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  1. I use Striker Golf GPS. It had the most options for my money.
  2. Thanks! That is awesome information
  3. I think the consensus from this great forum is that the distance for most average to expensive balls ( and maybe even the cheap ones ) is basically the same- within 5-10 yards. That is not much in the whole scheme of things. 10-20 yards would be more of a game changer. The difference, as I have concluded then, is the spin and feel. FYI, I use and like the Srixon Z-star.
  4. I just posted a similar thread. I am in the market for a gps app too. I am trying to decide between the Striker Golf GPS and Golfshot. I have a read a lot of good reviews on Striker on FB and in the store. But obviously, golfshot has been around for a while. Has anyone tried the Striker App yet?
  5. I am in charge of setting up a league next spring so I have a lot of time. I have many questions but the one principally on my mind is how many players to allow on a team. It seems like two an teams is the most common. But many allow for 1 or 4. And just with the discussion above for handicaps, the set-up of a league seems all over the place. As someone setting one up for the first time, please help! BTW, I have been advised to set hcp % at 80 percent. Any help?
  6. going out now if its not too cold
  7. That is probably the BEST and most reasonable answer I have ever gotten to this question! Again, in a competative business, you would think that companies would be publishing exactly why their golf balls are better than their competition; instead, you find superlatives and adjectives but no numbers. So your answer makes perfect sense. They are all basically the same in terms of distance for most people... most of us should therefore care more about feel, spin, looks. and don't forget durability
  8. Understood. But it is the baseline number. This should be the distance that perfect golfer would hit every time if he hits it on the screws. Anything less than that, obviously it wouldn't go as far. But now he knows which ball would go the furthest if he swung perfectly. Obviously, there are other parts of the game; he still needs to chip and putt. But that was not the question. The question is simply. Which ball flies the furthest under perfect controlled conditions.
  9. I think there must be a conspiracy by the leading golf ball companies to NOT publish this kind of information. Why isn't there more information since 2008. The test should be easy. They have a robot that hits 80, 90, and 100mph. All things being equal, they normalize for temperature, humidity, grass, trajectory, etc. They should be able to knock this test out in a day!! I am not talking about how the ball spins or feels... simply how far does the ball go?
  10. THIS is what I have been looking for . THX!