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  1. Very informative and a great source to compare the many various types of balls manufactured.
  2. I believe tipping was the correct procedure. Aldila indicates non trimming for drivers. FW woods and Hybrids are considered similar when shaft fitting I believe.
  3. Kink in neck, playing in 2 days. Help!

    A Massage will help soothe the ache. And maybe a trip to the Bone Cracker.
  4. Hurricane IRMA

    My thoughts and prayers for the safety of all TST families in the path of Irma as well.
  5. Website hosting and design

    I'll cry "UNCLE", I give up. Websites are great, along with using Social Media.
  6. Help with market place forum

    No, but it is required to have I believe 15 posts or possibly more before you are allowed to sell any items. Or it could be your not allowed multiple accounts? @iacas would be the one to inquire about the @yellowboy account. It's still active.
  7. Website hosting and design

    Apps can have links to websites for directions such as a google map to a location, send push notifications, link to email contacts or call anyone, contact various personnel, obtain service requests and pricing or estimates and host a website. These are all useful tools for a small business operation. I feel social media such as FaceBook is a really good means to advertise a business, especially a service orientated business. And it's a feasible low cost method. When I mentioned apps link to websites, it would be for links which have information pertaining to the business and or if the OP desired to have their website. True, but Apps are very useful when used frequently. As an example, I could write an App for a Teaching Pro such as your self. Within the App, any client could make a reservation, view available times for a lesson, send you a text or phone call, obtain directions to your facility, view package pricing, select a level of lesson, send pics or videos. Most people use mobile devices nowadays and spend less time on a PC. They want quick, to the point information. Not a Google search result which pull up thousands of Auto services and products.
  8. Best places to live with great muni golf

    I was pleasantly surprised at the quantity and quality of really good courses in the Denver area when I used to live in the ski country. Denver was and is still a Boom City with miles of open land up and down the front range where development of communities are built around golf courses. Other areas I've visited which had an abundant of very good local muni's courses are Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Illinois to name a few. I'm sure there are many hidden gems around. Hope someday my travels will venture to them, especially in the Northern States where I've heard many great things...
  9. Website hosting and design

    A little late to the party, but as a small business which caters to local customers, why not use FaceBook and possibly a Mobile App which links to a web page for information. An App is more useful than a website.
  10. TIL your charging options if golf cart is electric

    Many new carts have this as an optional accessory. I believe they recently started adding this feature a few years ago. It had been a special order prior til present date. I have had auxiliary power outputs in my carts since 2005, mainly the old style 12 volt auto. They are very useful when needed. USB is versatile for many devices and a better option than the older car chargers.
  11. Frustration caused damage?

    Slamming a club in a downward motion on a hard surface can cause the shaft to weaken and or break. It usually occurs at the top of the club hosel, below the ferrule where the damage can not be seen. While the evidence may not be apparent, at some point in time the club may break.
  12. Weird name for a band, maybe they had a thing for Dorothy In the early 1980s. Band members told the press that the band was named after the dog in "The Wizard of Oz" Widely known for the hits "Hold the Line", "Rosanna", and "Africa" I have their album, and also on my play list....
  13. Desktop Stat Tracker

    The Game Golf App is Free and easy to use while playing. Or buy a used GG Classic system on Ebay. What stats are you wanting to track besides scores? I have a good Excel program for basic stats I'll share with you.
  14. Is your Summer slipping away?

    The summer has slipped away this year. Golf has been limited the past two months due to purchasing a new home. Between painting and remodeling and moving, I was only able to golf a few times. Life is good again, wrapping up a few projects here and there, and back out playing.
  15. My lame-o attempt at a putter with a laser pointer

    Why not place the laser on the floor or ground behind the hole or target, roll the ball through the center of the laser line?