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  1. Teeth of the Dog Casa de Campo Dominican Republic. Six greens on the ocean with tradewinds. Awesome!! Must play bucket list place...
  2. My Swing (Just Brilliant)

    Its been a few weeks, and I was able to play the courses in Casa De Campo, Dominican Republic. All designed by Pete Dye. There were 3 courses there; Links, Teeth of the Dog and Dye Force. I highly recommend Teeth of the Dog, 6 holes following the beach wall, with wind, st. Augustine and a brutal slope. I hope my buds took some pics, I sure didn't. Teeth is a course that you will remember the rest of your life. Here is an update on my swing. a couple notes; That is a flat inner tube that I hit into, and a 10' tire for chips. My friends love this setup.
  3. Casa De Campo, Dominican Republic

    Hi, getting ready to go there for the first time in March. Our friends have rented a villa, and we will have enough for a three-some. I see that caddies are a must for the teeth of the dog Has anyone played; Dye Fore? Teeth of the Dog? The Links? Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance! "Brilliant"
  4. My Swing (Just Brilliant)

    Hey yeah. I've been trying to keep the right heal in contact with the ground. Been doing it wrong for so long, its hard to change.. Latest video. Feb 7th 2013
  5. My Swing (Casey)

    Nice natural swing. Right heel a little noisey as well as left knee. Quieting down that action will help keep your head still. Your setup will also affect launch. But I couldn't tell. Nose, shirt button over left toe..
  6. My Swing (logman)

    Your swing has stability and athleticism. Don't work it too hard. I would say you only need an hour's practice to solidify your tempo.
  7. My Swing (Just Brilliant)

    I got out on weds in new jersey. Ground was frozen about an inch down. Wow. Trying to change too many things. But there were about a half dozen shots that where like able. I'll work on keeping my right heel silent as well as setup.
  8. My Swing (Just Brilliant)

    Just excellent thank you. I have something to work on.
  9. My Swing (Just Brilliant)

    Yes sir thats the drill. Shorts and sunlight are looking good. I hopped on a simulator a couple days ago. I hit the line up of new drivers, nike, callaway, tm, and ping. Good; 90% of the shots followed the same fight path and landed in the same place. 245 dist. 228 carry 101 ss, 131 ball speed, all about 2 yds left of center.the ping anser gave me about 5 yds. 75% of my strikes are 1/4 to 1/2 inch left of center on my club face. To paraphrase the tech guy; ball speed should be between 140 and 150.
  10. My Swing (Just Brilliant)

    DKling-thanks for the response. I lived in Chicago for 10 years, on Huron and Wabash. I really don't miss the wind at all. I do miss the nice people. I used to play Cog Hill, White Pines, Indian Lakes and Kennilworth often. But most of my play was down in Indiana. IMHO, where I live now, Bucks County, Phila, NJ and NY area has some of the most beautiful and difficult courses in the country. I have learned a lot from the "setup" given I can hit as many balls as I want. I had given thought to installing a simulator, but in reality, it's all about creating shots with feel. With my setup, there is no limit to creating shots except for putting (gasp). This brings me to your point about practice. Sometimes, I will provide my own game simulation, using a scorecard from a recently played course. The club selection, the pause between shots, the target, the stance, the recital, the slope of the fairway and green, and proposed ball flight. Other times, I may hit 20 soft wedges in quick succession, and determine my consistency. I really have no idea what the best methodology is, so I just go with it. Some of the best swing thoughts come from watching others on the Internet. Having the slo-mo playback app on the IPAD, IPOD and IPHONE is priceless.
  11. My Swing (Just Brilliant)

    I made a grip adjustment. Over the last couple of years, I've noticed some tendonitis creeping in my left thumb. I'm going to a full baseball grip until it heals. Once the weather warms, it will probably heal faster. I received my Titleist 906F4 13.5 Adila 80 in the mail a couple days ago and regripped with a Winn DriTac Love this club. Taking some shots with the Mizuno MP 33 5 Iron
  12. My Swing (Just Brilliant)

    Thanks beachcomber! I will go after it tomorrow. I have a new slo motion app and it showed my hits just inside of the sweet spot. I moved back an inch or two and my eye to ball line improved as well as my release. I have been practicing for a negative launch with my driver in hopes of keeping the ball a little lower. When I focus on hitting with a positive launch I will tend to balloon and slight fade. The positive launch contact Has a good feel and sound to it. I hit balls everyday for free!!!
  13. My Swing (Rfordeagle)

    nice swing!
  14. My Swing (Just Brilliant)

    I've been Playing Golf for: since 1967 My current handicap index or average score is: 6 to 12 My typical ball flight is: slight draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I'm pretty consistent until I'm inconsistent. Maybe it's the story of my life. Here is the good bad and ugly; Unfortunately in the last couple years my driving distance has dropped from 265-275 to 245 255. My swing doesn't feel any different, except my SS is now 101 to 104 when it used to be 105-110. To me, my swing looks lazy, no feet, no legs, no hips, no back swing and no follow through. Maybe I need to grind a little more? In the video, I'm swinging a 906F4 15.5 Stiff Adila 60 Fairway Wood. Videos:
  15. Hitting 200 balls a day a bad thing?

    I do have a great setup. I also added a 32 gb ipad for video. The angle directly behind my stance in line with the ball and target is very informative. Says i have no bottom end lack follow through its really disturbing. Although i do have good contact and hit it straight!

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