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  1. I have been fortunate to be around the game my entire life. The one thing people are always looking for is the one secret to get better. In the era we live in, I see more and more young tour professionals taking supplements to help improve their overall fitness, ultimately getting them in the best physical fitness to have a chance to play the game at the highest level. Some of my peers have been taking Golfsmart drink and wanted to see if anyone else has tried this yet?
  2. My Swing (Beachcomber)

    Beachcomber, i noticed your takeaway is too quick off the ball causing your body and arms to be out of sync. the result is firing your hips to early in the transition causing a pull shot. a drill to practice with would be to put a ball behind your an iron and roll the ball back in your takeaway, this will keep everything in sync and will help cure your slight over the top move. thanks, Brian Foy, PGA