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  1. Thanks, I will check this out as soon as I get the chance!
  2. Sorry guys, I wasn't clearly understanding what you guys were saying.
  3. I am sure he knows what he is talking about, and by no means am I saying he is wrong. It's just that I am seeing the best results I have ever seen by eliminating the weight transfer in the swing. My body no longer has to try and get that timing down. I'm interested in results. I have watched all of your 5k videos, tried a few things and some of the things didn't work for me. That doesn't mean I think what your teaching is wrong, or that im questioning your intelligence on the golf swing. We all have different games. What I am trying to say just because something doesn't work for
  4. What is considered the "perfect way to hit a golf ball"? There isn't one. The idea of the perfect golf swing has been mirrored off of the best golfers of their time. So when someone else comes along in 20 years and does something different than his swing will be considered the ideal swing. Some of the best golfers in the world, I am sure are doing a ton of stuff "wrong". All I am saying is what is working for me. I haven't lost any distance since making this change, in fact I added about 10 yards on every club since doing this, maybe because I am hitting the ball flush every time. I hav
  5. Mordan, It's very easy to not look anything like whats in the picture you provided. It's def not just a feeling. I don't look anything like the picture you posted. Take a look. This is exactly what I look like at address. I get over the ball, do my waggle, and feel out my weight. My last move before i start my swing is a small weight shift forward over my lead leg, EXACTLY like the guy in this picture. I have the thought of keeping the weight of my head over my lead foot and lead leg. I feel like I have taken the weight transfer completely out of the swing since my weig
  6. I have shot the best golf of my life for the last month or so. My friends always tell me how jealous they are of my swing, but I could never hit the ball consistently. Always hitting fat, or shooting low spinners off to the right. I started practicing a ton on the chipping greens, grab my shag bag and spend some times 2 hrs just pitching chipping. Realized the more I put my weight forward the better contact i would get.So I tried putting more weight forward in my full swing with my irons (id say 70 front foot, 30 inside of back foot) and I cannot believe how crisp i am hitting the ball. I am p
  7. Just finished reading this book. I really enjoyed the analogy of signing your name, and then tracing it again. Great read for anybody looking to cut down the mental chatter. Just gave it to a friend of mine to read.
  8. Sorry fellas, I mentioned to my buddy whos helping me run this and he brought up a valid point. Our league is not a normal style league play. Its a big group of friends and this is our first year trying to put something like this together. Being its our first year running this, we want to keep it as simple as possible so unless we know you in real life, we can;t have you in our league, at least not this year. I told someone before maybe during the summer we can meet up and shoot a couple rounds and you can get to know my friends and golf buddies, and hope to join next year. Sorry everybody. I
  9. I am headed out to another golf dome this Saturday. Hopefully I can get more swing vids. I feel like I am starting to get a good feel for the changes I have made since July 2012. I wouldn't mind some advice on what to work in in this range session. I was working on my weight transfer, turning/pivoting my right side instead of swaying, and not bringing the club so far back. I am starting to do these things subconsciously, so now I am trying to find something else to work on. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  10. Ok fellas I was finally able to update my swing video. Like I have said I have been working on posting up on my right side (turning/pivoting instead of swaying my hips back in the backswing. I also have shortened my backswing. I still think I maybe over swinging a bit, but I am not that worried about it because I am hitting the ball a lot more cleaner (Irons) and more consistent (Driver). Check them out, let me know if you notice anything I should work on, or if you can see the differences I have made between the first video I posted and now. Thanks a ton in advance!
  11. I am running a league in the south side. We are playing 8 courses throughout the summer. If anybody from Chicago would like information I would be glad to send you some. Its not a huge league, we have 15 guys right now. It is me and most of my friends, but the more the merrier, if you want some info let me know.
  12. I have a few questions. There is a small Ma and Pa golf shop right outside my back door, across the alley. In the winter I walk over with a few clubs and play on their simulator when its not crowded. In the hitting station, he had a Medicus driver there, so I decided to swing it a few times. The only flaw the medicus was telling me was that I was taking the club back to quickly, it was breaking right when i started my backswing. I hit probably 40 balls each with a PW, 8i, 6i. I was hitting most of the balls closer to the heel than center, REALLY close to the heel. I dont know why but I
  13. So I just got back from a golf expo. It was ok. They had a ton of stuff and it wasn't as crowded as I thought. I got to meet the world's long drive champion, first name was Joe, can't remember his last name. He is a GIANT! Anyway, I went on their machines just for fun and my avg SS for my driver was 112. I was swinging the new Taylormade R1. It is a thing of beauty. I was never a huge fan of Taylormade, but this stick is nice! I also wanted to take a look at the Wilson Staff FG62's. I was able to hit the 5i & 7i and they felt great. I have always been a big fan of Wilson golf, they have
  14. I am new to the ST. So I haven't seen the all of the "going pro" threads. I think all hes doing is seeing if anybody else was ever in a situation like he is in, and how they were able to get the cash without losing a ton of practice time. He is new to the site as well, he doesn't know what he should or should not do. He's just seeking advice and right now that's all that matters to him. Unfortunately I suck at golf and I have to pay to play as well so the only advice I can give you is to keep practicing and try placing higher in more events. If you are as good as you say you are @ 19 ye
  15. My swing has improved dramatically from the X20 days. I wasn't trying to improve, I wasn't practicing, I really was just happy to get out there and just have fun with my friends. But since this game has pretty much taken over my life. I am constantly doing half swings at home in the mirror, impact bag at home, chipping my wiffles into my chipping net. This is me 100% in the video.
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