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  1. I've used Game Golf to track my play and I like to break my stats down into the trends over various time periods. The charts I create quickly identify areas of my game which I need to address. I track almost everything except FIR, I break down each category into viable information which reflect all aspects of play. I can quickly update my stats reviewing the round from the Game Golf dashboard. The trends I like to see are when I trend to better play which usually occurs mid May. I typically don't put much emphasis on early season play under adverse conditions.
  2. I agree, besides a good greenskeeper can top dress greens which allow the ball roll decently. They will be a bit bouncy on a few greens, a few putts which will bounce or be deflected off line. Sometimes the deflection is good and the ball goes IN !!! 😁 While I have played on greens with no top dress and the ball bounced every direction imaginable... Typically, greens are very playable after a week.
  3. Made a double breaking putt from 70+ feet along with several other putts just inside 10 ft. on Saturday Happy Day putting ...
  4. Not sure why they would close the course after aerating for two weeks? Most courses allow play the next days... Not sure on schedules in the south punching greens 3 times per season? Is this common to southern courses with bent greens only? Or is it common for Bermuda green also? Also, not really sure what your gripe is? The course has 18 holes for play year round! Also, it's not uncommon for courses in the south to close when they over-seed their fairways.
  5. I would like to check my Callaway XR irons lofts at my home. I do not have the proper equipment like club builders have at their disposal. But with a little ingenuity, I think it would be possible to check them on my work bench. After I check them, I plan to take them to a fitter and have them adjusted/tweaked if needed. I've seen handheld items such as the loft gauge or golf protractor. My friend had the Malby Machine and we used to check our clubs periodically, but he lives in Colorado and we don't get to enjoy golfing together much anymore. Anyway, any thoughts on primi
  6. Penley shafts are an American Company in San Diego. Penley Shafts were popular for Long Drive Competitors in the 90's Not sure if they still have the same popularity today, but they are very good shafts for drivers and irons. And of course Ping, they manufacture everything in Phoenix...
  7. Not sure if these stats reflect the fact that there are more players in their 20 - 30's versus over 40 on tour?
  8. Jeep tours and white water rafting are fun things. Airforce Academy has a good course if you are military. Casinos in historic mining areas are fun to visit, Gamble, Dine or just browse the towns. Micro Breweries are very good for dining and indulging a few brews. There's several good golf courses around the Springs also.
  9. https://sports.yahoo.com/golf-club-counterfeiters-found-guilty-203258313.html?.tsrc=fp_deeplink The case involved raids at 10 locations, including the manufacturer of the club heads, shaft and grip suppliers, owners of assembling workshops, shipping centers and online chat rooms. Counterfeit products confiscated in the raids included complete golf clubs, club heads, shafts, grips, bags, labels and more. Photos of the raid can be found on the industry group’s website, www.keepgolfreal.com, and on Facebook. The U.S. Golf Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group was formed in
  10. Usually they only burn areas confined by adjacent fairways and keep the fire controlled using the sprinkler systems. He will have a couple workers around the areas with water hoses also to wet or douse out spots. They also keep the areas to a minimum and mostly burn various areas which are difficult to mow which a brush hog. They do this over several days and in small areas at a time.
  11. Courses will burn native areas to generate new growth, our greenskeeper considered it a $$ savings as opposed to mowing costs. One year it took out a grove of Pines and then stopped using the burn method.
  12. Guys will works the system regardless of who handles the handicap committee. IMO, anyone who plays in tournaments should have a handicap based on tournament scores only. Club events are usually flighted which benefits all players of all abilities. Any event which allows players with various handicaps to compete will often have to deal with those who manage their handicaps through a season. Unfortunately, the integrity of those who do, only give the game a bad rap .... When I have a game with my buddies, we determine strokes based off of the outcome from a previous time we
  13. Can anyone explain what went on on Hole #16 Smith hit 3 wood off the tee which bounced into the water, Leishman then determined the point to take relief. He drops twice due to ball rolling back into the penalty are and has the ball in hand to place. He placed the ball, then picked it up a couple of times. Each time he placed the ball, it stayed where he placed it. Each time the ball was place in a different spot. I understand, the ball must be placed in the nearest spot which the ball touch the ground. I'm puzzled as to why it took several attempts to place the ball? It
  14. Welcome to TST @45Fan I usually suggest to anyone who intends to buy clubs, be patient and do some home work before you buy. For starters, go to any golf outlet and speak with a salesman. They will be able to give you some good insights about all clubs. Keep in mind, 5 or 6 year old clubs will play just as well as new clubs and far less expensive. Being that you are a little older now, shaft stiffness should be considered highest on priority. If you try stiff shafts, they will harder to hit consistently. I consider Mizuno and Callaway products some of the easiest clubs to
  15. I later heard it was his first career Ace on tour... Hard to believe !!! Wonder if they will be serving up drinks at his restaurant tonight ??? I'm sure a few players will drag him into the bar when he's done... 😉
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