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  1. Which Golf Pill Would You Take?

    Seems I am the only one to vote for the little Blue Pill. Golf is expensive, having a few freebies once in a while enables one to play more golf... 100+ yards? Keep on dreaming...
  2. TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    Your not in the boat alone. 8 out of the 17 teams selected Tricky Rickie this week. I am Officailly ending my Fantasy relationship forever with him, it's over. Dear Ricky, After numerous weeks of selecting you as my Top fantasy pick, you have let me down and failed to make the CUT!!! Therefore, It's OVER. No more. It will be a Win - WIn situation for the both of US. You will make Cuts and WIn Millions and I may even Win a Fantasy Championship... Sincerely, The Club Rat Ps. you can thank me after the season is over.
  3. Using back side of club

    I've done it for years, hope there's no infraction. Although I may be incorrect, I believe it's Ok. The only situation which I believe it not allowed, would be using the club in the manner similar to using a pool cue. Guy's have horsed around and stroked in a short putt on the green in that manner for fun.
  4. TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    The GC fantasy site is really goofy, it's got a few bugs in the site with scoring.
  5. 2018 Honda Classic

    Thank G the cut is projected at 5. Ricky your killing me, 76 really !!! MC
  6. I can see this happening with many players who enjoy the game are out playing to do the best they can more so than previous years. Along with many of the golfing outing which brought their beer buddies out for just a good time is most likely decreasing. And certainly it must be due to the many of the O'ld guys becoming better.... But it is a good trend....
  7. Winter Depression Thread

    A friend sent me the picture, not sure what course or when. I've had rounds while playing in Breck during the summer when a small squall snow storm passed over and delay play for a hour or more or less.
  8. Ah, a new rule will always get you. http://www.usga.org/rules-hub/rules-modernization/major-proposed-changes/proposed-change--when-to-replace-a-ball-that-moves-on-a-putting-.html
  9. Not sure if this applies to the situation.
  10. My guess would be the ball must be marked first. Then remove the loose impediment, then replace the ball to it's original position which then the ball would drop into the hole and considered holed out. I would certainly call an official to request a ruling before taking any action if playing in a sanctioned event.
  11. Winter Depression Thread

    It didn't stop this guy. Looks like he's enjoying his round.
  12. Puzzle Solving Thread

    12:32 - easy puzzle, just a slow solver...
  13. TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    With Yahoo in the previous years, there were three segments. The GC Fantasy appears to simply have a year long running total. Would you or anyone like to suggest a format for our TST Fantasy? My thoughts, still have three segments winners and use only the 7 top scores total each segment. Then use the top 21 scores of all segments (7 scores from each) for the overall winner. Maybe @iacas would award a badge to the overall winner? Any thoughts, @kpaulhus @Undr Par @Warren Zevon @Strat-Pack Rick @boogielicious @Wally Fairway @Carl Spackler @J M Brown @Shindig @Toffeelover @Ernest Jones
  14. TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    He didn't need the double bubble, he kicked everyone's butt... again... Congrats @Warren Zevon

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