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  1. The easiest method is to save an image to your device. Jpeg or Png format are better images. Then simply drag the file to the post or select the "Choose File" to upload it. Then click on the " + " when the image has been uploaded.
  2. True and Vegas had a size advantage and it played out in their matchup. Every game in the Cups Playoffs has been fun to watch as usual. I would like to see Tampa and Vegas in the finals. The Av's are surprising good this year. I hadn't seen many of their games, but they have been very good in the playoffs !!!
  3. Ah Sure, Now DJ decides to up his game. The last two starts I had him, he couldn't even make the damn cut and cost me dearly. So, taking another chance, I enter him for the first round on the bench and start IM.... Typical of a shitty selections I have made this season ... 😡
  4. 1. Strokes Gained: Approach The winner must hit shots which give them the best opportunity to score well. Typically when players miss a GIR, they must rely on short game skills for the opportunity to save a par, unless they hole out shots around the green. Typically in a US Open, the course is setup to test players shot making skills with aspects of creative shot making under tough situations. Torrey Pines in past Open setup they grow the ruff tall around the course and narrow the fairways I believe on several holes. Hitting tee shots to avoid the ruff and hitting approach shots
  5. It seems like many Covid restrictions and mandates / guidelines have been modified and changed across the US. I'm not clear why the PGA protocol hasn't followed with any changes? Clearly all other professional sports have. IMO, I would have liked to see Rahm play on Sunday with safety measures. Who knows...
  6. WTF, I read Rory did not play in the Pro Am but was supposed to play through the weekend? Glad I at least benched him before todays round but it would really suck if he drops and I'll be out a player for the event ... 😡
  7. HBD @Shorty In a few more years you will catch up to another old timer like me...
  8. I've heard of a few LD guys driving par 5's, especially when doing an exhibition for charity events at forward tees. And I somewhat recall stories of a few holing out. Don't hold me to these stories as they were many Beers ago... A club in my area had a double dogleg par 5. Guys could cut the dogleg by taking it over the corner of trees and have 150 to the green. About 10 years ago a storm toppled a bunch of the trees which guarded players from doing this with ease. Without the trees, long hitters could reach the green with a massive drive. I played in an event there and sur
  9. I played my best nine hole round this year from the Mens Tees yesterday and had several really good shots. Started on the 10th hole which I chased a 5 iron out of the ruff that ran up to the pin and made the 4 ft'er. Then after I did my usual fuc-ups, bad chip, a couple of three putts, thin the lob wedge, etc for bogey golf. On the 16th, my 9 iron out of the ruff (darn layup ran through the fairway) came up short and I chipped in. Next Hole Par 3 hit it pin high and drained a 20 footer. Had a great chance on the final hole with a straight up the gut 12 footer to complete the Trife
  10. I believe the USGA addresses issues with Vanity Cappers in qualifying events, such as Open Qualifiers, ect. An example: Players must be less than a certain HDCP in order to participate in US Open Qualifiers. Then if any players scores higher than a certain score, they would not be able to participate / enter into another qualifier for a certain time period. I do not recall the guidelines, but I am certain these exist. Also, I have heard of some situations where only "Competition Scores" are used and players must meet the criteria used based on their HDCP from only completi
  11. I use mine often in the "Above Hosel" position mainly for warmup. I like it for irons but not so much on driver.
  12. I agree with Erik, along with club face rotating during stroke will cause many problems. I'll place a board on the ground to practice the club path, keeping the heel against the board Best suited to start with short putts and increase distant during practice. Also, I've used lasers for path accuracy during practice sessions. Indoor putting matts work well with either the broad or laser.
  13. The Bentayga is a sweet ride ...
  14. @Fraser do you hold any other altcoins? I dabble in a few small positions, ADA, ALGO, LRC, ATOM, XLM. Wish I would have jumped on ETH when it was 2,000 this week... And also MATIC when it was under a buck...
  15. I thought "bogies." was an Irish Hot Dog or something !!! :+) Served with a Pint ,,,
  16. My NX9 stopped working, not showing ay yardage in either mode or metric or yardage. The flag blinks, but the yardage displays only the underscore symbols " _ _ _ _ " Waiting for a call back from Tech support... Anyone else have this situation? Battery is good, even tried a new one...
  17. Holed my 8 iron from the left ruff on the first hole for my first Eagle of the season ... It's pretty sweet when you can actually see the ball hit the green and track to the pin and drop...
  18. I don't think anyone did, otherwise they would have WON !!! And beat me for high points this week... I didn't check all rosters for bench players, but no one had him as a starter ...
  19. Club Rat


    A friend sent me this article which is quite funny.... The Art of a Gimmie ... By Mick Kemper
  20. Not sure what you are referring to? Adapter for what?
  21. Thanks for the clarification, I knew the dispute must be announced before proceeding, but wasn't sure on the process.
  22. Agree, it's sometimes difficult to identify who's ball belongs to who when other play the same brand. Having a noticeable and unique marking helps. I'll often play the yellow color on days for just the sake to prevent others from mistaken my ball.
  23. I typically do not encourage disputing rules while playing stroke play, but rather address the situation and indicate it will be determined by the golf pro or whoever is assigned to be the rules official at the of the round. But, I believe in Match Play, when a situation comes up, it most be resolved before the players tee off on the next hole. If not as mentioned by @saevel25 the match would be over by means of DQ. Since it's a casual league and not to make waves or piss players off, I would discuss the circumstances with the players and the pro after the round. Then if the pro wa
  24. This typically occurs when attempting to swing too hard and fast. It basically is started with not completing the back swing and the swing then becomes too steep while the club face remains open at impact. Many swing faults can occur when attempting to swing too fast.
  25. I've hit a few which I have found and they didn't impress me with anything outstanding. Other than it's designed for the budget minded golfer versus a player who wants a better performance ball. IMO, some players typically try various products, while others are set in their ways. Most better players are typically reluctant to switch ball brands under any circumstances. I'll curse at my buddy who's a Bridgestone Rep who throws the tour ball at me when we golf together. I never liked the "feel or the fact it will not stop downwind very well", but have played them and scored very
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