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  1. I have a Scotty Cameron Newport Select for sale. I bought this putter from Golf Mart 2 months ago and it has been used on about 10 rounds. I'd call it in 9 out of 10 condition - only some minor sole wear from putting! Plumber neck hosel with a full shaft of offset. Over 30 shape improvements from the previous model. Red cherry dot graphics, CNC milled 303 stainless steel for exceptional feel. Deep Face Mill gives the face a soft feel and sound. Black Mist Finish is free of glare and has a very modern look. Select Weighting in the heel and toe are matched to each shaft length. Square set
  2. hi ST - I have a perfect condition Scotty Cameron Newport select Putter for sale. 34 inches standard lie from factory. Orginal Scotty cameron Headcover and dancing cameron grip included. near perfect Mint condition - minor wear on the bottom from putts. no dings. It also has the Scotty black and red pistolero grip with the dancing Scotty logo. Also - This putter has about 20 rounds on it - just not for me. I picked up a Newport 1.5 which suits my game better. I take excellent care and covered it up after every hole - if you need more pics just message me. Original Scotty head cover included
  3. by mint I mean theya re used but in perfect shape with out dings or scratching and they are still for sale
  4. I got to play Pebble Beach today. What a treat. amazing course. Shot a 90 and it was mostly well earned. I doubled the first two holes mostly out of shear nerves and then settled down into bogies and pars with a few other doubles. The course is a amazing. Many holes have zero bail out - straight ocean cliff. I had a kick ass driving day - not one bad drive which helped because the approaches are no joke. Many bunkers have 6-10 foot faces and the greens are the size of postage stamps. the winds can be fierce as well. I thought the most interesting / difficult part of the course was read
  5. Hi I have a mint condition set of AP1 712's with True Temp stiff shafts I would like to sell. I can send you pics. they have no clatter (divider bag) and were freshly re-gripped recently. I would like $400 for the set. it's 4-pw let me know if your interested and we can talk thanks Andrew
  6. FYI - i have thrown the Scotty up on Ebay - anxious to sell but it's available to purchase here - thanks
  7. hi Just saw this - please email me at Drew.emer@yahoo.com
  8. hi ST - I have a perfect condition Scotty Cameron Newport select Putter for sale. 33 inches standard lie from factory. There not a scratch on this putter - it's in 10 out of 10 condition - there is a small amount of wear on the shaft band. It also has the Scotty black and red pisterelo grip with the dancing Scotty logo. This putter has about 12 rounds on it - just not for me. I take excellent care and covered it up after every hole - if you need more pics just message me. Original Scotty head cover included. priced to move at $250 or best offer - feel free to make me an off
  9. yea that makes a ton of sense to me. I played yesterday and hit some mega drives where I really felt my arms and and hands were really in front of my body thru and after impact...is that what you mean? It seems to be more about having my hands really in front of my body at all times that really promotes a sweeter contact that's powerful... this is what you mean right?? I mean, at least, it seems to lead to that extended thru impact feeling.
  10. hi all - hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. I have always thought holding your wrist angle stores power through helping to create lag. While I have heard Jack Nicklaus say many times that you can't un- cock your wrists too early with a driver - I tended to believe the other thought that holding wrist angle creates power through lag. Ok - so yesterday I was working at the range before playing and I accidentally discovered that releasing my hinge a little bit as I am unwinding created a much more powerful boring strike and draw. I usually carry the ball the a
  11. I hit mine between 185 and 190 - sometimes it goes farther due to conditions and sometimes shorter...but that's obvious of course. Definitely an "aim for the middle of the green club" for me. People seem to get very wrapped up about distances - it's totally pointless. Accuracy trumps distance - period. As well, most golf courses have between two and three sets of tee's. Hell, here in Sonoma/Napa many courses have up to 4 or even 5 tee boxes. there is no shame in playing from the front tee's - in fact it sometimes is harder.
  12. Hey Sofingaw, without making any presumptions on the various aspects of your game - I would say no. You don't need to playing a high end ball. If you properly strike a mid range ball like an nxt tour or bridgestone E series ball.... it will spin some for you. By this I mean - hit down on the ball and take a divot AFTER the ball. The end balls do help a lot with partial wedges and also if you WANT to have some spin to work your driver etc etc...but the reality is that until your getting below the 90 or so range...it's probably not the best way to spend your money. If money is no option t
  13. I recently tired the TP3's to see if I might save some money on them vs proV1s. I hated them. Driver was ok but didn't feel that good. Irons were fine but not wedges....and I didn't like the feel off my putter. I dont loose that many balls in play so I will stick to the tired and true prov1
  14. Hey Gaviao, A couple things I would recommend. First , I would not mess around with those cheaper wedges you posted a link to. What I would do hands down is buy either the cleveland 588, mizuno mp series, Titleist Vokie or even the ping and taylormade wedges - but I give a plus one for the cleveland and titleist wedges. they are they best in my humble 9 handicap opinion. Also, dont let the absence of a cavity back scare you - you will grow into them and they will help your swing and especially short game which is probably the most important part. Almost every time I break 80 it
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