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  1. Was just at the PGA Super Store in Englewood, CO. They have last years Srixon Z Stars on sale for $19.99. I picked up five dozen!! I haven't checked the website or know if any of the other stores have that same deal. But good news for those of you in Denver!!!
  2. I was playing at Highland Hills in Greeley, CO yesterday. Most of the fairways run up and down parallel to one another. On the 18th hole there is a dogleg right that I was trying to cut a little with a fade. In the corner of that dogleg is the green for some other hole. I ended up slicing my fade and it landed on the fringe of the green on that other hole. I wasn't going to take a full 160 yard shot from the fringe of another green, so I took two club lengths back from where my ball landed and hit from there. What should have I done?
  3. Quote: I don't know how the sims were, as this is only my second season playing on one. But they aren't that bad now. The only thing is you always have a perfect lie every time and trying to shoot 40 to 80 yard shots can be difficult at times, because the flight of the ball is so steep it doesn't clear the second set of sensors, but you get used to it and learn where to shoot certain shots from inside the sim so they will register. Like I said before, it's a better alternative to not playing at all in the winter. You also shoot lower scores because it's a perfect lie every time! Yeah the putting can drive you crazy. We play with 6 foot gimmies because that's how far the first sensor is from the screen. Inside of 6 feet you can't see the cup on the screen. The putting does take a lot of getting used to and the two leagues I play in, one league insists on the green speed being fast and the other insists on them being moderate. So if you thought it was hard before that, try going between the two speeds all the time. Usually takes me a few holes to get used to it every round. Especially the down hill putts. I've had a 7 foot downhill putt on fast speed, just miss the edge of the cup only for it to roll past the hole and just outside the six foot gimmie. That's very frustrating!!! Also the guys that want fast green speeds insist on playing in heavy wind all the time. Which is fine, but on the sim we play on the wind gusts and changes direction. In real life if you are standing over your ball you would feel the wind pick up or change and can step away. If you're not looking at the wind meeter in the sim, which you're not at address and the wind shifts or changes speed, you have no clue. I can't tell you how many times I've came up short or flew it over a green because the wind changed on me while I was at address. Their argument is it takes away the advantage of having a perfect lie all the time. I guess I can see where they are coming from. Sweet, I know exactly where that is. There used to be an old golf shop around there called "Colorado Ski and Golf". I wonder if they turned that into the PGA SS. There is also a ton of new build stuff in that area as well, I guess I'll find out. That used to be my old stomping grounds, I still have a lot of friends that live around there. When I lived in Parker as a kid, the closest Target was the one on Arapahoe and I-25, I remember begging my parents to take me for Nintendo games and then the drive back seemed like it took forever!!! I couldn't wait to get home to play my new game! I will check out the pics of Coyote Creek! I'm looking forward to moving back home and I'm not as bummed about winter golf!
  4. You have to keep that bag under 50lbs or you get charged even more for it. I have a Samsonite hard case that I bought from Dicks for around $120 or so. I like it because it has wheels where you can drag it behind you and it also has wheels where you can push it around upright. The upright wheels come in handy when checking in. I've only used it twice and packed my older set with a Callaway warbird stand bag. I put a pair of golf shoes in there and had plenty of golf balls. Mine came in just under the 50 lbs, but I had a habbit of carying a bag stuffed full of balls back then, I also think I cheated and packed another small duffel bag of clothes in there. The airline websites all have rules on what you can and can't pack in a golf carry case. If I remember correctly it was a set of clubs (I assume that mean 14 clubs), 1 pair of golf shoes, and 12 golf balls. That was for United about 4 years ago. I suggest getting iron covers or wrapping the heads of your irons somehow to keep them safe. I'm glad I took an older set, I had a nice big scuff on one of my wedges when I unpacked my clubs. I know if I covered the irons somehow, that would have prevented it.
  5. D-Man

    Pace Problem

    I think a league with people you work with is going to be more social than other leagues. You're most likely going to be talking shop while you're playing. Guys sucking up for thier next promotion ect. If you voiced your concern and nothing happened I think you either have to just deal with it or find another league. Did you try talking to the individuals that are gulty directly?
  6. You can get a bucket and put some dish soap and warm water in it, you only need a little bit of soap. Let the club heads saok in the bucket for five or ten minutes, then whipe clean with a wet towel. Then I rinse mine off in another bucket with clean water in it. Then I dry with a towel. Anything I'm going to put a head cover on, like the club you posted a picture of, I'm going to leave out over night or for atleast a few hours to make sure it's dry before I put the head cover back on.
  7. Just wait for next winter! If it's shitty I'll take the blame! lol I will be living in Greeley, so not much farther north than Brighton. There is a PGA SS in or near Parker now?!?!? Thanks for the tip on Erie, that's not too far. I will have to check it out!
  8. Just adds character to the club! Don't worry about what your clubs look like. Take care of them and keep them clean, but don't sweat the scratches and dings, it's normal and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Unless you wanted to tape up the sole of your clubs all the time, then they would look even worse!
  9. I'm from CO, Lived there for 28 years. I used to live next to the Pinery Country club in Parker as a kid. I remembered it being closed in the winter no matter what the weater. So I just assumed all the courses closed. So that's an option next winter! Knowing my luck we'll get a freak blizzard in Nov or something and the snow will hang around all winter next year! lol
  10. When I did a quick search in Colorado, there is one that uses HDGolf in Wheatridge, CO. However, that would be too far for me to do any league :( But when I get out there, I might check it out next winter if I can't find some other option. I just won't be able to go two to three days a week like I am now. The guys I played with this year on Weds, I met in that indoor golf league. They are all starters at courses around where I live. They invited me to join them when the wather got better and we could play outside again. Great guys! And as I bonus, I got to play some awesome courses that cost $75 to $85 around for $25! I always enjoy making new golfing friends! I agree the putting is weird and hard to get used to. But my approach is this is just something to do and keep the rust off my swing. In the sim you get a perfect surface to hit off, even the mats they have to simulate the rough and the sand are easier to hit out of. Hitting off the mat that simulates a sand shot is noting like hitting from real sand. I know there will be rust on my putting stroke this spring, but it's nothing a little work early in the year won't take care of. Where are the simulaters around you, Dave? Would it be possible for you to give me the names of the ones near you? I did a quick search and found one in Wheatridge and a couple down in the Springs, which is too far. Brighton is still a little bit more of a drive than I would want, but it's hell of a lot better than Wheatridge. If they offered leagues there, I could maybe see myself driving there once a week for a league next winter. The guy that owns the place I go to now is looking into Trackman and Flightscope, they are going to make a new bay for them. They already have High School kids that come in and do a league together and offer lessons. They have a guy that builds clubs too, so they are going to start doing fittings once they get a scope. In the past the owner has ran his buisness as a hobby and his goal was just to break even. He owns severl camps and has a rafting company. So in the winter months he just does the golf sim buisness for something to do, but I think he's realized he's onto something and there is a market for it. I always had a dream of owning a bar or something when I retire. I've looked at the price of some of these sims and you're looking at $40K to $80k and up. When I started this I always thought if I ever did open my bar, doing a golf or sports theme would be cool! Even cooler would be to have a couple of these sims in a side or back room and run leagues in the winter months!
  11. A couple of years ago I took up bowling just for something to do in the winter months. It was ok, but not really for me. I like to bowl maybe a few times a year, but I think once a week for three months is way too much bowling for me! Last year I found an indoor simulator and started playing in a league. This year I'm totally hooked and I'm playing in the same league and also started another league with people I work with. It's not real golf, but it's good enough to get me through the winter months! The place I go to uses the Full Swing brand. It's the same simulator that Dicks Sporting Goods uses at most of their stores, except this one has like 80 courses to choose from including many courses that host PGA events! So it's also cool, because I get to play many courses I'll probably never get to play in real life. The only downer is I'm moving to Northern Colorado this spring and there aren't any facilities like this anywhere close to where I'll be living! So I'm going to enjoy it while I can! I'm eventually going to have to figure out what I'm going to do next winter! Anyone do any indoor golf leagues? What brand of simulators have you used?
  12. I used to drink while I played and then realized how much the back nine suffered because of it. You would think that would stop me, but it didn't. Then I started walking more this last year due to my home course having a lot of days being cart path only due to the wet weather we had. My stand bag doesn't have the lined cooler my cart bag does, so I would pass on the beer. I can't stand beer that isn't cold! Then I got bit by the bug and obsessed with bringing my handicap down. Now there are days I'll go out and not even hit the 19th hole on the way out. This probably saves me $30 a round or so which is good too!
  13. 1. Get my Handicap to 10 or lower. 2. Make a practice range schedule and stick to it, don't use the weather as an excuse not to practice. 3. Take notes on the course on things to work on in practice. 4. Walk 80% of my rounds or more.
  14. So hold a grudge against a 14 year old kid and treat him like crap in other treads too!?!? Who's the kid in this situation? I haven't seen where he has crossed a line, but I haven't been looking that hard either. All I'm saying is don't stoop to a 14 year old level, especially in threads he starts where he's done nothing wrong and is only sharing his take and passion for the game. This is the last I will say on this because we are way OT in this thread.
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