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  1. I agree with @iacas 100% @sportsguy89 I might add finding or experimenting with the type of putter gripe you are using. Having the proper grip on the putter relieves tension and help promote a better stroke IMO. If you are interested, I practice with a Laser Light (just a cheapy pen light will work) Line up the light to your target with the ball centered and make your putt. Using it will give you instant visibility of the roll and target line.
  2. 👍 Jeez, these early events have sooo many unknowns !!! It's a Crap Shoot for picks ....
  3. I'd like to try these. Send PM for shipping info.
  4. Any idea of the cost for leagues?
  5. With the criteria you have, it's most likely you will need to create a custom spreadsheet / program. Granted there are a couple of applications which can help with live scoring, IE: Golf GameBook Most Golf Apps only track a single group and are not beneficial for leagues or large groups. There are a few online services which may create a custom application to suite your needs, but it may reflect a large $$ to use. I've written and used spreadsheets for our Mens Games for the past 17 years. I started mobile scoring using PDA's and then Smart Phones with Mobile Sheets. This year I had a Custom Scoring App made and use google sheets as my leaderboard. I've written scoring games for Match Play, Stroke Play, Flights, Skins, Stableford, etc. Basically all the popular formats for leagues. I suggest looking at the GameBook App. It's the only application which users can download scores to spreadsheets for various formatted games.
  6. Club Rat

    59 Alert

    The Fantasy Gods are BAD, BAD, BAD !!!
  7. NO, they charge private owners an annual fee, plus get a daily cart fee from other members who ride in my personal cart. I have to maintain my cart, batteries, tires, brakes, shocks etc. The club gets a free ride and revenue from private owners at our expense and charge us more than the members annual fee.
  8. Cost for using a cart is becoming ridiculous. Some courses are charging $30 per player ... I own my own cart, pay an annual trail fee (Too much IMO) I always have other Members ride with me (Club still obtains Cart Fee from Riders) And the most ridiculous new club cart fee - Club charges Members an Annual Rate $900 (unlimited family rate) while they charge Private Cart Owners an annual Trail Fee - $1200 !!! 😡 WTF ... Rant Over
  9. Only One player needs to enter scores. Same here. There are a few drawbacks for events. A. The event must be "Pre-empted" with players, tee times, event format. B. Players must use a "Code" to authorize using the App. C. Scores must be manually entered into the field application "IF" the club does not pay for the upgrade "Live Application" D. Any last minute field/players added or changed create a nightmare for the staff. E. Annual Fee Required for using the application, pricey IMO. Success - Live features are enjoyed by players. Results can be updated in a timely manner. Many formats written to software IE: Skins, BB, Match Play, etc. Also has a great feature for printing scorecards for events with strokes indicated with dots on holes. It's a great platform, equal to other applications available. I designed my own Scoring App and had a freelance developer write the application for IOS and Droids. Our Mens Game Admin $$ will eventually pay for the application, while many member donated $$ to cover the upfront cost. So the cost is One and Done = to one years fees by other applications. My ability to write formats for any and all games along with daily handicap reports is equal to other applications. Our Members have been using Live Scoring for 3 months and for the most part only a few have hiccups understanding the simplicity. I have dealt with common user errors during the "learning curve" long before Mobile Apps were available. 15 years ago we used PDA's to record scores and upload groups to Excel Games. Due to Covid the General Manager explicitly made a ruling "No Cash Exchange" and forced my hand to implement Electronic Payments which I have been intending to orchestrate for a couple of years. Talk about Mass Confusion !!! I honestly don't know how some Men get by in this digital age... LOL
  10. Completed "Birdie - Challenge" yesterday with a great shot on the 18th hole to 2 feet for the final hole to bird. Made 4 birds yesterday and 3 again today. Decent rounds, but had a few poor swings and was able to scramble to save scores a few times.
  11. Ditto that. also wanted to mention green design in modern courses. I played a new course this past week which left me very lengthy putts when my approach shots landed in the wrong zones of the greens. It wasn't due to poor shot selection, but lack of knowledge of the greens. One was a really good shot into the middle of the green and just rolled off the hump in the other direction. Being my first time playing this course, I could not tell from the fairway these greens had these massive undulations. It made for some challenging putts which was fun. LOL
  12. Didn't notice the OP started this way back when, But since it's been revived, I enjoyed watching it when it first started and still watch the events. The really only draw back is the tour seems to be dominated year after year by the same players, but that's all good. IMO, after a long career on the PGA Tour, many of the players probably are reluctant to continue and simply retire to be with families.
  13. Using only my home course over the years, I have No Albatross's, Eagled all par 5's, Eagled 3 times on par 3' (2 on same hole) Eagled 4 different par 4's (12 times on my home hole #7) and all holes have been Birdied. (30 under par) My chances of making an Albatross are slim, none and none, until I reach the ripe old age when I may play it forward...
  14. I believe Golf GameBook will suite your needs. I have applications written in Google sheets which are setup for Match Play and Stableford and just about any thing you can imagine. I am in the process of App development for custom applications, but not quite ready to launch. If your interested in viewing my google spreadsheets, I can send you a link via PM
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