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  1. Wasn't there a rule change this year about standing behind a player during their setup or while making a stroke? Only in Four Ball? This often occurs during a putt, and sometimes a partner assists a partners alignment.
  2. We play a game called "Deuce Game" It's basically a 9 hole evening event. Players play from various markers setup on course 80- 160 yards. Players Handicaps determine position of play. HC - 15 or greater - 80 - 100 yds. HC - 14 - 8, 110 - 130 yds. HC - 7 or less, 140 - 160 yds. Any player who scores 2 or less on any hole qualifies to win. Players can qualify for multiple wins. Payouts are based on Entry Purse / Qualifiers (Basically a Skins Payout) It's a popular game due to it's an evening after work event, guys have ample time to enjoy a few barley pops, and timeframe to play is usually around an hour. We generally play in groups of 6-8 per hole with a shot gun start.
  3. Thinking about going back to Titleist blades in the spring.
  4. For Sale - Callaway XR Pro Iron Set 4-P and AW- wedge with KBS Tour V 100 R - Steel Shafts, 1/2" inch long, soft stepped. New in 2015, in very good condition. Regripped with Golf Pride - MCC Plus 4 standard a month ago. Asking $250 or best offer.
  5. I just happen to turn on my tv as he was about to play that shot. Not sure of the circumstance why he was playing it off the path, but it looked like he ripped a fairway wood pretty well.
  6. Poor camera guy .... not so lucky ....
  7. Club Rat

    GHIN ?

    Check with your Head Pro. They have the ability to show reports that users do not have access to.
  8. Club Rat

    GHIN ?

    The Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association handles most courses in the STL area, both Private and Public. The cost has become ridiculous IMO, $40 per year. This site will give anyone an official Ghin Index - https://golfhandicapnetwork.com/ Only $10 per year. I believe the web platform which is used, is actually Handicomp.com We used to be subscribe to their service at our club for years. I used to enter scores on their old DOS program for several years until the club switched. And yes, you can enter the scores played prior. Keep in mind, only 20 rounds will used when starting. You can enter as many as you wish for a "Record of Scores" which will be available to review if you desire at any times. Through the Ghin Network, a player can view their score history since the beginning.
  9. IMO, if it only fits on the manufactures gloves, then many users may not be interested. The screen readout is small and will be difficult to view by those with poor vision. The position makes it cumbersome to read, would be better if rotated. I personally do not use a watch, prefer other devices. Not really a Genius idea, but some may like it.
  10. IMO, I agree. Haven't read through the thread completely yet, but has anyone address the new system will lower everyone Index? It now takes 8 best scores along with the new ESC guidelines, this should create a lower index. Maybe when I have an extra moment, I'll write a spreadsheet and make a comparison. Next thing the USGA will do would be to somehow make us all Scratch Golfers with new rules and such.
  11. Poulter posted a video of the typhoon on the course. https://www.instagram.com/p/B4CVArrBhWs/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  12. In STL District and the STL Metro Amateur's and our Club, guidelines are set for Senior Play / Distance course setup. I imagine they have guidelines for Championship Events. When these events are at our club, the tee markers are moved to various locations and they play one of the par 5's as a par 4. It's all up to the event committee, whether it's a Championship or everyday play with friends. Many small groups can set there own distance in weekly games, it can be for younger guys or older guys.
  13. Looks like a garage sale item. I would put it on eBay, it might bring you a small fortune...
  14. I did and that scenario did occur as I mentioned above. He actually already had breached the rule standing behind his partner when he address the putt, then quickly stepped away when he noticed I was watching him. The sad part, he stood behind his partner on the second hole of the match and I told him he could not do that, But, I failed to tell the dumb ass it was a penalty at the time, My bad. I should have called them out at that time, but wasn't sure who would receive the penalty. I also should have called the head pro to let him tell the rule at the time. Our poor decision cost us the championship. For all I know, the dumb ass might have been checking his partners alignment. This might had been the situation, but that's hard to call them out on.
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