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  1. Club Rat

    Shorter Rounds?

    Find a course which offers unlimited play for a season. Many courses offer memberships for one year. Then play as many as you wish.
  2. Club Rat

    Match Play- Never Again?

    I'm also a big fan of Match Play. There are several competitions which have various formats. While individual match format is a different game as per medal, it still requires the player to play their best in increments or for the entire round. I can't quite grasp why the OP being a low handicapper would bash match play after only a single recent event? I agree with @iacas it may have been just dicks in the competition. There are some golfers with big ego's.
  3. Club Rat

    Natural Golf Courses

    Many times I have often observed how the course architect utilizes the "lay of the land" Courses differ in every region with terrain and natural beauty from various types of growth. Trees, palms, cactus, steams, creeks, small rivers, ponds and lakes and boulders and many other natural wonders are at the design of the eye of the architect. While often many who play a particular course on a regular basis, may discuss modifications to enhance a course. At our course some modifications have benefitted routine maintenance, playability for golfers and to enhance appearance. But, I do not feel many look "artificial" or designed just for sake of building a course. Not every course needs to be a top tiered course. Even the simple courses which are flat, with less trees are needed. There are many seniors, beginners, junior golfers who can utilize facilities which are less expensive to play.
  4. Club Rat

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    I voted to shoot lower scores. All games whether be a team game or individual, everyone plays to win. With that said, I know the game is hard and harder to maintain a level of ones expectations. But, I have always enjoyed the game and have always had fun playing.
  5. Freddie "Boom Boom" Couples Not that I intentionally mimicked his motions/swing, but many friends often indicated my swing was similar. Along time ago, Freddie during an interview and was asked about his swing thoughts. He replied "He just takes the club back and swings through the ball" Pretty simple explanation. I can handle that.
  6. Club Rat

    3/4" Off Driver Shaft

    I'm in the same boat age only, but with no surgeries but with lower back stiffness sometimes. I do not make a large shoulder turn and restrict my hip turn to ease the torsional twist to my spine. I still hit drives out there with younger guys and outdrive most everyone my age. IMO, I suggest selecting a light weight driver with a senior flex and then determine the proper length which you can hit. I would also find a store which has a good selection of interchangeable driver shafts. Inquire if they have senior shafts in various lengths along with a selection of club heads. Try something comparable to your setup along with others to determine if trimming yours or buy a different driver. When cutting driver shafts, refer to the shaft manufacture guidelines for butt and tip trimming. Cutting only the length from the butt end changes the way the shaft will preform. First you should try choking the grip as Dicks SG mentioned to see how you can hit it. It may need to be both tip and butt trimmed.
  7. I like to try many brands and types and usually only play them for a few rounds to see how they preform. I'll change different brands with various conditions, wet, windy, cooler temps at times. With a lower swing speed, many of the premium manufactured do not work as well for my game.
  8. 👍 see what you mean, thanks.
  9. I tried several BPM and the timing which suited my tempo was around 78. Faster and slower settings caused less control, seemed like a push or pull stroke. Question? Would tempo vary with distance of the putt? (4 ft versus 20 ft)
  10. Club Rat


    When I lived in the Colorado mountains (Summit County) a friend would play every weekend regardless during the winter. He would watch the weather and travel as far as Utah in order to play. Usually he could go to course in Denver or head west towards Grand Junction.
  11. I agree with @mchepp The big challenge has always been educating players about all the rules which the game has. So many players simply don't know rules as they are presently and probably will not take the time to read any changes. I try my best as some are complex, others are simple for everyone.
  12. Club Rat

    Best PGA Tour Course to View/Follow Players?

    TPC Stadium Courses are designed for spectator viewing. I've been to the Phoenix Open multiple times and before they added grandstands one could view multiple holes from several areas. The Hope Classic while played at multiple courses are good for spectator events. Courses which are traditionally tree lined, generally only provide a few viewing spots and require moving to various locations. If you only want to follow a certain group, then any course is suitable. The only thing which would hamper trying to follow certain groups or players would be the gallery size. Typically, early morning is good at events and easier to follow / walk along without gallery traffic jams.
  13. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018-19

    Thoughts on creating another league for the three segments and still keep this initial league. It might attract new players with a fresh start, rather than entering into the one we have started. I'll do both if there are enough players. I like the site and user friendly App. The only thing I wish it did would be to show the standings in a full report with all weekly points. Congrats @Warren Zevon way to come on strong to win the segment...
  14. Club Rat

    Welding class putter project

    How did you decide which type of putter head to design? Also, did you consider the face angle when milling? Putters need to have about 9* loft, I believe. And was the putter head project taken from an available design, or did the class actually draw and spec the project?
  15. Club Rat

    Welding class putter project

    Nice work, what is the weight of the putter head? Also, have you checked the head for a balancing point?

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