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  1. Thanks for replying. The standard shafts are different and it is actually 45.5" in the standard XL but 45" in the Custom. But my pro can give me a fitting for no upcharge so I think he can get me which ever shaft (including a load of other shaft options) and length I need. Other than the adjustability the two heads do seem to be identical. Apparently there's three weight options in the Custom head so I'm assuming one of them is equal to the standard XL but if it isn't then that might be the only difference.
  2. The new Cleveland Classic XL Driver is being described as the game improvement option and the Custom is being described as the better players version. Obviously the Custom will cost more however surely the added adjustability would actually benefit game improvers more than a lot of better players because the Custom allows you to change face angle which would help mid-handicappers reign in their slices or hooks. I believe both heads are 460cc so the Custom isn't a 'Tour' version like other brands. Does anyone know if you set the Custom to the same shaft, same loft, same lie and same weig
  3. What I would say is try as many different ones as you can and forget about price (other than your upper limit). I went into my see my pro for a putter with the top budget of about £90 ($140ish). He showed me a dozen different styles and various options and models within each style. After swinging everything without a ball I narrowed it down to three mallet putters I liked (1xCleveland and 2xOdessey). I hit all three and although I was perfectly willing to spend the extra money on either of the £80 and £90 Odesseys I just felt that the £50 Cleveland felt better to me personally. I've had
  4. Thanks. I thought Cleveland was a bigger name in the US so there would be more comments but I've googled and can't find many reviews of the Cleveland woods at all. There's a few about the new driver but even they all just regurgitate the Cleveland marketing material rather than actually reviewing properly by comparing it to other clubs.
  5. Has anyone tested or bought the new Cleveland Classic XL Fairway Wood (3W specifically)? General questions I have: What standard is it aimed at? Good off both tee and fairway, or notably better at one? I heard there was a draw bias, any comment? How's the distance and forgiveness compared to other 2013 options? Anyone have direct comparisons to other 2013 models (particularly Callaway X Hot 3W)? Custom shafts? I'm basically looking for a 3W to mostly use off the tee but still want to be able to hit off the fairway from time to time (90:10 split). I current
  6. The 5W was by MD Golf which is an Irish company. I don't think they're well known in the US but they make good clubs that shoot well above their weight in all product comparison tests, particularly with wedges (still got an MD Gap Wedge). Being a regular flex shaft was definitely a big problem but it was also much more difficult to keep on target in the wind. I could probably have got used to the 5W in stiff shaft and it would have been good in certain circumstances. But in the end I went for a 19 degree (turned to 18.25) Titleist 913H and am very happy with that decision. I use it a nu
  7. I agree in part with what you've said, but I still think he should spend less time complaining that hosels are still too big and more time reviewing how the actually adjustability compares to the hosels of other clubs.
  8. I have very mixed feelings about him. Some of his reviews are great and others are absurdly biased. I don't watch his tutorials particularly as I have proper lessons but I reckon they could be good for people who want free advice. I mainly watch him because he does more club reviews than anyone else I've found on youtube. I've found other channels but they only seem to review on average about one club a month whereas Mark Crossfield at least seems to bring out some sort of club review every few days. Can anyone suggest youtube channels for pros doing frequent club reviews that th
  9. I've got the CG16 in Satin Chrome and my dad has the Black Pearl. The Black's are nice but I'd say Chrome all the way. My 588 RTX wedges are Black Pearl which along with my black woods and hybrids gives the set a nice colour balance.
  10. After a slice-filled range session a couple of days ago it suddenly occurred to me what I had been doing wrong 5 balls. After hitting the range again today I'm pleased to be hitting my shots nice a straight again (mostly). I must say it is exciting to see my average drive (excluding worst 5%) rolling out to 265 yards with a few of my shots hitting the back fence of the range at 280 yards. Although the range is marginally downhill it was still using Top-Flite range balls so I reckon those distances are pretty accurate. Still I do wonder if I wasn't influenced by the knowledge that
  11. I'm really inconsistent with my driver and since I can comfortably hit my 3 wood 240 yards off the tee I usually tend to tee off with this. It's more accurate and with that kind of average distance I can usually hit the green with my second shot as long as I have a good lie. I'm looking at updating my driver and 3 wood for next season. With that in mind I had the possible idea of dropping the driver and replacing it with a 13.5 degree 3 wood (basically a 2 wood). Something like the Callaway X Hot 3 Deep or Titleist 913F.d maybe. Then I could add a 16/17 degree 4 wood which would be easi
  12. Obviously technique is an issue for a 23 handicapper but I'd ask what loft your PW is and do you have any wedges with lofts between your PW and SW. I have PW (44*), GW (50*) then SW (56*). If the gap between your PW and SW is too big get a Gap Wedge and then you can either hit it 3/4 or move your hands down the shaft if you need to take some distance off. That might be better than trying to overhit your SW. I've found it's also better on windy days when you're trying to keep the ball down.
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