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  1. Most sources that I have gone threw and some testing sugest that the Diamana's and Zcom's are great in the 905R.
  2. sevenfourate, would like to ask your thoughts on the Graph design purple ice shafts you are running especally in the 983 combo. Im curently running a cleveland/accuflex driver and i need to bring down the spin. Would this sort of setup help?? Thanks for your time!
  3. Well Guys if your feeeling rich you can geta set of 660's http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI....sPageName=WD2V . Enjoy.
  4. Yes what fantastic week for Adam. Great to see him in the winners circle from start to finish..C'mon Aussie C'mon.
  5. Hello all! Would like to pick your brains on a new driver..The Cleveland in currently using is about to retired! Im looking at the following Nak,Titleist,Mizuno and maybe SNT. What are your recomendations. I am also putting in a Fuji ZCOM. As I swing alot from the top of the swing and this shaft gives me alot of confidence. Current swing speed 110mph. Cheers.
  6. I just recieved my rocket covers today! These headcovers compliment my Titty standbag so well..I went for bright orange and white to briten up the dull black and white bag...Thanks Erik for the link a while ago! Hope your all getting out there..And the weather's picking up!
  7. djhgolf


    big Adam Scott fan here as im an Aussie. Enjoyed watching him at the Aus masters and Heineken Classic earlier this year..
  8. I'll wear pink, baby blue, purple, yellow, orange and any other colour as this summer which is nearly over has been very very hot. I think about 107 in your range. But i like to wear the pastal kind of shirts they feel good and are kind to you in the heat. cheers.
  9. Im curently using a Accuflex shaft in my driver. Awesome shaft and terrific feedback and has greatly reduced my ball spin.
  10. have a great birthday erik. cheers mate! dan.
  11. Hey Erik, What finishes are going to be available with the wedges??
  12. Just seeing what all of you are playing with this season I like the new pro v1x or Bridesstones b330 Enjoy all...
  13. love my dry classic from footjoy. hurts the wallet alittle.
  14. I beleve you guys are so good with your equipment review and recommendations. Keep up the great work you certainly have helped me alot. Hey iacas whats your thoughts on that 503 you bought has it replaced your two iron??
  15. Thanks for all your input!!!! I will try to get my hands on some of these clubs to try. When are the spin milled coming out?? Dan.
  16. Hope your all well, I had my laptop stolen from my car last week so was not a happy camper. But the good news I have recieved my 670's. And they are the bomb. i hitting a awsome fall flight no ballooning and great distance. Forged are giving me great feedback also. One question! Im looking at the vokey wedges. I like to hit 110 yard shots with my sand wegde 56deg. Which would be better black nickel or oil can Thanks all.
  17. As a religious v1x user and at the end of our summer. There is certainly plenty of hipe regarding the b330 I hope I can get my hands on it soon. Where did some one say Galaxy golf has some?? This would be the best time to try new balls down here!
  18. Eric, What are your early thoughts of your new 680's!!! Dan.
  19. [QUOTE=iacas]Here's my gear... [ 2I/Hybrid Titleist 503.H, 19°, S300, stock cord grip (new) Hey whats that 503 hybrid like?? I hit my cleveland 2 iron great guns but with the 670's coming im interested! Dan
  20. 1/2 inch over, 1deg upright, Lamkin full cord with two pappers, Dynamic Gold super lite's. I cant wait
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