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  1. My club/shot selection will vary with the conditions and difficulty which is presented. I always try to execute the least difficult attempt which gives me the best possible result. My vote - NO
  2. Exactly, this event has always been a disaster weekend every year, no matter who I start... I think the top players only show up to enjoy the weekend on the beach...
  3. A tribute to Caddies who worked at Augusta National. Tribute to Masters Caddies One of the most iconic traditions at The Masters is the caddies wearing white jumpsuits. This practice can be traced back to the very beginning of the tournament. Here’s a look at the history of Masters caddies donning the white jumpsuit and other interesting tidbits of information, including how numbers are assigned each year. While the outfits have remained uniform throughout the years and include the white jumpsuit and green cap, there are always two variations on each jumpsuit. The first and most obvious is the name of the golfer, which is attached to the back of the outfit in green lettering. On the front of each Masters caddie’s white jumpsuit is a number. The No. 1 is reserved each year for the caddie of the defending champion. This year, Tiger Woods’ caddie Joe LaCava will don that number. While it would make sense if the remainder of the caddies’ numbers were based on the previous year’s finish or possibly their world ranking, it’s actually much simpler. The numbers are assigned based on the order in which the players check into registration for the week.
  4. A good option is using your phone, just install the "Sheets" App. It's better than a Mobile Browser, IMO.
  5. Scott, there are several ways to achieve playability with irons under your circumstances. My suggestion is consider vibration eliminating shafts with soft oversize grips. Soft stepping the shafts might also be an alterative. Given you want to add weight to the club head and counter with grip weight, it a fine line to tinker with. Or you could possibly try different clubs other than what you currently have. Unless you absolutely luv your setup, ditch them and start fresh.
  6. Matt, check with a local cabinet maker. The cabinets were most likely from a local supplier. Most cabinets are made of Oak or Maple or even a higher priced wood when an owner specs a specific type. Your pics look like Mahogany or Walnut. Here are other Cabinet Wood Types: Maple, Cherry, Knotty Alder, Red Oak, Hickory, Birch, Knotty Pine, Mahogany, Walnut, Clear Alder and Oak.
  7. You will just have to learn to wait for the shaft flex to unload. I have a soft tip in a 4 hybrid which took me a while to be patient and slow the swing tempo . When I try to crush it like my 3 hybrid, I push the ball badly to the right. Soft tip shafts are for lower swing tempo players, IMO.
  8. Looks like an interesting read about golf across the pond in Scotland, the UK and Ireland. More on the history side and view point by the author's perspective of the game of golf.
  9. Club Rat

    Mobile Apps

    The scoring App has been used through the summer golf season logging over 1000 rounds in our Mens Games Things have gone fairly smoothly with modifications and updates to enhance user experiences. This past weekend was our EOS annual Ryder Cup with 88 players, 44 morning matches and 44 afternoon matches. I was on the wrong side this year, but hey it is always a great time. I developed a spreadsheet to ease scoring of the event.
  10. A thought for high hdcp'rs. Punch a 9 or 8 iron into the hill and let it hop up onto the green surface.
  11. I suggest having your brother take a lesson package to teach him the basics.
  12. I mostly remove grips with air pressure now. Pure Grips has a plastic tool for air hoses which will inflate air and pressurize the grip through the butt end. Then the grip will expand and slide off the shaft. Often a slight twist helps removing them while pressurized. Also, their is a tool which inserts into the lower end of the grips and allow pouring solvent to loosen the adhesive and then pull off the grips. It takes much longer, but some people use this method.
  13. To each his own, many of us have niches for an application to suite specific needs. I've created my own which I refer to as "Player Improvement" @dennyjones and I have worked on his application. You should check out Game Golf It already will give you all the insights you are describing. It has the capabilities to make comparisons to several levels of player abilities.
  14. Not so rare when playing in the spring when the course is saturated and balls plug in the middle of the fairway Or in ruff that can not be maintained due to wetness and mowing can not be done. I'm sure others courses have this situation when the ruff will grow pretty high and a player would have to damn near step on it to find it. It's a tough call when two players have their tee shots plugged in the fairway and not visible. Other situations would occur in the fall when a fairway is covered with leaves. How can anyone control these situations with time limitations?
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