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  1. Was going for Boston but letting philly come back like that was rediculous, Philly is just a cinderella, it'll be a fluke if they beat the habs too.. which it looks like their gona do. Habs vs. Chicago in the final and it'd be worth watching and and a great story.. but Canadiens vs. Philly(who) would be a great story. Chicago's looking great, if only the Cans could comeback, i guess we'll see though. Damn, shoulda picked Toews in my pool =/. 1 sad and bitter Canucks fan.
  2. Yeah Luongo is back in form but our D isnt backing him up. Bad turnovers cost the Nucks game 2. We'll see what happens in game 3.
  3. Alot of people probably picked the Caps to go to the finals and so did I. So much for my pool. Damn Halak is good. Like a young Dom Hasek. Nucks and Penguins in the finals.
  4. Cant believe the caps upset the Canadies, Horse sh*t. Im all about Canadian teams winning but i had 3 players from the caps in my pool.
  5. The Canucks will beat Chicago, it'll be the best series you ever watchthough, all offense. Niemi cant hold up the fort. Nucks in 6.
  6. Hi anyone that missed me.. (really no one) I just wanted to comment on my ****** play and let u know ur not alone if you're in the same boat. I need new clubs but i've grown away from golf so thats pointless. Seems like all my favorite players are doing the same. Mike Weir hits less greens than John Daly now so i guess things changed over the last little while. Seems like everyones playing like **** lately. The masters was good other than that i havent even watched golf. Grahem Delait (spelt wrong) seems to be a bright spot, other than that im officially bored of golf. Maybe cuz hockey playoff
  7. Havent posted in awhile. Just wanted to say i thought what Mike under pressuredid just showed his poise even though he wasnt feeling confindent in his swing. To watch what he did under pressure was some pretty amazing stuff. Well deserved, i think he showed he was the better player.. apparently he's got natonwide tour experience and it showed. Definetely made for the best Big Break finale ive seen. BTW Kevin might be the black sheep but i thought his play through out the BB tournament was consistent if not the most consistent, to those who say he didnt deserve to be there i say, yeah he's got
  8. I caught that, if no one else did. All kidding aside this guy draws crowds like Tiger, hopefully he took Butch Harmons comments to heart and is making an honest effort to get his addictions under control. I was a huge fan, but i wont get my hopes up.
  9. Clubswinger21


    He's like Mike Weir or Stephen Ames, he can make a lot of birdies but he can also make alot of bogies. Id agree he's pretty streaky.
  10. Then... Zach Johnson and Retief Goosen. Dark horse would be Mike Weir cause he's due for a win. And Its a bit of a long shot but if AK can hit it straight off the tee at Sawgrass, he'll make alot of birdies.
  11. Is Brian joking? Guy is rediculous.
  12. I think the stat was that he won the tournament without making a birdie putt over ten feet all week. If thats true then yeah, Id say thats some pretty damn good ball striking.
  13. I'll go out on a limb and say Phil or Tiger
  14. I will, no spin or power boost will make things a bit harder aswell.
  15. With your handicap at 24 your still young IMO. Good luck, and hopefully you can make something good happen for yourself. Im in your area, If and what BCGA tourneys are you playing in? Im probably familiar with some of the course's/events.
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