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  1. Minor Park Golf Couse, KCMO I was five over through 6 (very good for me) and really striking the ball well day. Then I got to the last three holes and completely forgot how to swing a club and went double, triple, double to finish with a 47. Hopefully i'll get this figured out before next week and we can put a solid 9 holes together. I also had three putts that stopped one rotation short of the hole. If those three had dropped I would have been 2 over through 6, but we could "what if" a ton in this game and it really doesn't mean anything.
  2. coop5885


  3. Solid contact across the bag. Its been too long since I have had confidence in all my clubs
  4. I really didn't realize how much I missed watching Tiger play good golf until last week and (hopefully) this week. my 2.5 year old is just starting to watch golf with me, so this is perfect timing.
  5. Vijay plays them also. I wanted a set, but am happy with my CG2s for now.
  6. the air at higher elevations and higher temperatures is less dense. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Density_of_air
  7. i really like the way the CG1 black pearls look. I have always had a draw to darker colored irons for some reason.
  8. I love my Cleveland CG2's, there more of a players iron though i guess. The X20s i had before that were too chunky feeling and felt like i got no feedback from them.
  9. I do IT and network security for banks.
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