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  1. Sounds like they are doing a "Parking Lot Split $$"
  2. Just watched it on Twitter, O' my. The ball had a ton of spin to crawl out of the cup in that manner.
  3. I deal with a bad knee myself. I'll wear an elastic brace when it becomes cumbersome and will play, but it affects my weight transition on those days. I flare my left foot outward a tad and open my open stance slightly. I'll use Advil before playing which helps keep the swelling down. The tough swing is on a sidehill with the ball below my feet. Pivoting in this position is usually painful. I'm not a big fan of a wide stance, it hinders torso/hip rotation IMO.
  4. LOL, I sing that every time when I'm stuck in a certain group... I call them, Moe, Curly and Larry …
  5. Here is a guide - https://www.hirekogolf.com/golf-shaft-trimming-instructions Down load the PDF guide for specific manufactures: IE Appollo
  6. I think other Countries may still allow them. But to be honest, I would never use them again. Todays products are much better in many ways.
  7. Set the club to "Open" for starters. Also try teeing the ball forward, at mid foot or toe and tee height higher. Check stance alignment, maybe set up slightly open, flare left foot out a tad. Add lead tape on the back center of the club, since it has no weight designed in the club possibly could raise launch angle. Last resort, try a different shaft. If you fiddle with changing the swing path, be prepared to be patient. Changes take a long time and constant work.
  8. Well the saga continues into 2020 … 🥵 Just when I thought I was going to give you a run for the money this week @gogolfing my boyz continue to preform poorly when I start them and my bench rocks. Round One, I omit starting Rickie in the first round. Round Two, I sit McCarthy and Harman Round Three, McCarthy comes alive and I cry … Round four is going to be tough to close a 40 point gap ...
  9. In our daily play, we do not. In tournament's, yes each player receives individual cards with only one line for their score. Their is also a line for the marker to track his score. But in the old days before printing scorecards, we simply used one card for two players and they would get signed by them. When playing 4 ball, only one partner from each team needs to sign and attest.
  10. Why not contact the Northern California Golf Association Your association runs a season long series, much different than Amateur Events in the STL area. We have the golf channel am tour locally, but I wish had an opportunity to play in local events with a chance to play Poppy Hills in the finals. 🙂
  11. I voted very completive, simply because I enjoy the challenge of playing all golf courses. I strive to hit good shots, make as many pars or better and mostly enjoy when good shots are at the targets. Betting is fun, win, lose or draw, having a wager on a round with friends will help anyone's game, IMO. My friends at the club have given me the nickname "Stiggy" Stiggy has many friends who have contributed to his retirement fund over the years … 😏
  12. Shouldn't the GK maintain the bunkers for these events? Our bunkers are seldom maintained during the off season. I'd be happy if they would give a little luv to the greens once a month (Mow and Roll)
  13. All Low Handicappers the challenge should be to Birdie all of them twice … 🙂 And maybe throw in a minimum of six Eagles …
  14. True, mostly with the younger and older tech savvy players who are fascinated with Apps. It should be popular with many new to golf who will be influenced to enter their scores on the App. For many like you and I, it's "old hat" keeping our entire foursomes scores in our heads while we play. I still like to visit our Pro Shop once in a while to yak with the Pro and assistants and enter my scores on the PC. Especially when they hire a new young Philly who is a joy to anyone's eyes to answer the phone and work the counter … I need to figure out a way to import daily index's now. This new daily update will be a pain in my U know what with guys whining about getting another stroke or two ...
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