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  1. The number on the club means NOTHING. Look on the website of the club and find the loft to compare to other clubs.
  2. Have you tried different shafts on your Epic head? IMO the shaft is as or more important than the head. Maybe a lite 45-50 gr shaft.
  3. What is happening is the layers of the material the shaft is made of are breaking down. Some graphite shafts are made in a veneer like manner think of it as thin sheets of graphite are overlaid to create the shaft. Bottom line is the shaft need to be replaced. You can find replacement shafts on ebay that are inexpensive.
  4. The answer is: that's why they make blue ones and red ones.
  5. IMO which is often incorrect a light shaft in a driver may have some benefit in increased swing speed resulting in a higher launch and increased distance at the risk of slices or hooks. Fairway woods and hybrids are better served with having more control over the trajectory of one's shot rather than pure swing speed.
  6. The trend of a BT speaker is new at the clubs where I play. If someone wants to listen to I pods or earphones that is fine. I do not want to anyone else's music especially when making a swing.
  7. I will start by saying I HATE the new trend of music being played on the course. This trend seems to have started about 2 years ago and seems to be accelerating. Players blaring all sorts of noise, music, while playing are inconsiderate of others IMO. I have had to ask playing partners to turn the music off especially when I am addressing the ball. Am I a curmudgeon or are there others with the same opinion?
  8. I have been playing with an iron set consisting of 7 and 8 single length Cobra F9 and 9,10,11 Honma. My wedges are a 52 Cobra or a 54 Cleveland and a 56 single length Cobra. Ping G410 driver and 5 wood and a Cobra 7 wood Ping 5 crossover and Ping G410 6 hybrid. Anyone else with a mixed up set like mine? Any other comments or suggestions?
  9. Call Cobra they will replace it asap. This is not normal you just got a defective head.
  10. It's not what color the cat is it is how well does it catch mice: Chairman Mao. If you putt well with it keep it.
  11. High prices command high expectations for customer service. Very disappointing. My guess is they will not be with us for very long. There is one here. A friend who has trouble breaking 100 went there can back $4000 lighter, nice shafts I may add. Still cannot break 100.
  12. There was a Callaway demo day at the club today. I hit a few shots with trackman with both my 7 and the Mavrek 7. Results were similar considering the Callaway's are 3 degrees stronger. The Callaway guy said I do not hit the ball high because of my swing. He asked what I shot today, 74. He asked why do I want to change. I have come to the conclusion that I deloft the clubs at impact giving me extra distance and lower ball flight. In other words my 7 acts like a 6. As far as lessons at my advanced age I want to avoid them I am happy shooting 75 to 80 with an occasional "my age"
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