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  1. Would you give a newbie a loaded gun for the first time and simply tell them to go out and have fun shooting at what ever? Seriously...........
  2. Yep, I have to agree about the lessons. When my wife wanted to learn to golf I enrolled her into an "Introduction to Golf" series of lessons. This was a 5 lesson package that did what the title says, it introduced her to the proper grip, posture, swing dynamics, etc taught by a qualified pro. From these lessons she was able to use this info on the range and on the course with an understanding of the golf swing. They helped her a great deal without getting frustrated and giving up. That was four years ago, now she is playing her own game, broke 95 for the first time last year, and just loves the game!
  3. If you like a tacky feel and may need some moisture management than have a look at Lamkin UTX, they address both issues.
  4. Quality, consistency, sound and especially the feel of a well struck ball is why I chose the JPX-800 PRO irons.
  5. Enjoy the opportunity of meeting new golfers, play your game and have fun!
  6. Yep, I agree with the above poster. I have looked at a lot of the hard "shell" travel bags and settled for the Ping soft sided bag using the adjustable metal pole shock protector that you set a little taller than your driver. I have used this four times now and have had no issues at all. The Ping bag has two wheels for pulling it but, also has four wheels on the bottom so you can just push it along at the airport etc. If you have other luggage and kids, just pushing the bag along in line is very welcomed. As for the hard shell bag, well I looked at many of them and decided against for the simple reason that they are in fact "rigid"! They may fit into an airplane storage area but I could not get two of them (my wife also golfs) into my car to get them to the airport. The soft sided bags will "give" a little and I find them easier to handle. Just my $0.02
  7. Congrats, great way to end the year...........it's a great game!
  8. Please don't feed the Trolls.....
  9. Can't really comment as the posted photos are out of focus.
  10. Beware the "experienced" golfer who has the beat up bag with the dirty, crusty towel attached, the old set of woods and irons that you do not recognize, BUT, has a fresh new set of grips on them! He or she will kick your a** every time.
  11. What he said........ Playing a familiar vs unfamiliar course can drastically affect your lost ball count.
  12. I have tried a few different types of center shafted putters and I do not like them. Aligning the center of the putter face to the ball seems very odd to me with the shaft in the center. I prefer an "Anser" style blade putter with a goose neck hosel and center alignment mark(s). This is what I am most comfortable with.
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