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  1. Rented ping Eye 2 in a golf club in Morroco, could not believe how the ball was flying With the 5 for instance : simply amazing ; consitently 150 meterrs + Asked if I could buy them and got the set for 80 euros with metal shaft I feel so confident hittng them and being consitent with them. I do collect all sort of nice clubs : miura, honma, ben hogans, but these Pings are really amazing ! Wish you a nice golf time
  2. Never played a Miura, However, I perceive it as the Ferrari of the Golf club heads. And I think we should not compare Miura to anything else. Miura is like the ultimate experience while a BMW is a truly unique driving experience. Or a Fiat is great to drive and Fix It Again Tony :-) Ar the end it is a matter of what mony can buy for owning and the mindset & passion
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