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  1. i think this is germane to the thread: the two kids in Red are on the same team. is Rule 14-2b violated here? LINK
  2. happy Friday ya'll. i'm currently having a "discussion" with some non-golf people and i'm looking for some data. the question was posed: how many 30' putts can you make in 20 attempts? (see poll question). not trying to establish a correlation between index and putting prowess or anything like that, just honest feedback from golfers. for the sake of the poll, let's assume: - above average green condition on the local muni - Stimp reading around 8 - less than 2' break in either direction - less than 1' overall elevation change between where the ball is putted and the hole
  3. interesting. i originally saw the vid via a link to a Twitter account (which i don't follow). that account is now locked.
  4. i wonder if the USGA will also up their phone banks staffing for 1-800-THATGUYCHEATED ?
  5. TW: "Dang. Can't sleep. Maybe a nice, relaxing drive will do the trick. Lemme grab the keys to the Benz...oh....wait....can't drive without my vicodin!" like that?
  6. per deadspin.com: Woods told officers that he was taking four medications, listed here as “soloxex,” “vicodin,” “torix” and “viox,” but noted that he hadn’t taken the last this year. (Vicodin is a painkiller; Torix and Vioxx are anti-inflammatories, though Vioxx was withdrawn from the market in 2004.) i'm pretty sure the warning on the vicodin bottle says something along the lines of: may impair the mental and physical abilities needed to perform potentially hazardous activities such as driving a car or operating machinery.
  7. looks like ESPN is giving him the "favorable edit."
  8. my guess is a combination of both.
  9. damn. that's unlucky.
  10. perfect. i'll slide some funds from PD over there and take a crack at FD golf.
  11. more accurately: does it look like this contest is going to fill, or will it come up 10-15% short? in Guaranteed GPPs, overlay (i.e. contest doesn't come close to filling) is really beneficial to the player especially in single-entry contests.
  12. what's the overlay look like in that contest?
  13. Pat Perez for sure. #KCCO also a fan of Willy Wilcox.
  14. any reason Byeong Hun An didn't mark his ball on #18 today? #ZachJohnsonBankShot
  15. "You Look Like Rain" - Morphine "Raining Blood" - Slayer
  16. adding: - Tee boxes where you cannot find a level lie (i understand drainage issues, but come on: no need to bury a woolly mammoth there) - the beverage cart that always seems to have "just run out" of the flavor of beer/gatorade i'm looking for - missing yardages on sprinkler heads
  17. of course it depends on the producer, but most of your "bigger" reds (i.e. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Mourvedre, Rhone Blends) will keep for at least two days after pulling the cork/screwcap. if you've got a 1/2 bottle left, just re-cork and throw it in the fridge overnight....should be fine the next day, and sometimes even better than Day 1.
  18. @Wanzo - how awful will the weather in KC be tomorrow night? i know it'll be cold, but are we talking wind and rain/snow too?
  19. years ago, i was sitting in a cart (passenger side) waiting on a buddy to hit. the cart was parked about 10 yards ahead of him, and about 25 yards to his left. not sure how it happened, physics and all, but he swings and catches a 3w on the heel (behind the hosel) and the ball comes bouncing and screaming right at me. with no time to react, the ball hits me directly on the RH butt-cheek. hurt like hell, but was able to finish the nine and headed into the clubhouse to check out the damage: visible dimple-prints in the skin, and a bruise that looked like a sunburst, with yellow in the cente
  20. congrats - good luck this weekend. i do find it odd when leagues decide to have the FF SB coincide with the final week of the NFL regular season for the exact reason you noted: DAL could/should sit Zeke and your RB1 for the entire year is now rendered null going into the finale.
  21. i've been playing FF since 1995, sometimes up to six leagues in a single season....big mistake by the way, and have basically whittled it down to two 12-team Dynasty leagues. i made it to the playoffs in both this year, and am in the SB this weekend of the one i've been playing in since 2007. honestly, i really didn't deserve to be there with a 6-7 record, but here's how it went down: Week 13, final week of the "regular season". i need to win my H2H matchup to get in and need help from a few other teams. things end up breaking my way across the board - i win, a few other teams lose - and
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