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  1. Backweighting

    If I were you......I would seriously consider "giving backweighting a try". I played golf in college for a well known university and always liked my clubs with a heavier swingweight (D6). However, as I have gotten older and wiser, I have found through experimenting with backweighting that I hit the ball much more consistently and AT LEAST 15% further with most clubs. There is no need to go crazy and buy the tubes that fit into the shaft and then regrip your clubs. If you want to try each and every club out with backweigting, simply go to Edwin Watts WEB SITE only and order the Momentus X counter balance. It simply sticks in the hole in the butt of ANY grip and is easily interchangable to other clubs as you practice. Be aware.....Edwin Watts DOES NOT offer this product in the retail stores........only on their website. Believe me, it's worth the $19.95 just to have some fun and to see how much distance you gain with certain clubs. I have found my 3 thru 7 iron are much better backweighted, but not my short irons. I also LOVE IT in my hybrid and 3 wood. It's insane how much difference there is on certain clubs. Just thought I would throw you my advice from experience. It really is so simple to use and you only need to buy 1 to test all clubs. No need in buying more unless you have great success with several clubs. Good luck and I hope I have helped in some way. Bushman