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  1. Rory threw a fit because he was paired with Ben Crane. Slow as molasses. Big Ro walked off the green, I believe at Congressional before Ben putted out. Whaaa!!!.....Woody Austin is a big blowhard. Yeah, right they both want Tiger. Then there is Mike Weir, another fussy pants. And Tommy Armour III. Hey, fold that collar down and get a hair cut. I used to not like Monte, but he needs a major, but not the masters or us open. Furyk is pretty cool. If you have a bad slice, try to copy his swing, really gets you on the inside. Norman is a whiner too, remember his crying at the Kemper Open
  2. Iron is a quick green. Doesnt last very long. The greens are double cut at 1/10" with super thin bedknives, and rolled. You'd be suprised at what the filters on the cameras do. Im not sure what variety of bent is on the greens, it sure as hell isnt pencross. I believe everything else is overseeded rye. I've heard the monitor they ground temps around the azaleas so they bloom at the right time. With an unlimited budget, you can do anything.
  3. "Manufactured" is about right. Looks at the amount of pesticides and fertilizer that go on a US course versus UK. Somewhere, someone decided everything had to be a shade of green and perfectly manicured. And the friggen 30 handicaps bitch about greens not being a 10 on the stimp meter.
  4. " Next time, use your turn signal" - big slice or hook Kinda lame, but gets a laugh or two. I dont know what I like better, playing golf or talking smack... When you walk up to a ball, and its behind yours, yell .......... "Oh....I must be in the front row..." old Bob Yuker beer commercial. There is going to be a load of smarta$$ comments THIS weekend!!
  5. dang, I didnt think it would go this long, I love it!!! I forgot... OB1Kanobi ..........outta bounds Hit a house..... putt flying by the hole. When trying to kill a drive "hit it like it owes you money!!"
  6. They tweak their equipment a lot more than one might think. Just talk to the fellas in the trailers. the pros can tell the difference in 1 wrap of tape. As far a working the ball goes, you may think they are "working" it, but for most its their natural shot. I've seen them hit shot after shot during practice rounds, and never hit one straight. Ever see Craig Stadler go after a left pin?? doubt it. If you think about the physics of hitting a golf ball dead straight, you'll realize it happens less than you think. Think about the axis of the golf ball sitting on a tee, then a club coming i
  7. We've all got them, we've all heard them, what are your favorites?? Mine is: "She was ugly, but she had big ti---" Translation: I just hit one off the hosel that bounced back into the middle of the fairway, or other cruddy swing that ends up with a good result.
  8. "Whats in the Bag" is one of my favorite sections of Golf Digest, so here it goes.... Driver Tayolormade 360 10.5 44 1/2" ProLaunch 65. Havent gotten in the big boys yet, got 100cc to go. Treated myself to a reshaft on vacation at Myrtle Beach. Morons at Martins put the shaft in with the logo up. He said "Well, thats how we do it here" What?? Find me one on the rack thats like that. Has a pile of lead tape on the heal..I've always done my one shafting, now I know why.. 3 Wood TM 300 Tour 15 deg. Buddy had one and let me hit it, after a few shots, I just had to have it. 7 Wo
  9. Are you listening?? Your putting sucks because of the deformity in your arm from patting yourself on the back. You like the 2 iron because of your little ego. At 15, I suggest you put it in check. You're coming off like one of those whinny country club brats. Life long wannabes. Heres a thought, how many times in a round do you actually use the damn thing??
  10. Its like those big ego scratch golfers that feel like they should be on tour, and act like super a$$es. I prefer: "You're away"
  11. Look at the old courses. No tricks, just using the land, prevailing winds and terrian. A course that you have to play a dozen times to figure out the stupid quirks is ridiculous. PD Dye has one in Va. "The Gauntlet". Zoysia fairways, pretty dumb idea up here. Wait until you get to 17 (?) . tee shot is a 7 iron down hill then a 6 back up. 15' off the front of the green and you cant see the putting surface. Now thats ego. And bland courses?? what 5or6 under makes you tired? You cant use your distance to your advantage? Since when? So 150 yards with a 9 iron is the same as some else hit
  12. Im a 14 and have been putting a lot of work in on my launch angle. I suggest everyone work on it. You see, if I hit a bad shot and throw my driv er at 45 degrees, I get the optimum distance. Im working on adjusting the swing weight so that it helicopters better. I can spin a Porche 911 better with my 60 than my 56. If I really want to spin a range ball, I put 2 in a bunker and hit them both at the same time. One really spins. Cool huh? Yep, about as ridiculous as launch,spin rate, moi, blah blah. Give me a friggin break. Just practice putting...Putting....Putting.
  13. The problem in golf is that the noise in not predictable. In basketball, its a consistant roar throughout the shot. Football the same. The other thing is that in a golf swing, you have to pull the trigger, its not a reaction like in baseball. If its dead silent when you start, a noise during the swing will throw you off. How many times have you played with your buddies and only stop the conversation when you're swinging? Hell, the guys I play with get ticked if someone forgets to bring a radio!! Tiger should be pissed. The photographers know the rules. Period. They are told over and o
  14. Depends on how much green you've got. No green, use the lobster, lots of green, 7 iron +. Best to get it on the putting surface as quick as possible, and let her roll.......
  15. Todd Hamilton, Phil Mickelson, Vijay has a 9 wood that is juiced that he can bang all over the place....
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