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  1. scopek

    Mac O'Grady Swings

    Can someone explain was the "cp pattern" is?
  2. scopek

    Mac O'Grady Swings

    Sorry if this is off topic...I've read that Robert Rock's swing is based on MORAD concepts. Maybe Rock's teacher was trained by Mac O'Grady? Does anyone know if this is true?
  3. Thanks for the offer! I'm actually in Maryland now. I really miss Ann Arbor and Michigan. One of the best places I've lived. Great state.
  4. This is what my relationship is like with golf:
  5. IMO, I think saying that a 5SK instructor is "much more qualified" then a S&T is an over generalization. This is nothing against 5SK's approach. There are great S&T instructors and I'm sure there are bad S&T instructors. If you go down the S&T route you have to find someone that has a good reputation and who you'll work well with. I think the issue is that some S&T instructors get too caught up on teaching the swing in one way and become rigid about what they're teaching. I've worked with S&T instructors who are not rigid. You can try to learn S&T from a book and the videos, but unless you're incredibly talent, I think it's a waste of time. You really need a good instructor.
  6. No need to give credit as far as I'm concerned. I've always been a big supporter of S&T. But I have, admittedly, struggled recently. Debating about going back to evolvr. Just had trouble with not having the instructor to ask real time questions so I went back to my original S&T instructor (who is now a 5SK instructor), but the 2 hours drive was prohibitive. But it's damn hard to find a good instructor close by.
  7. Ok, thank you. Maybe I should ask, what *should* the path of the right shoulder be as the hips slide? I did a search, but didn't find much. Do you have a link for a YouTube clip from the 5SK's or something else you could recommend?
  8. I have a question about the relationship between the shoulders (specially the right shoulder) and the hip slide on the downswing....When I'm sliding or moving laterally toward the left and therefore causing a tilt in my spine, should the right shoulder be moving down toward more toward my right foot rather then out? I've been working on my hip slide and noticed that if I start pushing my right shoulder down, it pushes my hip to start sliding laterally and lets me swing more from the inside. Does this sound correct?
  9. I feel like that his something that they don't talk very much about in S&T. The only time I think they mention arm speed on the videos when they talk about pulling the left arm down off the chest from the top of the backswing to get to impact (i.e. releasing the 4th accumulator?).
  10. Ok. So what causes the most of the leverage or extension in the backswing and follow through? The hips and arms? If my memory is correct, Mike and Andy talk about the change in tilt from the spine changing to being a powerful source of power. I remember where Andy is doing the axe man demonstration and showing how the spine changes. Is that not correct or are we talking about two different things?

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