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  1. Thank you guys, this helps a lot. I use 2" tape and glue it with tape solvent. If you use just tape and air to put on a grip , doesn't it slip? Maybe I should try the 1" tape and spiral it on the shaft, lets see how that works.
  2. Thanks that was a nice article to read. When you are doubting you're looking for something to confirm your decision. I still don't know if there are tour players that use midsize grips, but they are just adding tape. I normally regrip my clubs myself, but when adding lets say 3 layers of tape you evenly spread the overlapping tape?
  3. I think if tour players dont use midsize grips, than its not the way to go to get my swing/equipment better. If it is a good way to improve than these players would certainly concider these grips and use them. Dont you think so?
  4. Still got that question, do tour players use midsize grips?
  5. Thanks. With all that tape dont you feel the seams allot? I assume there are tour players with bigger hands than I have. If they dont use midsize grips, they will have a good reason for that.
  6. Hi, I'm still doubting if I should change to midsize grips or change my grip a little to minimize draw shots. I have ML gloves. For the last few months I played with midsize grips and it really helps. But I am not convinced it is the right direction to go. Does anyone know if there are tour players that use missize grips? Herman