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  1. Throwing clubs is never the answer. A swear or a curse (keep in mind ladies and juniors are on the course) maybe. My playing partner yesterday tried to throw his driver, but I forcefully stopped him and reminded him of the occasion (God knows how many awful shots I hit yesterday, but made a few good ones too). I hope you are seriously warned and more importantly, given an opportunity to make amends (agreeing to a lesson or two at full price helps salve the breach of etiquette in my view). Good luck and good hunting.
  2. Just a quick note: Today's tourney was at the beautiful Bayou Golf Course in Texas City, Texas. Lots of wind, but the course is well maintained. We got rained on 4 times (very heavy rain) but the course sucked down the water like a man dying of thirst. The accomodations of the tourney was pretty good with a tent serving bbq and boudain at the 6th(?) since it seems the 6th was a hole that everyone gets bunched up at (great idea for handling slow play). I went through 4 pairs of soggy socks and lots of beer to survive the round. I did notice some improvement on my swing, but
  3. Thats really good to know. I perhaps have asked the entirely wrong question. Saeve thanks to you, I now know what question I really want to ask... Is there a Congressional Medal of Stupidity badge being awarded? I would like to nominate myself! What I really want to know is how do I start my swing? My hands are hyper active. Do I start my swing with my shoulders and just let me hands&arm; do their thing in reaction to my shoulder turn? This is good stuff guys! Thank you all!
  4. Didn't know that was going on. I probably would NEVER qualify for Stupid Monkey award... I am too analytical LOL LOL... Thanks Jet for the advice. Was just seeing if someone understood this in simpler terms. No disrespect to my instructor (who is quite awesome in my opinion).
  5. First things first fellow trappers: Evovlr is a great resource for getting personalized instruction. Its a really good program. It beats driving to the range, club, or shop to get lessons. My instructor gave me some feedback that has really helped me evolve my game. That said, I am a bit confused about my shoulder turn (it will take time and I am patient). He said that my arms were lifting too quickly whilst my shoulder rotation was slow/incomplete. Does that mean that I need to hold off lifting my arms until my shoulder turn is 50%in motion on my backswing? I figure I am
  6. Since I joined this site in December, I have had to make a few modifications to my garage setup: I had a Golfmate net that lasted about 2500 swings (back when I had the serious shanks); however, the poles cracked. I since switched to a Wilson net that is anchored. I also had to switch my mats from Golfmate 3x4s to TT6060 5x5 because the Golfmate mats just could not handle being on concrete. Also the shock was killing my hands a bit. Hitting into a net has really helped me practice a lot of mechanics and I see the results on the range (after good instruction from Evolvr).
  7. Thanks. I bought from an authorized dealer on eBay.
  8. Can someone point me to contacting Callaway? My 8 Iron is warped somehow (it has not been in a car trunk).
  9. I know this is an old post, but I like online lessons (and the free advice everyone has given me). I like the fact of being able to review the lesson and the feedback. I like the fact of being a bit more intimate (dont get the wrong ideas folks), in that I can take my film and have to looked without the external distractions. So far, I have been pleased with my results. I have a very long way to go. But I know where I am getting to.
  10. Update: No film, but I did a lot of work in the garage today. Of note: Brian's call for adjusting my address position is working way better than I could ever imagine My shoulder turn is getting better. One of things I found in my recent film (not posted) is that my tempo was really off. I went back to Tour Tempo for a refresher... Then suddenly everything came together (in sense). My swing speed is increasing whilst my grip pressure is loosening. I am feeling much more confident Dare I say that the wild shanks have stopped? Adding on about my tempo: My
  11. I did Beach. To update, the locking mechanism spring popped. The excellent tech support is sending me another latchet. Their tech support is uber cool!
  12. My pleasure. I will update my review when I get more mileage.
  13. I just posted my review: http://thesandtrap.com/products/swingbyte-2-mobile-golf-swing-analyzer/reviews/4729
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