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  1. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    All set. The Final Segment has six weeks and ends September 23. It's a close race and it will come down to the final week to Crown the "2018 TST Fantasy Champion"
  2. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    @gogolfing the GC league runs till September. Should I start a Winter segment for our gang? I managed the current guidelines similar to the Yahoo segments, 10 week increments. Or call it the Final Segment? I assumed it was over until I received an email reminder to setup lineup today.
  3. Club Rat

    Need Help Explaining - Different Tees

    We have a similar situation at our club with loss of participation in club events. What many of the old guys fail to recognize with handicaps is the fact that when a player is entering scores played at a lower rating, their index reflects a higher score differential creating a "Three Stroke" higher handicap. And, our club has again changed the requirements allowing members now with age 55 to compete at our White Tees again which does not make older players happy. IMO with a 5800 yard course the club should only allow players who are 64 or 65 and older to play at the White's. I feel since many of the older players are not active in our club events, the club is attempting to rejuvenate events with lowing the age requirements to 55 and creating a Pandora's Box and throwing the old guys under the bus. IMO, my stance has always been to have events at the Members Tees (Blue) and have a separate division for Seniors at the White Tees. The club has changed requirements every other year and every time lowering the age requirements through the years to play the Whites. Mixed Tee's competitions have become a cluster "F" and created a sour attitude among members especially since they lower the age requirements to play a 5800 yard course.
  4. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    Congrats to @Wally Fairway with Back to Back - High Points … Also, Congrats to @gogolfing winning final segment... And Club Rat hangs on to Over-All season lead...
  5. Club Rat

    Play in the Championship flight or not?

    Most clubs allow anyone to opt to play Champ Flight / Scratch which is a true form of medal paly. I played one year in our Champ flight and had great rounds playing from the tips - 7230 (74.6 / 136) I personally enjoy golfing with better players as it tends to make me focus better. I vote to play champs if that gives you any confidence @Valleygolfer
  6. Club Rat

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Delay won't be long. Just a pop up over the course. It may have a down pour for a short time.
  7. Club Rat

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Damn another Bogey. 😡 Guess their not enforcing NO - Cell phone photos or videos …
  8. Club Rat

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Should be interesting to see the views of the 4-D cameras, just noticed they are on 14 tee box.
  9. Club Rat

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy B-Day @Wanzo Hope your at Bellerive watching the PGA …
  10. Club Rat

    Good score for beginning

    2nd this. Do not get caught up measuring scores with your buddies. Instead, measure your progress with practice and applying the things you learn from playing with better golfers. Scores will lower if you dedicate yourself to leaning the swing and game.
  11. Club Rat

    My first DIY grip replacement!

    Check out - https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/94583-getting-into-pure-grips/?do=findComment&comment=1323450 And - https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/84449-2015-newport-cup-sponsor-thread-pure-grips/ There are many posts on buying and reviews of Pure Grips.
  12. Club Rat

    Golf league playoff tie-breakers

    Most leagues I've been involved in have been team versus individual. In our individual club events, only ties for first placed are then decided by having a playoff. I'm assuming your looking at "End of Year" results and having players records being tied for the playoff position? If so, when two or more players are tied at the end of the year, the tie-breakers should reflect an order which would be determined prior to the start of the season. I'm guessing most have - Head to Head Match results of the individuals or lowest cumulative scores for the season. I suggest you direct the question to the event organizer and request the Playoff rulings for clarification.
  13. Club Rat

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    PGA Championship 2018: Michael Block is coming back home—thanks to his quick-thinking son. Michael Block is the head professional at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club in Mission Viejo, Calif., a public course paradoxically close to the freeway in South Orange County yet free of the imposing housing tracts that proliferate in those parts. Block, as you might know though probably don’t, is a past winner of the PGA Professional Championship, the club pros’ major. But those who routinely follow golf likely saw video of his son and caddie, Dylan, 13, spotting Dad’s golf ball in a burrowing animal hole, then sticking his arm into it to retrieve it in the second round of the PGA Professional Championship at the Bayonet Golf Course in Seaside, Calif., in June. Dylan’s save in the second round and a timely admonishment in the final round enabled Block to finish in the top 20 at the PGA Professional Championship, earning him a start in the PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club outside St. Louis. Block, who played college golf at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, grew up two miles from Bellerive. He attended the PGA Championship there in 1992 and had Payne Stewart and winner Nick Price sign his program. Twenty years later, the PGA of America announced that Bellerive would host the PGA Championship in 2018. “For six years, it’s been my goal to play in it,” he said. “Dylan is the reason I’m going to the PGA Championship.” Good Luck Michael and welcome home.
  14. Club Rat

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    It's been mostly light rain since last night with a few heavier spot showers. Tiger and several other players were up early hitting balls on the range at 7am, but it's not likely they will spend much time on course today. Looks like a two hour window this afternoon before the next system rolls into the area.
  15. Club Rat

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    @Zeph the greens are typical RTJ designed, massive and tiered "Rees (Jones) did a wonderful job of maintaining the integrity of the golf course while bringing it up to modern standards,” claims Tucker. “The greens were 8,800 square feet on average before the renovation, and now they are 8,200 square feet. Rees stayed true to his green-within-a-green concept that requires a properly placed approach shot to the green if you don’t want to face a 40-, 50-, or 60foot putt. You must be on the correct side of the ridges on the greens, making your approach shot to the green very important. Even though the greens are large, putting will be extremely challenging if you fail to hit the proper target on the green. To put the ball in the proper place on the large greens, you need to be playing out of the fairway." http://www.reesjonesinc.com/pdf/pga-magazine-july-2018.pdf Word around town has been they will rip up the greens after the PGA and lay new turf. Yes - certain areas of these large greens will be scalped to increase the stimpmeter, most likely the false fronts and flatter areas. And pending pin positions, they can control speed across these large surfaces on uphill or downhill putts to pins in certain areas. I was watching the local news coverage last night and they had a clip of Matsuyama putting on a green. The pin area was up a severe slope and he was making a really large stroke trying to reach the plateau area. Even with rain showers today, the greens will roll incredible during Thurs - Sunday. If anything, ball marks and spike marks will reek havoc for late tee time players around the holes.

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