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  1. Hi there. I'm from Folkestone. Usually etchinhill, Boughton, and lydd. Also like to get to broom park and sene vally sometimes. Had the luxury of playing London golf club last summer, stunning! Loved it! Any of them ring a bell? Any recommendations for over your way?
  2. Hi there. New to the forum, is it possible to give myself an avatar if I am using my iPhone? Thank you
  3. Hey all! Just found this brilliant looking forum! Trying to get to grips with the whole setup and all that first. Can't wait to get to get stuck in with picking people's brains near and far! Also be nice to share my thoughts with whoever asks for it! Quick one about me, love my golf! Been playing for about 5 years now, playing off 14. Work long hours, 6 days a week on building site so Sunday morning is my regular golf day for me. Would say I'm pretty dedicated, probably only miss about 4-6 rounds a year, mostly when the crappy winter kicks in! Look forward to hearing from you all!!!
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