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  1. Same here in Austin,Texas. I am going to get a pair of either the Nike or Addidas tech pants for the fall and my trip to Pebble in July. I usually am in some Nike Dri-tech shorts and a shirt from some course I have played. I have probably twenty different hats I always find one that looks decent. Right now I have some back foot-joys...I dont like white shoes because they always look dirty to me.
  2. My bag says a bunch: My bag- wife bought it when I ordered my own bday/fathers day/anniversary gift(new AP1's)...she wanted to suprise me. It is the new titleist stand bag in brown...yep it looks SWEET. Irons - Says I upgraded from some 10 year old pings. I wanted the AP2's but felt his swing was a year away...so I have the 1's. wedges - old school cleveland rtg's. The 60 looks like it has been hit off of concrete 100's of times because it has...long story that involved gambling 3H Cobra dws says I needed a 225 club. Driver's - The Nike and Cobra, soon to be joined by a Titleist D
  3. Can you measure from butt of the grip to where the shaft goes into the hosel? I bought a used driver and I am tring to figure out if it is shorter than stock. Thanks.
  4. Ordered my 1's tonight. Pro scheduled a lesson for 10 days from now. I know she talked to the local rep and he promised them in one week. Im like a kid on Christmas...
  5. I just ordered a new Titty stand bag in brown. It will soon house: One of two drivers(LVF or Sasquaatch 460) Soon to come 3 or 4 wood as soon as I find one. New Cobra Baffler 20* AP1's w/ Project X that are ordered tomorrow 52,56 and 60 Cleveland RTG's Soon to come custom Scotty Newport with orange paintfill and headcover. Except for the 60* it is a 100% flip.
  6. I am ordering my 1's tomorrow. My pro talked to her rep today and he said that AP1's are shipping 2-3 days after order and that the 2's were shipping 4-5 weeks right now.
  7. Anyone hit these balls? http://www.golfsmith.com/products/219207 Also whatabout the 2007 Nike Blacks?
  8. I have to admit, they are putting out some seriously good looking shoes. If they fit as good as they look I will soone own me a pair. I just have to get by the $250 price tag. Question: ARe they $120 better than my dryjoys?
  9. Sounds alot like my experience! Did you look at swapping the stock shafts for project x's? I am thinking i will do that...
  10. I am ordering the 2's tomorrow. I broke the seal on the clubs new fitting cart this evening. Nothing like being able to hit the exact length, lie and shaft in the club you are ordering.
  11. Excuse me? on edit: Nevermind, I checked a few of your other posts and realized this is just a normal response from you. What IS pathetic is your holier than thou attitude and bs on here. Welcome to the #1 spot on my ignore list.
  12. What a crazy game this is. Hit the range this morning and hit about 30 more balls with it. Into a little wind I hit about 1/3 of them within a 20 yard diameter of the 210 flag...the rest were all over the place. I actually felt better hitting the club today. IT will take a little time but I think this club may find a place in the bag.
  13. Sounds like I almost need to take a divot...well atleast a tiny one, similar to what I would with a 2 iron or so. I am headed to the range again in the morning, I will report in afterwards. Appreciate the help.
  14. Man...I tried a little of everything. Moved it around in my stance, tried to hit a 3/4, tried to kill it...everything.
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