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  1. I have played Thomas hybrids they are of mid to low quality. The club design has not changed in 5 to 7 years maybe more. They seem to be a internet only company selling an antiquated product. I believe they are a one or two man operation using a drop ship service. The quality is questionable AT BEST. For an all hybrid set look at the Cobra or Cleveland Turbo line. I would avoid Thomas golf go with an established reputable company.
  2. PT Barnum was right. CC does a great job of fitting one for overpriced clubs.
  3. No also FL, SC,TN,MS,TX,LA or most states that don't vote Demorat.
  4. How many fa**ots play golf? Who cares. Anyone who claims that they have never said fa**ot or putts like a little girl when leaving a putt short is lying.
  5. Wish as is with most Chinese internet business is not to be trusted.
  6. I had an Alien wedge for a few rounds it did work out of the bunker. They are not a lot different from the Sure Out wedges that are sold today. I have a set of Cleveland Turbo Launchers 6 through PW, are they a gimmick club? I actually play pretty well with them off wet ground shoot same as my Callaway Mavriks
  7. Was I fitted wrong for My skill level? Yes
  8. Does it have a serial number? If so call Titleist and ask.
  9. I use a 7 wood instead of a 3 or 4 iron hit it about 185. My next club is a 5 hybrid. I do not hit it out of rough only from fairway. It is about as hard to hit as a 5 wood.
  10. The number on the club means NOTHING. Look on the website of the club and find the loft to compare to other clubs.
  11. Have you tried different shafts on your Epic head? IMO the shaft is as or more important than the head. Maybe a lite 45-50 gr shaft.
  12. What is happening is the layers of the material the shaft is made of are breaking down. Some graphite shafts are made in a veneer like manner think of it as thin sheets of graphite are overlaid to create the shaft. Bottom line is the shaft need to be replaced. You can find replacement shafts on ebay that are inexpensive.
  13. The answer is: that's why they make blue ones and red ones.
  14. IMO which is often incorrect a light shaft in a driver may have some benefit in increased swing speed resulting in a higher launch and increased distance at the risk of slices or hooks. Fairway woods and hybrids are better served with having more control over the trajectory of one's shot rather than pure swing speed.
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