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  1. Spyder, It's a pretty cool place. Entirely artificial golf course with unbelievable views and a whole bunch of thrilling shots. Here's a course review with a lot of pictures: http://onegolferstravels.blogspot.ca/2012/01/arcadia-bluffs-golf-club-review.html If you can figure a way to get on to either, don't miss The Kingsley Club (http://www.kingsleyclub.com) or Crystal Downs (http://onegolferstravels.blogspot.ca/2011/12/crystal-downs-cc.html) I haven't played there, but hear good things about Belvedere, a Willie Watson design(!): http://www.belvederegolfclub.
  2. North Palm Beach CC West Palm Beach GC Atlantic National In that order.
  3. Holes 10-12 traverse the flattest part of the property. Some may call these holes less interesting, but they are where I really started to love Streamsong Blue - they are interesting but not overdone - they show tremendous restraint. The 10th hole is a 170-yard par-3 with tees that adjoin the fairway cut run-off from the 9th green. A foreshortening bunker makes depth perception a problem. The simple look of the hole may leave golfers shaking their heads when they walk off the 10th with bogies. I think the 11th hole is tremendous. It is hard to describe, but the blindness of the tee
  4. They're open as of Dec. 21. Courses are in excellent condition too!
  5. Tom Doak's Blue Course at Streamsong Resort is exceptional. From the first tee to the final putt, the golfer is challenged to think his way around the golf course as the direct line is rarely the ideal play. The Coore & Crenshaw Red Course is routed through larger dunes and more prevalent water hazards, perhaps making it a slightly more complicated site, but it is Doak's routing that is the more comfortable one. Doak's routing is near flawless with very short green to tee walks, constant changes in direction, and an ability to move the golfer up and down elevation with ease. The 1st
  6. MacDutch, I was offered an industry rate so, no, I didn't pay full rate. But, it was good enough that I'm planning on going back in a couple of weeks when I will be paying full freight.
  7. My top-5 in order: Kingsley Club Franklin Hills Crystal Downs Oakland Hills (South) Indianwood (Old) Honourable mentions: Country Club of Detroit Arcadia Bluffs Orchard Lake Need to see: Plum Hollow Oakland Hills (North) Detroit GC (South) Lost Dunes Greywalls
  8. Why limit the discussion to Raynor, rather than discuss the trio of Macdonald, Raynor and Banks? I've played the following Raynor designs: Creek Club Fishers Island Mountain Lake Southampton Yale What would you like to know?
  9. Let's not forget that many of the great modern architects were one-time apprentices of Pete Dye's. Is Dye overrated? No, not at all. Pete Dye's influence is a major determinant in the way the best modern golf courses have been designed. Dye's best work, in my opinion, was early in his career when he was more willing/interested in working with what the land gave him. The Golf Club, Teeth of the Dog and The Honors Course are all exceptional golf courses -- subtle is the name of the game.
  10. I had the privilege of spending a day at Streamsong Resort this past weekend. The Red is good, one of the more interesting courses in a state known for mediocre golf. The Blue is exceptional, destined for world top-100.
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