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  1. We have PGA Family tees for our Juniors and older members who wish to tee it forward. There basically markers in the fairway on every hole.
  2. Bunker Sand - Firm or Soft?

    Voted - prefer firm, our bunkers have been re-worked and presently are over filled. This leads to deep sand around the perimeter when they rake and maintain the bunkers. Any shot which lands in or near the bunkers usually ends up plugged or near and against the lips. Deep bunkers are typically designed to have a ball roll towards the center, when they have too much sand it leaves a player with an impossible play.
  3. @Joe H Clean the club with a stiff wire brush (power or hand) should reveal a better image with better detail of the graphics stamped into the club. Then clean the surface with a damp cloth to remove surface rust. A better photo would then help others with identifying you question.
  4. Tasty One Top

    Cool idea for a XMas present for the misses.
  5. Happy Birthday Thread!

    HBD @Golfing Dad HBD @Patch and HBD to all the birthday golfers today....
  6. Re:Scam Bots

    Too funny. I've toyed with phone solicitors, egging them on to the point they start cursing at me and making threats of kicking my ass.
  7. Was this a legal eagle

    Still a great drive, congrats @False hopes Now you know the ruling and next time it will be legit....
  8. Various Heads along with various shafts will produce various results, not to mention the various settings and weighting combinations. Typically, ball flight, carry distance and control are the key combinations which should be considered. Also consider the type of courses you play most (fairway grass, firmness, slope, rollout, wind etc) should weigh in your considerations for everyday play. Finding a versatile driver which suites your needs is fairly easy once you sort through your decisions.
  9. Skins Game Question

    @love the game there are better games for only four players than a skins game. Skins is a good game when there are more players. But if your group is set on only skins, there are multiple ways to play. The most popular are Gross, Net, Half Stroke and Validation Skins. And also, Skins can be played with Carry-Over holes. To add a little twist to Skins, we play Qualifiers Skins. Any birdie, gross or net would win one skin regardless if there are multiple birds on a hole. You could also throw in "Par or Better" rule in order to win. In general, Nassau is the choice game with foursomes. Each player is paired for six holes in a Match Play format and then pairings change. To keep all players in every hole, I like to count both scores or count both when the low ball is tied. We also play Front End-Back End and Total within the six holes, a three hole mini match with allowing Presses when down. There are many other games for foursomes if you care to play various types.
  10. Making tee times for you and your wife/girlfriend..

    A suggestion for @sharpljp would be to speak with the pro shop about open time slots which occur during the week which are typically less busy. Most courses have busy schedules on various days and inquire which days are slowest, or typically less busy. Some day's they may have gaps on there tee sheet at certain hours. If your schedule is flexible when you can play, you may find it beneficial and avoid the busier times.
  11. Tipping Hotel Staff

    True, mostly due to the fact these workers are in a minimum wage occupation and could use the occasional tips. I'm not opposed to it on occasions.
  12. Tipping Hotel Staff

    Yes under most circumstances, unless the service is poor. $5 per day is usually gratuitous for most stays unless it's a Ritz or other upper class hotels.
  13. New driver

    He's in Scotland, I doubt if there are any. @Davie81 what shaft flex and head loft are you considering? Playing on many link courses I would suggest a lower loft for a lower launch. Since you most likely play under windy conditions, my choice of play would be a low bullet which would hit the ground running shot. The TM will most likely play better than a high launch driver. I play the Titleist 917 and can control the launch.
  14. Scottsdale Suggestions New Year Hacker

    For starters, maybe consider surrounding areas rather than Scottsdale. While the area is very beautiful, it also is in the high rent districtand everything will be more expensive. Phoenix is a golf mecca and caters to many levels of golfer price range. There are many great muni courses along with many very nice golf resorts. Many resorts have great golf packages, prices are definitely lower during offseason. January is peak season, prices will be very high at all courses. It is also difficult to get on many courses during January unless one makes advanced arrangements. Take a look a The Wigmam resort, it is a very old course on the west side of Phoenix. Possibly check the internet for golf packages or consult a travel agent.
  15. When is it too cold to golf?

    There are many great products made to help endure the colder temps for those who wish to play in colder climates. Cart covers and propane heaters, hand warmers, large adhesive therapeutic heat pads work well for the lower back or shoulders. Even clothing manufactures are now making better attire to wear which have less restrictive and require less layers to maintain body temperature. Walking and keeping the wind from penetrating your clothing is vital to staying warm.

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