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  1. According to some online aucions, the shaft was manufactured, at least for a while, by Brunswick, U. S. A.
  2. I have the Tour Model III. What these two inquirers are asking is solved in the name of "Ben Hogan." The orginal grips, which I have, are "Ben Hogan" "Exclusive Design Hogan." Ben Hogan started his own golf company decades ago. I never head what became of it as far as how long it lasted or whatever, but if anything, the newer Pings, as you suggested were originals that the Hogans were knockoffs is likely the reverse. Hogan designed some great clubs and once in a great while you'll see a set of "Tour Model III "Red Dot" Evolution clubs for aroun $300. That is what they still fetch today. I hope that this is the beginning of a helpful answer and I hope that the old times who have a lot of head knowledge of the Hogan days can fill in the blanks.