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  1. There's a good review on the new E-12 on MyGolfSpy. While I have a few promotional packs of the new ball, I've been waiting for the course to come around and give them a shot. E-12 review
  2. That's good, you can take the screw to the hardware store and they should be able to match the threads to determine if they have that type. Also take the M-3 head with you to make sure it will fit in the club. Some may be too large.
  3. Probably, it may only be available with a different head type / torx or phillip type. Are you able to remove the broken screw? I'm not sure if the screws are removable? Never actually tried, but I'm guessing here from memory, my driver has some sort of retainer which keeps the screw from coming out. TM will replace the club, their CS is great. Check with the retailer where it was purchased about replacement.
  4. Most of the older guys I golf with, carry a bag full of Fairway Woods with only the 7- iron through wedges. And they play lesser distant courses. On most days, they may only hit 5 different clubs during the round. One of the guys only has 7 clubs in his bag and walks all the time. They unusually only hit any club a max distant - 150 yards. Every once in a while they will show up with a "New Miracle Club" I'll ask them how far they hit it? I think they are only tying to intimidate their buddies with new clubs ….
  5. Several factors to consider when re-shafting older iron clubs. Start with determining proper length. Change in swing weight. Counter balancing grips change swing weight. Tip trimming, soft or hard stepping. Shaft stiffness, stiff or regular flex. Adjusting Loft of club heads. Grip and swing. Ball position in swing. The Ball, higher spinning balls will produce higher ball flight. The best method would be to start with one iron and fiddle with different shafts. Most fitters would work with the 5-iron of customers and build the set from the 5-iron specs. Having inter-changeable shafts is the quickest method when determining correct shaft for customer. If you want to experiment on your own, it's a learning experience. Trial and error was a method players used years ago, which is still a decent option. Also, possibly check around local stores which carry used sets. If lucky enough to find some, check them out and test them at the store on a launch monitor. Finally, research with Google. Many articles are available for reference on change or building sets. And talk with a custom club maker, they will usually offer suggestions. Here is a good place to start - Changing Swing Weight
  6. I only talk to my golf ball. but it's like my wife, it won't listen ... But seriously, I've played for years and with many who never stop with the conversations. Sometimes when it gets old and annoying when it continues on every tee. I'll tee up my ball and stand off to the side of it and stare down the fairway. They final get the idea and quiet it a bit until I hit. I'll make a comment like " sorry guys, I didn't want my golf game to interrupt the conversation" The just tell me to F- off and everything is fine... I'm kinda like Jack, I usually like to listen and hold off on the conversations until the 19th hole.
  7. I didn't have time to touch base on your question earlier, but wanted to add my two cents worth. In the video, Bridgestone acknowledges six years ago that feel was important to players. But, IMO they waited to develop the outer core until the demand cried for it. The B330 was the first soft feel product and then the E-6 models over the past couple of years. In regards to testing tee-to-green or green-to-tee, I've always choose a ball which gave me optimal feel with putting and pitch/chip shots. Distance was never considered off the tee as mine was better than average, Approach was also better than average and most shots held the bent greens which are common in my area. Where I excelled, was play on and around the greens, mainly due to extensive practice and natural abilities. So, the video does not change my perspective. My expectations was and always has been, a ball which gave me a good feel off the face of the putter and wedges. Back in my day, Balata's were preferred by most players I golfed with. Then came along the Professional model. Nowadays, many major and less known manufactures are selling softer feel products. I'd even venture to say, most professionals have always leaned towards a feel type golf ball. Just guessing.
  8. I played with our Bridgestone rep late January when we had a somewhat of a decent weather day for January. He gave me a few of the new E-12's that day and told me the ball had been tested in Japan last year and Bridgestone was overwhelmed with response for the popularity and sales. The E-12 Sotf and E-12 Distant will replace the E-6 ball this year and should be available in the US market in March. The website indicates - I only played a couple of holes and was immediately impressed. I have not had a chance to play them since then, just waiting until conditions become better. I wrote a review on the E-6 a few years back when they were introduce. Bridgestone has made small significant changes/improvements each year and I played them more on a regular basis. Anyone who tries the New E-12 Soft will notice immediately the soft feel. While only hitting a few shots that day, I felt it preformed better than the E-6, IMO.
  9. Bridgestone used to be at our course every year on Demo Day. Then they eliminated the program, so I was told. I knew the guys who presented the fitting and would talk with them every year. I also liked that I could check my stats to compare as I was growing older and losing a few yards. Their marketing strategy was good, a website which was informative and face to face with the consumers. For years our rep would throw a sleeve of Bridgestone balls at me when we golfed together. I told him, I would play the ball IF it had a softer cover. Finally after years of web surveys, they finally produced a soft feel product. I frequently test multiple brands on course. I test them on various holes under different wind directions and wind speeds. IMO, they all are comparable in distance and most produced decent spin. They held the course in strong head and side winds. My only complaint was the RX did not hold greens very well on down wind conditions. I occasionally had shots down wind carry way too far, like 20 yards over the back of a green. Other than a few mishaps, Bridgestone has very good products. I really like the New E-12 ball.
  10. But, your question is too general and range being too broad to give any specific answer. Your Poll has a range which all could potentially reach or achieve or maintain at their level, IMO. Most golfers peak at certain times and then falter for a while then peak again. The cycle continues, granted some may improve continuously as years go by, but eventually cycle at a level. Even pros rise or fall in durations over their careers. So, your question "What's the best handicap achievable by playing/practicing only once a week?" It's simply too broad of a spectrum of players at different levels. Some can play well with once a week, while others may falter. How would you distinguish between those who try and those who are only playing for the entertainment of golf? As years go by, yes some improve slowly while other have rapid improvement to a certain level. Then the cycle up and down begins or maintains at a level for a period of time. Also keep in mind the cycle is very different for everyone. And also keep in mind, many players simply do not post scores, or may only post their better rounds.
  11. They are many variables in your question which will differ for everyone who plays golf. Experience, courses playing (difficult or easy) and consider yardage, age, players intent for improvement Most golfers would like to play better, but with limited practice, many lose the putter, short game touch for starters. Swing may vary often for those less experienced, ability to encounter playing conditions and adapt. Handicaps only reflect a players general ability. Some may have expectations to play better without practice, while others achieve a certain level and maintain a decent game without practice. My personal expectations are simple, have fun and enjoy the game. My level of achievements are measured by playing the best I can, each and every time out.
  12. What ??? Oh My.... This is too funny.... Would have been cool to have a Trackman and see actual results...
  13. I haven't read the article yet either, but my thoughts on any golf course are typically 1. Viewing the course from all tee's - ability level for players 2. The lay of the land for which the designer had to work with in perspective to design 3. Playability for all golfers - difficulty and enjoyment Accessing the course after playing 1. Thoughts after playing, challenge versus risk/reward features 2. Did the course make me play every club in my bag 3. Easy versus difficultly holes 4. And fairness in design or was there holes which were too tricked up 5. Design which may cause poor pace of play on a daily basis when course is filled with players
  14. Wrist action at impact along with weight hanging back will produce a high draw.
  15. We have several members/couples/retired who are beginners, And now that you mention it, we do not have a beginner class for men. You could ask those clubs if couples are welcome? I'm sure they would welcome your husband to join in the lessons with the ladies. Our course has Family Tees which the beginners utilized for learning. I see the new couples play them often late in the afternoon or on days when the course is not busy. My suggestion is to ease into the learning process of hitting the golf ball and do not expect it to be natural or easy. Once you become comfortable swinging and making contact where you can hit a shot forward, then ease onto the course and start close to the green (100 yards) and play 5 holes. As you become better, play 9 and move back to 150 yards to start and continue moving back to the 200 yard. Then if your interest is still growing and you commit to play regularly, try an Executive Course or Forward tees at the club or course.
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