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  1. Bee's, Hornets and an various Snakes are common in Missouri. A couple of years ago a Bumble Bee strung me and then chased and buzzed around my head for a few minutes before it flew off. I accidentally intruded his nest area searching for a friends ball in a creek area.
  2. Club Rat

    Hole in one question

    That's quite an accomplishment . . . While the hole was playing under reconstruction, it's still a ONE !!! A friend once told me they run in bunches after he had 3 in a 4 year span.
  3. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    Congrats to the New Guy @Friz Steps right in and has this week High Points. We have reached the Mid-Point of the season.
  4. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    @Wally Fairway - Steven Bowditch not such a good pick. My advice would be drink six beers tonight, then take two aspirins in the morning and you'll feel better. Sometimes they preform well in the first events, then usually feel the pressure more so from there on. But hey, they have to get their feet wet at sometime. Another player flying under the radar is a Monday Qualifier - Joshua Creel.
  5. Club Rat

    2018 Valero Texas Open

    Unable to watch any of the morning rounds but scoring seems low. Is the wind a factor today or other weather issues?
  6. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    Must be, unless they are on a different universe three days behind the earths times...
  7. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    Welcome aboard Friz. I'll add you to the stats spreadsheet this week. Our league is a recreational event which many of us have participated in for several years. While the PGA year long season is many weeks, we have three 10 week segments for score totals. My spreadsheet is similar to the Yahoo format we used for the past seasons.
  8. Club Rat

    David Feherty Off Tour Show

    Has anyone gone to see his show? He is touring US cities and will be in the St. Louis area in August. General Admin - $65 and floor level seating selling for $175 I like his shows and think it will be a blast. We will be purchasing tickets this week.
  9. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    High points this week was js4strings, congrats.
  10. Club Rat

    2018 RBC Heritage

    I missed the complete day also. Had Honey Do's this morning and went to check scores and it's over. O'well, it will give me something tonight to watch on TGC.... Spoiler, DeChambeau finished strong....
  11. Club Rat

    2018 RBC Heritage

    Also the field consist of "TWO Love's" Davis lll and Davis lV Would be interesting if they would be paired together. I never realized Davis's son had or has played in tour events. Wonder how he obtained entry to the RBC?
  12. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    Oop's, had a typo this week, here is the revised weekly totals.
  13. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    It was a great Fantasy Shoot Out this week with the small field playing. At one point in time Sunday, only 10 points separated the top 8 positions. Three teams had 5 of the same players and almost everyone had all players make the cut which keeps the scores closer. Fun week, 5 teams over 400 points which is rare and a One Point victory. On to next week, don't forget to set rosters everyone. Or league only had 12 teams last week with a couple of regulars not in.
  14. Club Rat

    TST Fantasy Golf 2018

    Congrats @boogielicious High Points this week.

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