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  1. I have a Ping 7 & 9. The 7 goes about 200 the 9 185 both get a lot of play mostly of the fairway. The key swing thought for me is smooth not too hard of a swing.
  2. They were thinking "make the sale". Nothing was said about changing the bounce. A friend mentioned "bounce" to me and that is what motivated the original post. The same salesperson sold me a 4 crossover/hybrid when I was looking for a 5 and bent it to a 5 a couple of months ago. It seems to perform well. How much was the bounce changed on it? It is tough being left handed.
  3. Groundhog34


  4. Being left handed the inventory in all stores is limited. I wanted a sand wedge but none were available. They offered to order one for me or sell me a gap wedge and bend it. As it is a 1.5 hour drive to Atlanta I chose to have the gap wedge bent. The bender was next to the guy who did the refund he said nothing I said nothing, end of story
  5. I took the club out to the range. Bending the club messed up the bounce. I hit about 10 shot 6 of which were hit off the leading edge. The other 4 were high and distance wise what I would hit a 56. I took the club back to the store I purchased it from and traded it for a Callaway 56 Sure Out. Experiment ended unsuccessfully.
  6. I took the club to my club the pro measured it at 56 degree I know it was 49 when I acquired it. I then went to a friend who is a VERY club builder. He measured it at 56 degree with 64 degree of "lye" I think he said. He said the lie was perfect. He then measured a Ben Hogan sure out like the one pictured above. It measured at 55 and 64. Bottom line 3 fitters or pros said it was successfully bent to 56 from 49. So my question remains how will it play. When the rain quits and it drys up a bit I'll find out. In the meantime what are the opinions of board members?
  7. Sorry to all. It is the Cleveland smart sole same type of design.
  8. PGA superstore did the bending they SAID it was bent to 56 it did not break but I am not sure it was really bent to 56 although it looks like it was. I am going to take it to my club and have it checked. Let's assume it was bent to 56 what are the results?
  9. I had a gap wedge that I hit well a Cleveland Sure out. I had it bent from 49 to 56 degree. Any comments on the bending? What sort of performance should I expect? Will it play different from a 56 Sure out sand wedge?
  10. 6I or 7i played off my back foot so it is delofted to play as a 4 or 3. good contact it goes about 100 yards
  11. I can aim above, below, right or left of the hole. Can I land it there, yes within 25 feet most of the time of my target. Then it rolls somewhere else usually 3 to 7 feet.
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