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  1. I like it for watching on TV, particularly on long putts. You can actually see where they are going on long range shots
  2. Yep always bemused me that supposed GI drivers aimed at the higher handicapper largely came with 46" and plus drivers. I guess so the one miracle shot on a simulator was gonna be 17yards longer!
  3. Could be some interesting scores (low) if the rain comes as predicted. They tried to compensate with plenty of last day pins yesterday. It can still bite though, like Stensons 8! For what it's worth I would like to see Koepka do well, I think he is unjustly overlooked by most pundits, pre tournament, time and again.
  4. My thoughts on the event as a viewing spectacle. Overall the viewing on the first three days, even the forth day was great. Plenty of action, with coverage jumping from match to match. Whereas the last day was underwhelming, regardless of who was playing, covering only 2 matches for a whole day makes for dull viewing. Not helped by pretty lacklustre golf on the day.
  5. I think after DeChambeau's win (record low score) and Adam Scott's second, people will be taking notice. Particularly given the shots gained by Scott and his known problems with the flatstick. It's been a long time Adam has averaged 28 putts! All the testing I've seen/ read, indicates in most circumstances you're better with it in. I guess if you can live with it and it doesn't freak you out
  6. Some random thoughts from a neutral observer. I kinda thought the Captains picks were to even the team out and pick guys in form. Finau actually turned out a reasonable pick. The course was clearly not suited to errant drivers, the automatic choices already had Bubba, Brooks, even Dustin; picking Phil, Tiger etc only compounded the problem. Also playing those wild off the tee in alternate shots seems illogical. It makes it tough for their partner. Particularly if you pair them with a slighter finesse type player that's not used to gouging out of the rough. At least in four-ball (best ball) they can contribute on sporadically when they stay in play and the other guy at least has a chance to cover / contest the hole when they go awry. I think make making more effort to play the course ala JT would make a difference. After all they had two years and only had to do it every 4 years. With the power of hindsight the likes of Kyle Stanley was perhaps a better fit to round the team out. Tongue in check, watching yet endless hacking out of rough I was thinking they would have been better off gaming their vice- captains (excluding DD). And final random thought, at least consider changing the tour schedule so there is another week between the end of FedEx and the RC?
  7. http://www.cbc.ca/sports/olympics/rio2016/golf/golf-rio-olympics-zika-security-1.3656849 http://www.geoffshackelford.com/homepage/2016/6/29/poll-what-is-the-main-reason-some-male-golfers-are-skipping.html Check the poll results Everyone made similar dire prediction for the football world cup in South Africa and Brazil, despite the naysayers both were successful events. Looks like in our sport the ladies have the balls. At least Rory had the cajones to tell it straight http://www.bbc.com/sport/olympics/36665305
  8. I don't really buy the virus as an excuse. From all I have read It only stays in the body a short while, the threat to a fetus is not permanent and oddly enough all the female golfers are still clamoring to qualify!
  9. In no way scientific at all, but I found that in terms of actual playing and scoring, the clubs quality point makes very little real difference. A number of years back I bought something like a $150 boxed set of Pin-Hi because I was working overseas for a year. Sure the course we played was not mega long, but I still shot the same or even better scores (down to a 5 for a while) than I had back home with "proper" clubs, or since. All the same I keep buying new toys even though I basically know they make little discernible difference and certainly not as much difference to my scores or handicap as more regular play and practice would do (handicap now out to a 12, largely because I don't play as frequently the last few years)
  10. Puma Bio Drive my recent fav, light as can be for a full leather shoe and straight out of the box walk 18 comfort, that's after various FJs Nikes, Adidas etc
  11. I guess it is a bit of both. When you bring out three+ drivers/ sets of woods/ hybrids a year, you are also going to run out of good or marketable ideas and eventually people will get sick of paying top dollar for something that is out of fashion in 4-6 months. Ping on a longer cycle seem to build some anticipation for their newer models and don't ever seem to have to resort to deep discounting. There models seem to fare well in testing even in their second season
  12. I think those are from the 1970's or very early 80's. My first decent set were McGregor Tourneys that I got around 85-87 and the were quite a bit more modern that those (looked more or less like a normal cavity back)
  13. After all that teasing, you have to post a few pics of the holy grail of irons
  14. Ask Taylor Made, it's just about putting them out of business. No one buys the new models and waits for the discounts. They arent making $$$$ anymore
  15. Yes and no, it makes more sense than some of the other mumbo jumbo I have seen on the web/ being touted. Another site had a long running "affair" with the owners of Scratch Golf and most were interested in seeing a bit of what was going on inside a start up in the industry.
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