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  1. When comparing players who play at different courses, generally a player will have an advantage on their home course. If these two players play on a mutual course together, it could be 50/50 show down. Also, consideration should be age / ball striking distance (with accuracy) of each player when making comparisons. The bottom line is who buys the beer at the end of the round.
  2. Yahoo Sports had an entertaining article today about Tour Players at the range. Give it a read, there's some very funny stuff going on each week. At the range I've quoted a few of the funnier comments
  3. I golf with many walkers and they would usually stop stride when players are hitting. I used to throw my towel over the clubs to prevent them from clanking. To me it's just consideration for others in the group. Players can continue walking and prevent their clubs from clanking.
  4. Club Rat

    NHL 2018-19

    Gloria! Gloria! Gloria! Gloria frenzy in St Lou
  5. Club Rat

    NHL 2018-19

    Amazing, the Blues pulled it off in Boston never less. I had low expectations after they were trounced at home in game 6, but what an amazing run they had this year. The city is in a frenzy with our first cup in St Lou. Looking forward to the parade tomorrow.
  6. I have always taken a stand on events where all players play from the same tees. When you have seniors also playing, they should play at forward tees. (strokes are adjusted as per USGA guidelines) Since the OP wants suggestions on a diff of playing the long course versus short course. Yes a player has an advantage when players are playing a short course over the players at the long course. Yes a players handicap will go lower when playing a short course. Yes a players score will be lower a majority of the time (pending on course difficulty) Allowing players to play forward without guidelines creates animosity of the field of players.
  7. Ho Hum - started Rose in round one and benched his sorry ass after his 75 Ho Hum - Rose shoots a 63 in the 2nd round for 73 points Ho Hum - what a crappy season for Club Rat FG ….
  8. Diet is important also. Avoid sodium products in foods one consumes. Caffeine can affect individuals sometimes. There's a lot of people who use cannabis and swear it relieves joint pains.
  9. I always lay my hat or glove or towel near the ball when I locate it. Saves the headache of looking again. Surprised the pro in this situation didn't do something in this manner.
  10. WTF, a bunch of sorry ass losers this week ….
  11. You do not necessary have to take relief from cart path. When NPR such as your situation would result in a worse scenario, you can play the ball as it lies on the cart path.
  12. I seldom take full swings with scoring irons. I can control the club head better which leads to better contact and accuracy. I can determine the distance better while an occasional mishit which will not result in wayward results that bring more difficult play and make recovery results better. My miss is usually long irons right which sometimes end up in greenside bunkers or penalty areas. Easier swings sometimes lead to a slight pull which can also end up in predicaments.
  13. Club Rat

    NHL 2018-19

    He was a great one …
  14. Club Rat

    NHL 2018-19

    "OH BABY" a long time announcer Ken Wilson for the Blues used to say, the Hockey Gods have answered my prayers. Hard to believe the Blues are going to the play in a Stanley Cup Final after 49 years. I was a senior in High School when the Blues played Boston in their last Cup appearance in 1970. Can this finally be our year !!! Were still here, We bleed Blue !!!
  15. I use Google Sheets for a custom application. Users can enter scores, view leaders, show skins, etc. Players enter their gross scores on their phone. The data feeds to the Leaderboard Google Sheets which can be viewed on a phone or displayed on a TV in the club house. And other members who have finished their round can also view on any device. PM me and I'll send you a link to view the application if your interested.
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