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  1. Club Rat

    How Do I Sell Iron Set

    New members must have 30 plus posts in order to list them on the TST site. Get your post count up and you will gain access.
  2. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018-19

    Well the Fantasy Gods showed mercy on me, Paul Casey came back with a great day - 5 under …. Whoooo - - -
  3. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018-19

    Totally SCREWED this week with the first round rain out ..... On Friday, I could not adjust my lineup for round two which had not been played. I tried to enter Rory into the 2nd round for lame ass HV III and Rory goes -8 under …. I don't understand why these sites can not operate in REAL time …..
  4. Club Rat

    Hips Too Open at Impact

    Have you read -
  5. Club Rat

    Saying Hello And Question on my 70-degree Wedge

    Don't sell it, give it to someone you dislike and enjoy watching them in misery...
  6. Try closing your eyes when you watch ,,, lol I like face on view for more definitive details. This view gives you all club positions, rotation and weight transfer. And tempo and viewing impact and balance through the swing. DTL shows position at address with alignment of feet and shoulders. Shoulder, hip rotation and hand positions and club path.
  7. Club Rat

    Provisional After Playing Out A Penalty Area

    Let see if I get this right. He plays the 2nd shot from the penalty area and the shot is lost. He would now take relief as per options when he hit into the penalty area and drop lying 3 plus one stroke penalty for lost ball and one more stroke for relief. (2 total penalty strokes) So, determine the relief and he will be playing his 5th shot. Also, I believe he can not hit a provisional after hitting from the penalty area as you indicated it the title of the thread.
  8. I like Joy Sox. There available online for purchase. Good quality, fit is really good and they last a couple of seasons. Foot Joy socks are good, they feel great but do not last more than a season. (over 50 rounds) Both are available in different ankle heights, colors, cushion types and support.
  9. Club Rat

    2019 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Discussion Thread

    Tough day at ATT, cold, wet and round suspended. Interesting story about John Rollins getting the call to fill a spot.
  10. Club Rat

    Golf League Handicap

    What is the format for your league? Match, Stroke, Team, Individual? Are they playing for cash? Points?
  11. Club Rat


    WELCOME to TST ... First order of business would be reading about basic's. Grip, Posture, Takeaway, Swing Path, Set Up, Alignment and Ball Position. Also, consider basic lessons to get you headed in the right direction. The game is about "keeping the ball on the play ground" This means to hit it where you intend and aim. Lessons will help accelerate the learning curve one needs to play golf. If you travel down the road of becoming self taught or expect athletic skills as the means to become better, Good Luck !!!
  12. Club Rat

    What is Holding You Back (In a Few Words)?

    I'll vote other, that being having a few bad swings during a good round which is the diff between a good score or a mediocre score.
  13. Club Rat

    X-Factor Linked to Back Pain

    My experience with pain in the lower back has been attributed to several factors, Some are golf related which I feel was due to spine angle through rotation. I would have to change the angle periodically due to soreness and played through the pain many days. After a painful round, I would apply ice and able to play the next day without any inflammation. I never had the swing speeds which many of the better players and pros, but back soreness has never had any influence on ever having thoughts of quitting. I agree, many of the older pros complained of pain. The just stopped playing and gave their body a rest and had medical treatment when necessary. We probably do not hear about chiropractors and massage treatment on hand for players today before and after rounds.
  14. Club Rat

    Ball Enters Penalty Area From Far Side

    I believe another Local Rule is sometimes use with "Drop Areas" on certain holes? With Penalty Areas? Or did that get changed?
  15. Club Rat

    Ball Enters Penalty Area From Far Side

    It is always where it last crosses a penalty area.

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