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  1. After more research I see the Mizuno JPX 800 Pro's and Mizuno MP-53 fall in this same category as well. Mizuno MP-53 with an MOI of 13.4066 Mizuno JPX 800 Pro with an MOI of 13.2760 Titleist AP2 712 with an MOI of 13.1825 TaylorMade TP MC has an MOI of 13.0473 Mizuno MP-59 with an MOI of 12.08340 Titleist CB 710 with an MOI of 11.6609 Rocketbladez Tour no MOI data yet Callaway X Hot pro no MOI data yet To put that in perspective how the above measures up with a true MB Mizuno MP-69 has an MOI of 11.67670 I'd have to guess the R
  2. Wow, the XHot Pro's have amazing reviews, I might have to give those a try!
  3. Hi RichardR, I am not looking for forgiveness explicitly.What I am wondering is who hit the AP2's 712's and Rocketbladez Tour side by side and can speak about the forgiveness between them? or can compare the AP2's to the TM MC's? I hit the RBladez Tour and found them a ton forgiving but I also found a few issues with them. I preferred the AP2's 712's by a long shot and I am looking to trust another brand other than TMaG as I've been playing TMaG for the past 7 years, I don't think I actually ever had a different set of irons other than TaylorMade. Like I said, I played TM MC's which is
  4. I am trying to decide which ones are right for me. I don't officially have a HCP. I typically shoot in the 80's and getting to play my irons puts a smile on my face. I have gamed the TM MC's with S300 all last year and had no issues ever hitting any one of them. I often replaced my driver with the 3 iron for more accuracy and control. I practice almost daily for an hour and play as much as I possibly can. I don't work the ball as much as some people would say they do except for shot trajectory. I am looking for some advice from someone who knows a little about the two sets in terms o
  5. Yea, it is nerve racking! We often ask if we can start off the back nine instead and they sometimes allow it. I hope people complain enough and they change the rules. I understand they need to make money but this negative experience will hurt their business eventually.
  6. I don't really mind a little bit of slower play, I understand that everyone has a different skill level on the course and sometimes even the good ones have bad days or can get into trouble! First, what I do have a problem with is the courses packing in as many tee-times as possible; EVERYTIME we go out we've made a tee-time and EVERYTIME there is a line-up of 2, 3, 4, sometimes 6 groups on the first tee... what is the point of a tee-time if this is the mindset? Second, if you want to take your new girlfriend out golfing and help her please don't tee-off and hit 4 or 5 shots and s
  7. I am on the second day of the second week of C25k on my treadmill. The running intervals are getting longer from 1 min run which was the first week to 1.5 mins now. Next week it will be 3 mins interval running, can't wait! I need to lose 15lbs to be back into the target zone, my weigh-in for week 1 was Monday and I lost 3.2lbs within the first week!
  8. I quit smoking 1 year ago from Jan 2nd 2012. I was 172lbs and believe it or not I was fit and active, I was a light smoker since I was 14, I am 32 and have 2 kids and decided it was time to quit out of respect for my family and myself; I gained 30lbs. Here I am one year later smoke-free on the C25k program and on day 3 of it, I am finding this program very easy and hope it gets harder as I progress. Even as a smoker I've been ultra active competitively my entire life so I want this to burrrrrrrrn, I guess it will eventually.
  9. Hi Casey, Thanks for your response. I'm not worried about the money, it's only money :) I am just tired of my current clubs and "noise" around TaylorMade stuff and i fell in love with the MP-59's when I saw them and even more when I hit them, they performed very well. My only concern was forgiveness but you're right about the forgiveness comment. I've did a lot of research and apparently they are forgiving if not more forgiving than the Muscle Cavities found in the TM's I have. According to most reviews the forgiveness is the roughly same of a players cavity back which could mean a lot
  10. Hey Everyone, I am new here, I come across this site often enough when I am researching stuff so I figured I might as well join the community. I used to play TaylorMade MC's last year (2012), I LOVED my 3i and sometimes used in replace of my driver for the added accuracy I gained from it; the entire set was very nice to play versus my previous TaylorMade CB's (2012 as well) and TaylorMade Burner 2.0's (2011). I have since tried out some MP 53's and 59's at the store and I am SOLD on the MP-59's in terms of looks, feel, and how the address. I went back to the store a few ti
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