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  1. Looks is always very subjective. JPX800 pro look a bit thicker but still very nice to me so it would not be a deal breaker. Is the shaft so important ??? If so, I may not have that much choice dependig on the fitting results. JPX800 Pro only come with Dynalite Gold XP while JPX825 Pro have several shaft options. From the clubs I tested, I noticed the NS pro 950 gh shaft felt really nice but the others were not "bad". As living in Europe, I am looking on UK websites to avoid paying extra custom fees. Could it be that Mizuno is cheaper in Europe ?
  2. I am handicap 20 but as I explained in a post, I have more difficulties with woods than irons as I play more often on Par3 for different reasons. I was thinking of pro versions because where I live in Spain, I can only test clubs in a general sports superstore and the regular 825 come only in graphite shaft and I have always played steel shaft and I do not like graphite ones. So the steel options were JPX825 Pro, AP2, Ping Anser and Inesis td tour 901 (Inesis is the brand for the superstore which is played by Thomas Levet). All these irons are forged and honestly feeling is so much better. Of course, mishits are punished in a stronger way but still I have a much better feeling. Reg JPX825 feel much harder... Finnaly, I discarded AP2 and Ping Anser as not fitting in my price range so my next step is to go to a local pro shop and get fitted for JPX Pro but they no longer sell JPX800 Pro so I wanted to know if there were many differences justifying the price difference (130$). Well, I hope it clarifies a little bit. English is not my mother tongue so I can get quite confusing with my explanations.
  3. Yes, the doubt I have is which version of JPX Pro I should go for. Save some $$$ and choose JPX800 Pro or get the better looking JPX825 pro. To answer WUTiger, idea is to keep playing and spending necessary time to achieve better results. I only started palying golf two years ago and I am playing more and more often and willing to improve. And my maingame issue is the tee shot where I still miss a lot of shots.
  4. I definitely prefers the looks of JPX825's which look thinner at address but would the look motivate me to pay an extra $130 and have 1 club less... Don't know really... Think that I come from a basic SGI set so everything will look nicer ! In terms of performance, accuracy, forgiveness, etc... which one would you choose ? Are the new JPX825 much better than 800's ?
  5. Hi everyone ! I am new in the forum and I would like to have some advise regarding which iron set you recommend me to buy. I am a 20 handicap player and after playing a couple of years with 1st price irons, I want to treat myself. I am doubting between JPX800 Pro or JPX825 pro and my main doubt is if it is worth to spend extra $$$ for the new JPX825 Pro. I can get 4 to PW JPX800 Pro at 530 USD (335 pounds) or 5 to PW JPX825 Pro at 660 USD (410 pounds). Which one would you recommend me to buy ? Thanks a lot for your help !
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