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  1. Early extension is destroying my tee game. Any good drills to help this with the driver?
  2. Just getting the red ink all over my club faces would be enough to annoy me...
  3. Lots of things come into play with iron shafts. CT's take a bit of spin off the ball compared to DGs. That means they'll go further, but you run the chance of not holding greens. Don't go for the longest iron shaft, go with the most consistent shaft that you. An control and hold greens.
  4. Don't get over romanced by FCM. For me X100's feel smoother than PX 6.0s. C-Tapers feel pretty smooth. I can hit the CT-X about 8 yards further than the CT-S and they still felt great. Unfortunately they brought my 6-iron spin down to 5,300 or so. A little low for a 6-iron.
  5. I've fought the snap hooks before. For me it's all about the right elbow chicken winging on me (I used to play baseball and swung with a punchy right elbow). If the elbow came out early in the down swing I'd cast and slice. If it came out late in the down swing I'd get a snap hook. I can't see your video, maybe it's my browser.
  6. Son, your mom ever tell you about the birds and the bees? If you can't figure out how people cheat in a scramble, I want to introduce you to a Nigerian prince.
  7. Last season, with the help of this forum (especially Erik) and AimPoint I went from a 10.8 to a 6.7 in on season. I've read A LOT of putting books. Several of Rotella's books, Zen Putting, Putting out of your mind, Pelz, and others. I agree with the folks above saying putting is about confidence and for me knowing exactly where to aim gave me far more confidence than the books . AimPoint will do that for you. In addition, AimPoint has made me a much better pitcher and chipper.
  8. Eric- You've played with more driver loft than most with your swing speed over the past years. Now that you're hitting up on the ball more what loft are you playing with?
  9. Very interesting. I took the class earlier in 2011 and it was the best thing I've done... I've had a few rounds in the 76-77 range where I couldn't buy a fairway or GIR. I attribute it to Aimpoint. I've noticed with Aimpoint my bad rounds are much better than they were in the past. I haven't been on the Aimpoint message board lately, but I'm going to check it out and see if I can audit the course with my old instructor.
  10. I have the Tour Striker X. It's an amazing training aid. Good luck!
  11. Keep up updated and post your videos. I plan on signing up for Evolvr at the end of the season so it's good to hear positive results.
  12. I played a casual round last weekend with my brother. I was worried it would slow down play, but it wasn't until the 5th hole he noticed I was using the flip charts. 3 one-putts in a row from 12'-24' on stimp 11 greens!
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