moved into the spot I was hitting before I could record my data while I was talking to the Rep...
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