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  1. Club Rat

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Hey @kpaulhus Happy B-Day big guy.
  2. Club Rat

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy B-Day @David in FL
  3. Don't tell your wife about it or it will be spent in a heartbeat …. Some courses clubs allow Pro Shop credit to be spent on Food and Beverage. Also, it may be used for Cart Fees and possibly Green Fees. I like to wait till the end of the season and purchase clothing when it goes on "Sale" Golf Pants, Shorts, Shirts, or even stock up on Gloves.
  4. I'll give it a try and leave it in next time.
  5. In unless it is a short distance. Out if it's uphill and the flag is leaning towards me on makeable situations. Other situations, out if it helps speed up play within the group. Or leave it in if others are away and I'm on the fringe closer to the hole. It drives me nutz when guys want to pull the flag and put it back in just because their away...
  6. Club Rat

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    Scramble my ass off, quitting and crying is not an option !!!
  7. Club Rat

    Course maps by state ???

    Search for golf courses by state usually shows course directory with locations. Apps like Golf Now have a large data base.
  8. Club Rat

    5 wood vs 3 hybrid

    I carry both clubs and rotate the 3 wood in or 3 HB out pending how my swing has been. Lately, the 5 wood has been sidelined, although I like it as much as the others. Not that they make that much difference, I just enjoy hitting good shots with them. If I were to play different courses, I would most likely leave the 3 wood at home.
  9. I've never bought refurbished balls of any type, but have picked a ball out of the pond on occasions and hit them when I'm goofing around. I have had situations when I pull a ball from the bag and hit it and it just seemed dead. When I want to compare different balls and equipment, I will hit about 10 shots with different balls and they would all go my usual distance. When hitting drivers, the same would happen, all shots relatively same distance. I also suggest to anyone who has these questions to simply compare them on course. Take a new sleeve and compare them to those you are buying to see if there is any significant differences. I also have the luxury of being a club member and can go on course during slow periods of the day for testing products.
  10. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018-19

    Scott, did you create a User Profile? Also, as I mentioned there is already a private league which has The Sand Trap name and ours was changed to "TST Fantasy Golf" It's only the first week, hope you still join
  11. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018-19

    To view the results, use the "Recap" tab. Since the event is still in progress, it only shows results / points per round / per player. Don't forget to Bench Players who miss the Cut! Keep in mind, this league has bonus points for Drives / Putts / Scores / Hole-Outs and Final Standings. The site also indicates each team results versus all team entries for the event by all PGA Tour FG members. I like that it shows "The Perfect Roster" which would have a score of 420 possible points. Your team has a stellar 392 points after two rounds. The Best is 416 points.
  12. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018-19

    The Site definitely has a different look and user mode than we have experienced. Hoping since it's affiliated with Shot Link, real time scoring will be instant as opposed to the delays other sites had. As for use, there are no "save" functions with data entry. Guessing it's a Cloud Base service which simply updates instant. For those who experience the "I'm in (I think)" when you are creating a user profile, you will receive an email confirmation. Also, when entering your roster each week when you visit the site, it will give you this page. With the menu at the top right, select league and it will show any leagues you have joined. Once the season starts, it will be interesting to review the different stats/functions with "recap - insider"
  13. Club Rat

    Technology in Golf Balls

    I know OnCore is in the process / development of a ball with a smart core. Also, I believe Top Golf uses a ball which has similar functions.
  14. Club Rat

    Back foot slipping

    Some players place their feet with the back foot "in the bucket" persa which is the foot a few inches behind parallel of shoulders. If your indicating a wider stance being back foot "Back" further than shoulder width, then Yes, too wide of a stance. And Yes the foot will slip if weight transfer timing is off...
  15. Club Rat

    Back foot slipping

    OK, so it slips out when you start your downswing, or are you saying it happens when you are in transition at the top of your swing? By transition, I'm indicating you have started your downswing and then the foot slips. This is common to arms swinging first, then lower body tries to catch up. The pre-shot routine which Rose makes would probably help you. A slow motion of the transition from the top to impact position, Rose is feeling the downward motion with weight transfer. Catch my drift?

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