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  1. i think this is germane to the thread: the two kids in Red are on the same team. is Rule 14-2b violated here? LINK
  2. happy Friday ya'll. i'm currently having a "discussion" with some non-golf people and i'm looking for some data. the question was posed: how many 30' putts can you make in 20 attempts? (see poll question). not trying to establish a correlation between index and putting prowess or anything like that, just honest feedback from golfers. for the sake of the poll, let's assume: - above average green condition on the local muni - Stimp reading around 8 - less than 2' break in either direction - less than 1' overall elevation change between where the ball is putted and the hole
  3. interesting. i originally saw the vid via a link to a Twitter account (which i don't follow). that account is now locked.
  4. i wonder if the USGA will also up their phone banks staffing for 1-800-THATGUYCHEATED ?
  5. TW: "Dang. Can't sleep. Maybe a nice, relaxing drive will do the trick. Lemme grab the keys to the Benz...oh....wait....can't drive without my vicodin!" like that?
  6. per deadspin.com: Woods told officers that he was taking four medications, listed here as “soloxex,” “vicodin,” “torix” and “viox,” but noted that he hadn’t taken the last this year. (Vicodin is a painkiller; Torix and Vioxx are anti-inflammatories, though Vioxx was withdrawn from the market in 2004.) i'm pretty sure the warning on the vicodin bottle says something along the lines of: may impair the mental and physical abilities needed to perform potentially hazardous activities such as driving a car or operating machinery.
  7. looks like ESPN is giving him the "favorable edit."
  8. my guess is a combination of both.
  9. damn. that's unlucky.
  10. perfect. i'll slide some funds from PD over there and take a crack at FD golf.
  11. more accurately: does it look like this contest is going to fill, or will it come up 10-15% short? in Guaranteed GPPs, overlay (i.e. contest doesn't come close to filling) is really beneficial to the player especially in single-entry contests.
  12. what's the overlay look like in that contest?
  13. Pat Perez for sure. #KCCO also a fan of Willy Wilcox.
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