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  1. Club Rat

    GHIN Reports?

    Need some info with customizing Ghin Reports. Currently, our club generates reports only from members at our club. Situation is there are several members who are seasonal members at other courses and maintain their handicaps at the other course. Is it possible to create or customize my clubs reports to include out of town members? Or create a reports using a players Ghin Number. @DaveP043 @iacas any ideas? Thanks
  2. The zipper teeth are a continuous wire strand woven into fabrics. When the wire breaks, I've had some success cutting the wire where it protrudes out and then glue the fabric to keep it from folding. You could also try replacing the pulls with 2 way pull
  3. Had four birdies today and crossed off the 9th hole in the challenge. Down to the final one on the final hole #18 at my club. Hope I can make it this month and complete the challenge ...
  4. Controlling target aim is nothing more than club position at impact. The ball will travel in the direction of which it is struck by the club, which is controlled by club path during a swing. Correcting the club path during situations such as half shots, chipping or pitching will lead to better results at target. Then getting the proper distance is a matter of club head speed and/or club being used. Different lofts results in different lengths along with carry and roll out. A player needs to determine which situation will require a higher skilled play or use a simpler means according to their ability.
  5. Match play is a great game, and my personal favorite style of golf games. A. Don't get caught up in how your opponent is playing, play your own game. B. Be prepared for a slower than usual pace, Matches seem to always slow players down. C. After any extended time when it becomes your turn to play, take a big breath and focus, then hit you shot or putt. D. Be careful with rule differences in Match Play. E. When a few bad swings happen, refocus and remember Match Play is usually never over. F. Do not beat yourself, do not give up. In Match Play, the player who plays better for the majority of holes will win most of the time.
  6. Take a look at this new product, it's both indoor or outdoor use. https://golfers-solutions.com/smooth-putt
  7. Still pictures from videos are good to review also. In this position, I see the weight shift did not happen, left heel begins to lift and left arm bends causing poor wrist / hand action. As Bill mentioned, "rolling and flipping" is not good in a golf swing. Just my 2 cents worth, hope it helps.
  8. My exact thoughts. What's next? They use this contraption and then also lay down an alignment stick to either extend their line... Sorry, hope the USGA comes up with a decision on products like those to clarify. I'm also with @David in FL the majority of guys never make any markings on there golf ball, or announce the ball they play. Every once in a while, a player will call out the ball when hitting a provisional. Not to mention the guys who tee up a top flite and putt out with a titleist ...
  9. @xrayvizhen have you looked at the National Data Base - Course Rating and Slope Database? To begin a new lookup please fill in one or more fields below. Scroll down to see your results. *Note: You may enter a partial Club Name to get more results. *Example: Typing ' peb ' (no quotes) for the Club Name would return both"Pebble Beach Golf Links" in CA AND "Pebble Brook CC" in TX. https://ncrdb.usga.org/
  10. @finitesoup here is another site to try - https://www.free-online-calculator-use.com/golf-handicap-calculator.html Keep in mind you will need to make any necessary adjustment to scores over "Net - Double Bogey" when entering total scores. Below I enter your scores and here is the result. Note scores were combined in the calculation. Also, when playing at a nine hole course, you receive half of you Index for a course handicap. I'm guessing in your OP, you thought the Index was an 18 hole Index?
  11. Interesting, Never even crossed my mind it would calculate an index for only 9 holes. I'll go into the calculator and enter either combined scores or several 18 hole scores similar to his scores and check the outcome. Guess I could copy his scores to another calculator and see if it come up with the similar results.
  12. Our Junior golf program has kids start with 5 hole rounds at the 2 hundred yard marker, except Par 3's When I would take my grandson, I would hit a tee shot and drive up to the marker and let him tee it up. When he would duff two in a row, I'd have him pick it up and drive forward and try again. Having him hit shots off of a tee is a good idea when first starting. They will have less tendency to chop down on the ball when on the ground and tend to learn to sweep it off a tee.
  13. No Mistake, here is your link showing the Average Differential. Basically, I see the rating and slope being very low. Is this an Executive Course ? Also, what is Par for the Nine holes you are playing. If you play an 18 hole course, the rating is different for the front and back. And, I'm not sure if the new software "Combines 9 hole Scores anymore" It used to. As an example, I changed the Rating and Slope to a more difficult rated course, which shows a Diff "7" on a score of 44.
  14. It may take a week or a month before the USGA system Admin removes your Membership. I doubt the software program will remove you from the system automatically. You can check your score history to see if they are entered into the system.
  15. I commented that the St Louis Area has a good diverse within our community. The OP topic is about "How Diverse is your club" Why did you bring up "Racial Inequality"? I believe there are threads already having this discussion? Any why is this a problem? The game is better off now as I stated "but golf is pretty damn good now for anyone who wants to play."
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