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  1. What I meant by consistency is my shot shapes and distances are more the same with pro v1.Maybe reliability is a better word.
  2. Diggin the q stars right now and agree that I find the consistency of the prov1 is it's best traight. As far as worst? Any one with glitter on it.
  3. Me too. But it got me thinkin and I put my despised 4 iron back in the bag. Only for the range for now.
  4. Really want to demo this one. Thanks for the write up.
  5. Could tell by the *click* it was gonna be good. 46* from 104 out. Divots 4 ft from the stick ,hits it ,comes back 4 ft. Bird.
  6. Haha ditto.
  7. Rainbows and birdies.
  8. ^ witnessed that one time as well. Nature taking its course . lol
  9. Tiger - Eye of the Tiger . Tony Finau - Life in the fast lane.
  10. Overshot the green on 18th hole. Two tier green and the holes on the lower one .Also im on a 6ft mound 30 ft out from the hole. Chip drops ,rolls perfectly,double breaks than lips out .damn.
  11. Oneof my best rounds with no birdies and only one disaster hole.
  12. That is pretty impressive. I would probably golf everyday if I could. I have done multiple days in a row and it seems after the fourth day i'm just kind of swinging and not into it as much. Granted it's after work or honey doo's and things.
  13. Way cool . Congrats. I find myself thinking this a lot . Try your best not to get in a car wreck on the way to the course. Very punctual playing partners is why .
  14. Ha 100% yes so far. Competetive golf is a sport. We're always competing against ourselves,the course , or other people. Granted if your drinking a beer while eating a donut while doing it,you may not be competeing.
  15. Had no idea but do now. Middle finger,right hand started locking and popping 6 months ago. Comes and goes but most of the time its stuck. Trigger finger sucks! Had the toenail issue as well but not recently.