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  1. I am a big fan of Hole 19, after using golflogix for a number of years.
  2. Glad you are liking the SL irons. I played 6-GW for the first two years and then added a 5 and SW. The 5 iron was the harder of the two clubs to adapt to as initially I kept feeling like I had to swing super fast and I was not getting good contact or the distance out of it. After I settled down and starting swinging smooth and natural with it, my strikes became consistent and on center along with the distance gap over my 6 iron.
  3. I am truly interested in that as well. I hope his HC drops like a rock, and would love to hear feedback after 20 rounds or so. I think it makes a huge difference, but like the golf swing, there is 'feel' of what I think I may be doing and the reality of what is really occurring in my swing.
  4. Agree. Raking the 4" putt is no different than any other rules violation, not sure why this one should be overlooked. The girl's frustration and loss of focus due to a missed birdie putt is just something I am sure she has already taken ownership of.
  5. agree with the above. everyone is focused on the other players "intent" and not the "intent" of the one immediately raking the ball like she lost the hole.
  6. Played Kiva Dunes two times last while on vacation, 67.8/119. Shot a 78 on my first rounds, and two days later had a chance for my best round ever as I was -1 after 16 holes. It is the first time I have ever shot back to back in the 70's. I hit 9 GIR on the front 9 that day, had 4 birdies and felt like I missed some putts on a number of other makable birdies. I ended up bogeying 17 and 18 for a 73. I am looking forward to my round this weekend, I hope I can keep it going!
  7. I started off 4 years ago with a Wishon 919 driver after going through a fitting. It really improved my driving results then I added a hybrid, then the Sterling Irons, and then a 4wood over the next few years. I have been very pleased with the equipment and as many have said, a really good fitting has a lot to do with it. Prior to that, I played Mizuno irons forever, and then had a season or two with Maltby TE Irons which I have to say, are also great irons if you are looking for a forged head with a lot of perimeter weighting. I agree, resale is not so good, but from a quality standpoint,
  8. +1. orange whip user as well and it really helps me with temp and and the pause at the top, helps me get rid of the feeling of coming over the top
  9. I switched over to SL irons last season. My HC went from a 10.5 down to a 6.5 over 40+ rounds last year. I don't get to play a lot of rounds each year so I have found the SL irons to be a real benefit in my consistency. This year will be interesting to see if the improvement continues or if it was just a honeymoon period. I can only tell you that golf was fun last year due to improved consistency in distances, ball flight and direction. I do get a kick out of all of the people on this thread who who go out of their way to bash the idea, most who haven't even tried them. I don't quite und
  10. I guess I am in the minority (6% at this point on the survey) who really like the SL iron concept. I am have been playing for 35 years, switched a year ago, and I have played some of the best golf in my life. I am a taller player whom has always hit my shorter irons better than my long irons, so it was no brainer for me. What I realized is that I have been playing too short of wedges most of my life as I love the longer length 9-SW, I am playing mine at 37.5" 6-SW. It's easy to say it is a fad, its weird, won't work, etc but results are results. If you have an open mind and are will
  11. Interesting bag, definitely someone trying to do something really unique and different from what everyone else is doing. I sent them an email to see how much they will cost.
  12. I just ordered 5 dozen of the Vice Pro Neon, to give them a shot. I have been a QStar and then a Z-Star player for the past 4 years but I look forward to giving them a try.
  13. Agree! the simple wrist to floor while standing straight up does not tell the whole story. the geometry of a 5'10 player and a 6'5" player are completely different and they each inherently have different fitting issues / effects due to their height.
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