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  1. Our favorite foursome game is a Nassau style game which is 3 separate bets per 6 holes (Per Partner) Start by assigning a partner order (Typically - Carts/Drivers/Others) and set wager amount. We use an inside bet (3 holes) which is won by winning two of the first 3 holes. (Option to press when down/losing) Then the next 3 holes are also an inside bet. The overall 6 hole bet is won by team who has won 4 of the 6 holes with the same (Option to press when down/losing) They can also press the total if down. ( A common Press by a friend of mine when he is losing, He will press the
  2. Each player will play all players once in a random draw 1-6, 7-12, 13-18 on day one and two or all 3 days. Players can play on segment against Par, if needed. Players receive one point for a win, 1/2 point for ties, zero points for a loss. If using two rounds on day 3, Seed top six players and they play against each other. Points can be reset or combined for total results. Seed 7 & 8 play against each other for a small prize also if you like. Set an entry and payout per your desires. I developed a spreadsheet which will calculate results years ago. I used it for a 50
  3. A friend uses gloves on both hands which seem to help according to him. Are there any creams made for relief or can help?
  4. Well I don't have a PHD, but I did stay in a "Holiday Inn" last night and had Sex with my wife. I slept like a baby humming these tunes all night.... Vincent (Starry Starry Night) Don McLean - YouTube OR possibly Everly Brothers - Dream, Dream, Dream 1972 - YouTube OR if all else fails, forget the songs and just try Sex ... 😁
  5. Maybe this will help.... Music is good for the soul ...
  6. Yes he is an MD. Using the "@" symbol - enter @ then type. Users with the letter you type will appear in a list. Select the user or continue typing to expand the list. The @ is a mention and sends an email notification if users setting are set to receive them. @JuliWooli
  7. With the high level of treatment he will be getting, he will be back. Cold climates usually affect injuries of his nature for a long time. He will hobble around for quite some time and feel discomfort. Muscle damage will will also take a considerable time to rehabilitate. The Senior Tour may be in his sights when he turns 50 or there after. I don't see him walking away from the Tour, it's a big part of his life.
  8. Many, "There Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Ha " I'd keep an eye out for Doctors from FLA.... 😁
  9. Maybe Dr. Google can shed some light on "Is it a dream or is it a nightmare" The advice I usually give everyone is "take two and call me in the AM." The "TWO" can be of users choice !!! I never get paid for my professional assessment... 😡
  10. Bummer.... No Masters for him this year.
  11. I like the past "prices of garments and shoes" Nowadays, I often see apparel for items way over value! I imagine when the pro's suit up, they most likely wearing a few $K's of garments for events in just golf gear. Shoes, pants, shirts, sweaters, vests, gloves, rain gear, etc. Of course if I had @dennyjones $$, I'd burn mine and wear nothing but the best !!!
  12. I also should have mentioned, TST is a great place to discuss clubs specs. Sorry, I didn't think about it until after the posted.
  13. I usually read reviews at "MyGolfSpy" They give better specs and are more informative about products.
  14. The old guys I golf with, God Luv em, most of them have alzheimer's and lazy-heimer's. A. they can never count their scores correctly on a few holes. B. they never fix their ball mark. I really don't like to poke fun at guys, but a little rub in the ribs is good for their soul. B. I can understand, because they seldom hit a green. C. But Dammit, I really don't like being that guy who has to tell them time after time, fix Ur damn ball mark.
  15. Guys I golf with are terrible at math. One day a guy had a really, really bad hole as in double digits>> I asked him if he needed to take a "Shoe Off" to count his strokes... It went right over his head and gave me a look like WTF ... Next time I'll ask him if he's from Chicago !!!
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