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  1. Almost broke 80 for the first time in my life, but ended up getting an 80 because of a little five footer over thought. But I was killing the ball and putting extremely well (except on the last putt of the day). Hopefully I'll get it next time.
  2. I play golf right handed., but when I putt I turn around and go left handed. For me it was more comfortable and just wanted to know if anybody else does this, or it's just me being weird? Thanks for the comments.
  3. I am having trouble deciding which one I will get. If you guys can give your thoughts, experiences, etc. with the clubs on pros and cons that would be great. I read up on them both but you know every company says their's is the best. So just want to see your thoughts on the clubs.
  4. I found out a way to deal with it. I bought one of those groove sharpeners and just sharpened away until I got tired of doing it. Now the ball is getting a lot of backspin of the club head
  5. The greens are hard where I play but I'm having trouble getting my ball to check. Just wanted to see if I could get some tips on how to get backspin around the green maybe 10 yards and in. Thanks for the comments.
  6. Had an errant tee shot go OB, had to re-tee up and than I holed a 70 yard lob wedge shot for a bogey save. I'll take it!!
  7. Im just guessing I have know clue
  8. So far I like them, they have good height off the tee and great spin with wedges. Only thing that sucks about the ball is when you lose them so far.
  9. I haven't hit my 4 enough to know but my 5 iron with a decent hit goes about 190-195 w/ roll. Than my swing would have to be about 85-88 mph.
  10. Probably around 85-100 mph. I don't have a swing speed measure, so this estimation is what I have heard from others and the wind coming from the head of the club.
  11. I can get it in air but its barely about the ground and maybe goes 150. Its more of a punch tool rather than full swing. My five iron is fine though.
  12. My RocketBallz 4-iron is giving me trouble. I cant seem to get a grip on this club. I have have spent a number of hours trying to hit well with this ball on the range and haven't found the solution yet. The only thing I can do right with the club is a pitch in case I'm under a tree. Can you guys help me with ball placement, swing angle idk, anything can help.
  13. I saw him last year perform and he was a consistent player in the top ten. But now he is like top five every weekend including a win. I know the tournaments aren't majors but he has shown that he is capable of coming out every weekend and being in contention for the trophy. In my book Brandt is the future master in golf once Tiger retires. What do you guys think?
  14. You may be pulling the ball left because your trying to swing to hard. I do this sometimes trying to get backspin on the ball. So maybe try to hit a nice and easy flowing shot and not try to smash it. If your not doing this the only other thing I could recommend would be chocking up on grip a little. This would help with hitting a straighter shot but you would lose a little distance because of it.
  15. Yeah i have a low to medium flight height.
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