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  1. great summary, big lex. Only one more adjustment is needed and that's ESC which is described in the link in post #2. And on a more minor note, on your point #4, it's 4% not 5%. ( I can nit-pick sometimes, can't help it)
  2. I set up my spreadsheet probably 15-20 years ago and have not made any significant changes to it in that time. for about 6-8 years within that time frame I subscribed to GAM and was never off by even a tenth of a point. would be happy to share if you're interested
  3. It's very easy to set up an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of your index if you don't mind doing it yourself. There is nothing complicated in the equations the USGA uses.
  4. Yes, red cursive for "Tourney Custom". Black for "The 985". I'm guessing about '74 or '75 is when I bought them. They are really nice clubs and served me well for about 15 years until I replaced them with MacGregor JNP's around '90 or '91. Thanks GAA
  5. I have a set of MacGregor irons that I bought in the '70's. They are called "Tourney Custom" and stamped below that name is "the 985". Any info on them would be appreciated.
  6. Can't get the day off from work so I'll have to skip the outing. Hope you all have a great day out there.
  7. If you don't mind an old man with a higher h'cap than the rest of you, I might be interested. Would be nice to put some faces with the names on here.
  8. Damn, now I'll never know which hammer hits the ground first.
  9. Definitely driving. A bad day is less than 10 fairways. Not a long hitter by anyones measure but usually in the short grass.
  10. Not sure why you're concerned about what's normal. If I got this right you've only been playing for two months, you can carry a 6 iron 200+ yards and, with the i25's, your average miss is 12 yards. I don't think there's anything normal about you. Listen to the advice of your instructor, he must be one hell of a teacher.
  11. [QUOTE name="iacas" url="/t/81357/2015-u-s-open-at-chambers-bay-discussion-thread/666#post_1156717"] I think it looks really fun.[/QUOTE] I'm with you on that one. Would need a CPA to keep my score but I know I'd have a blast.
  12. bunker hole outs, not anything memorable but I know I've had several. Eagles, 3. all hole outs from the fairway and I remember every one. One on a par five and two on par fours. One from about 160 yards.
  13. I have to believe that if you let it be known to the counter people at local muni's that you're looking for action in the "few hundred dollars" range that you'll soon have all you can handle.
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