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  1. Looks like a garage sale item. I would put it on eBay, it might bring you a small fortune...
  2. I did and that scenario did occur as I mentioned above. He actually already had breached the rule standing behind his partner when he address the putt, then quickly stepped away when he noticed I was watching him. The sad part, he stood behind his partner on the second hole of the match and I told him he could not do that, But, I failed to tell the dumb ass it was a penalty at the time, My bad. I should have called them out at that time, but wasn't sure who would receive the penalty. I also should have called the head pro to let him tell the rule at the time. Our poor decision cost us the championship. For all I know, the dumb ass might have been checking his partners alignment. This might had been the situation, but that's hard to call them out on.
  3. I've seen many groups tee it up as soon as the fairway is clear. This seems to be the policy at most muni's. This leads to stacking up a course as they will usually be waiting for the group to finish the hole. Then it becomes a hit and wait on every hole. Some of the better courses the starter will instruct groups to wait until the group reaches the green. Good starters will hold groups for the 8 - 10 minute intervals. In general, it is a good and safe policy for longer hitters to wait if they are capable of reaching a green.
  4. I now understand the term "General Penalty" and how it is used for a few situations. Until I inquired in this thread, I honestly have ever had anyone speak in the manner of a general penalty. Learn something new today, thanks Erik and @Rulesman
  5. Yes that is exactly what occurred and thank you very much for the clarification.
  6. Because I do not fully understand the ruling and want to be certain of how the penalty is applied and to whom. In certain situations in 4 ball only one player would be penalize and be out if the hole. Also because I've never come across a situation of a "General Penalty" before,
  7. Yes I have read this ruling, but it does not directly address my question. Is a general penalty when a partner stands behind his partner while he takes his stance and or putts. In which case, it would be a loss of hole? The second issue was the partner moved to a close proximity away after the player address the ball to make the putting stroke. And this occurred in a four ball partner match.
  8. I'm still puzzled about the ruling in regards to who is penalized? Would it be the player standing behind his partner or the player making the putt. It seems to me it would be a loss of hole by the partners in general?
  9. I had two friends that played Founders Clubs. I have never heard of them being a club made by Langert. How ever a search did bring up some info on those clubs. Is this the item you are referring to? eBay has a listing for this driver. My friends played this driver.
  10. A good source to look is often on eBay. While there may not be manufacture specifics, there usually is some descriptive information. I did a brief search on two items that listed the shaft flex in terms which were most likely used back when the clubs were made. One item indicated the shafts were medium/regular and another were described as regular. Your dealing with "Vintage" items which were popular long before the internet.
  11. Yes Erik, I thought the rule was 14-2b, but I'm not able to locate the ruling. Also meaning on the extension of their line. Is one step to the side consider to be close proximity, while a couple of steps, 2-3 steps considered away from the line enough? The guy took one stride away and then stepped back to observe.
  12. With the new rules effective this year, was there a change in allowing a partner in a Two Man Match Play which allows the partner to stand behind his partner during the time the player is putting? Also, is standing behind his partner in close proximity a breech of the rules? The two partners had a long putt from an identical position. They looked over there putts and discussed the situation. (Line of putt, break etc.) Then the one partner addressed the ball on the putting green and his partner was directly behind him at that moment. (about 7 feet to observe the line of the putt) He quickly realizes his partner was about to putt and steps to the side one stride and observes the putt, then steps back in behind the line of his partner to observe the line of the putt. Also how is close proximity determined or measured in distance?
  13. They are playing the THE CJ CUP @ NINE BRIDGES in Korea It's 11 am there and they are on the course playing. Yes you missed the DL.
  14. Congrats and thank you for your service. On a good note, military courses are generally in good shape and inexpensive for service members. One thing about golf, there's many great places to enjoy the game.
  15. As Dave mentioned above, it rounds of to the nearest number...
  16. It rounds in either direction. The round function will round up when number is = to 5 or greater. It rounds down when the number is less than 5
  17. I had a pair which the heel came off during my round. Really pissed me off as they were a really nice Nike "TW" dress shoes which I had only worn a few times.
  18. You can write a formula in your spreadsheet to adjust the scores and you can also write a formula to give you the course handicap. Or use the Ghin App for course handicap computations.
  19. Been there many a times. How about Shamus O'tooles He was a good golfer and fun to be with...
  20. I watched Paul and Art play at a small bar in St Lou back in the late 70's … With less than 75 people packed in a very small area, they preformed for a couple of hours. Yes I'm older than Dirt and thank the good man above I'm still around to talk about it … It would be rather depressing if I wasn't ...
  21. Might as well put him on the bench just to show those other lame professionals how to make the cut... 😎 This was the first event I've had 4 players hanging around for the weekend ... I get the feeling sometimes these guys make an appearance in these end of the season events and don't care so much, and would just like to have a little family time with the wife and kids.
  22. @RetiredOldMan You indicate you have just established a handicap this year. There are two factors which may come into play which will reflect a high handicap. First, a new players handicap will be volatile until 20 rounds are recorded. An example, a player needs 5 rounds to establish a handicap and it will be based off of one score (Lowest) Then as more rounds are played and entered, they start to average out and will have a less range of fluctuation. Second, as an older player, if you are playing a course with a low slope rating, then a players handicap will be higher. You can check calculations on many internet sites or use an App to track the handicap also. The Ghin site and App will show your score history and also note the "Diff" rating for your rounds. An example of "Diff", a player scores an 80 on a par 72 course with a rating on 72 That score will reflect a "Diff" of 8 If a player scores an 80 on a par 72 with a course rating of 67.1 then the "Diff" would be 85, thus the player would have a higher handicap.
  23. I disagree with this advice, the entire left side starts the downswing. My instructor taught me to pull down on the grip using my body in sequence together. Using the bodies large muscle groups (shoulders, abs, hips and quads) create the powerful motion of the swing. Many players I think commonly use a trigger point to start their downswing at the set point of the takeaway. Hands, wrists and arms guide the club position through the swing arc.
  24. Congrats I've had two Aces on the same hole at our club, but they were years apart. In our Stroke Play Championship last weekend, there was two Aces on the same hole on Saturday by different players. Bar tabs were very high that day for those guys …
  25. Both courses have several holes with tight target areas which lead to big trouble with very little margin for error. You enjoy the layout and challenge and scenery with the elevation of these desert courses. Club selection will not be much difference than ball flight in Denver courses. They play similar to mountain courses in Colorado with elevation layouts. When tee boxes are higher than fairways, the ball is in the air longer which lead to more carry. Fun courses, enjoy ...
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