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  1. Tiger is a flash in the pan.
  2. Yo, what up fellas. its been a while since i've posted but hopefully I'll get back into the groove. I was playing out at Torrey P. a couple of weeks ago and played with a british golf journalist who mentioned this website for swing tips and drills. I found a lot of the lesson videos useful, so I wanted to pass it on to you guys and maybe it'll help some of you out... website is---- www.swingbuildgolf.com Enjoy.
  3. Sexy. Reminds me of Rocco Mediate.
  4. hahahahaha nice. Hmmm....Brew Weekley? Retief Brewsen? Mike Beer? Johnny Miller Lite? Ok Im sorry, I killed it.
  5. Yeah I kinda agree with you, but I enjoy watching it even though its a little lame with the soft feel-good music and other foofy things. I noticed they weren't you using pro tracer or any other features that they use in other tourneys and i was looking forward to watching their shot shaping around the course.
  6. Those two putts on 15 and 17 give me a break. At least make one of them! Absolutely sick front nine, played the 12th hole wonderfully. I agree he should have easily been in the playoff but oh well.... Props to Perry, but speaking of taking a dump, those two bogeys to finish out killed him. Congrats Cabrera on a second major
  7. Im really not looking to watching my Padres get creamed by everyone they face.
  8. LongballGer has a good point. I think the two exceptions where its OK to imitate a pros swing would be their setup(depending on build like mentioned above) and tempo. I like how Tiger sets up to his driver and irons so the past couple months ive been using that upright posture and it hasn't done me any wrong. If anything my driver accuracy has gotten better.
  9. Callaway tour-i because i get them for cheap and they are the best balls i've ever played with. They hold up well, spin is fine for me and the ball flies like I want it to. I dig the dimples too. Ill gladly hit pro-v1's, b330's, or tp blacks if i get a hold of some. Some of the cheaper balls ill use sometimes is the callaway hot-bite or nxt-tour.
  10. Good advice. I use this all the time. Another thing I do when i start hitting it crappy (especially 3 and 4 iron) is just take 3/4 swings at about 80 percent swing speed. Good ball striking is good tempo in my opinion, and when you slow things down it helps to get the motion back of swinging smooth and staying with the shot.
  11. I hit that sweeping draw too sometimes. Where do you play the ball in your stance? The quick fix for me is to move it back in my stance a couple of inches.
  12. My setup wont change for a long time, except for an FT-9 in the near future hopefully.
  13. I used it for a few months and dropped it a couple of months ago. I noticed an improvement in ball striking, and I figure its because of the weight being consistently on your front side. However, I did lose some distance, and I think its for the same reason that my ball striking improved. I didn't feel the same power from the stack and tilt. I went back to a traditional swing because the stack and tilt just didn't give me enough incentive to stick with it. I had more trouble working the ball and lost distance(around 6-10 yards with the irons), but I did hit the ball crisper. Just to add, sw
  14. Congrats on the baby! Last year my goal was to improve putting. It hasn't improved much and its still holding me back from shooting lower scores. So improving all aspects of my putting is my main goal. I want to work the ball a little more with the driver and long irons too. A high draw is my only consistent shot with those clubs, and it would be nice to hit a confident, lower power fade when conditions call for it.
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