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  1. Bumping an old thread, friends have ask me "when a Match is over, should they complete the round?" I have always thought that yes they should if they elect to, or scores will be entered by the committee as Par plus Handicap given players complete more than 13 holes for a round. Some guys are indicating that regardless when the match is over, Par plus Handicap are recorded by the committee and players do not have the option to complete the round for scoring purpose. Need some help here as I can not find the USGA ruling.
  2. Likewise, but my others didn't fail me too badly. Hope to get a 40 point day out of the first round. Need for DJ to up his game.....
  3. Played the first round of our clubs Senior 2 Man yesterday against very good opponents and was able to advanced to the next bracket with a 2 & 1 win. There were 13 birdies recorded on the card through 17 holes. My partner made 4 and 3 were made by myself and our opponents. With my best round this year, although I shanked an 8 iron into the pond which cost me a double, I had only one bogey with the 3 birds and rest were pars for an even par round. Putting was solid, drove the ball well and approach shots were decent. Had a few other opportunities to knock down other birds, but missed them. My partner was solid with 1 under for the day.
  4. Happy B-Day @saevel25 Hope you're able to Tee it up today....
  5. I think Randy has developed a good systematic means for interpreting GG stats. He spends a great deal of time and effort explaining his visual of how stats can be beneficial for the GG user. IMO, golfers should and need a benchmark to assist them in a manner which they can review that reflects the many various aspects of their game. In a round about way, will his analyst become a standard someday?
  6. Thanks Erik and Sun Mountain for providing a TST member with a great product.
  7. He would have died instantly, lol But I think you may be on the right track.... Wondering if the greenkeeper applied turf food or something. I'm not sure what they use, but when our GK does our fairways, he spreads tiny black pellets. They leave black marks on clubs that are a bitch to clean off.
  8. Sorry John, I have only played BC a few times and I do not recall the course enough to offer any insights. Good luck in the event.
  9. I think the unit does not establish satellite connection or Bluetooth when the red light blinks? Been awhile since I've read up on the light indicators. Also, low power may be indicated in the same manner, I think. And, sometimes power off and back on will re-establish connections. Connecting the unit to a PC or tablet with USB cord will launch the GG dashboard which will show firmware version. The latest version mine shows is
  10. Congrats Erik. The Pens could make it a 3-peak next year.
  11. Sun Mountain Speed Cart My Sweetheart needs the exercise, I hope I can win her a really nice "Pink/Gunmetal" colored Speed Cart GT .....
  12. Ah, the Red Team picks up 2015 Newport Cup, MVP.... Great pick, Captain @mvmac Congrats to @jsgolfer
  13. Welcome to TST. There's lot's of great stuff on the site along with great members. Tee it high and let it fly ....
  14. @Apoc81 and as always, TST is a great place to inquire and learn about Rules and Decisions. While I always seem to get my "Tit in a Ringer" when discussing Rules, it's by far my most favorite golf topics.