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  1. He was an assistant pro at my home course. He says this stuff all the time...
  2. I was playing at Santee National about four years ago. I think the 5th hole is a long uphill par 3. My buddy (mis)hit his first ball WAAAAYY right. He teed up another and put it in the hole for par. The foursome ahead of us was part of our group and were celebrating at the thought of free drinks.
  3. Think about the guy guessing weight at a county fair. He's more accurate.
  4. I feel your pain. We had a Ryder Cup type of event between my home course and another local course. Each day had 2 nine-hole formats. I shot a 56 on the first 9 (fortunately a 2-man team format that allowed us to tie) and then a 38 on my individual match. I can't explain it.... It just happens sometimes.
  5. Will it even be worth it to try and file an insurance claim? Around here, it comes out of your home owners policy deductible, which is usually 2% of home value.
  6. This is also the reason I get beat by men twice my age on a regular basis.
  7. That's what I thought as well. When Capt Obvious chimes in from the cheap seats, I don't blame him. Any failure to execute is mine due to lack of ability and practice. Sadly, I've come to expect some of these responses. This is the Internet, where everyone is 2 days of practicing their short game from playing on the Nationwide tour.
  8. Are sure your handicap is 28? You list your index as 13.1. You also say you shot a 90 there when you were terribad. I guess 82?
  9. Word of mouth is obviously the best. What I've done is to find out a potential instructors lesson time. I've taken my lessons at ranges and muni's. I call up to arrange an appointment and there is the usual haggling over a time spot. I'll figure out when they have an already scheduled appointment that I can attend. I tell them I will call back to schedule an appt when my schedule clears up. Since they give their lessons at public ranges, I get a stall close enough to hear and observe their scheduled lesson. If I like how the instructor communicates, I'll catch him/her right after the l
  10. This past Sunday I was 1 over after 8 holes, last hole is a par 5. My cart-mate says to me "Have you ever shot a 37 before?". Well, needless to say, I still haven't. We did win though.
  11. In my 5-wood, I have a Fujikura PRO95 (Says Fit on 11! on it) Flex-S shaft. I absolutely love this thing. Does anyone know what the equivalent driver shaft is? I'd like to find something as close to this shafts feel as possible. Thanks.
  12. I had a driver shaft break (Stulz) at the end of my swing. It sounded like a tree cracking because it was right behind my ear....
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