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  1. I have a set of Wilson staff CI9 irons with graphite shafts, puttin them on ebay very soon, played with them for 4 rounds, easy to hit and good distance. I was lucky enough to have my girlfriend buy me a set of Mizuno JPX800 irons last month so im selling these irons.
  2. Maybe they dont help much but i have a Rife putter with groove technology and can safely say its made me confident over every putt on the greens and i mean EVERY putt, from the 40ft lag putts to the 6-8ft putts. i cant put into words how good this putter has made me feel, it may be something to do with my new smaller backswing and tighter arms to the body but the ball really rolls the best iv ever seen! http://www.118golf.co.uk/golf-clubs-putters/rife-putters/rife-montserrat-short-slant-silver-putter_ct1520bd160pd12398.htm
  3. Want to update my 3 wood and 5 wood, whats the best out there??
  4. I feel like i use the right hand/arm quite alot in the swing, iv been told that i should be using the left hand/arm to pull the club into the ball to create more lag and get the club comin down on a better plane! i have a tendancy to slice the driver, would this be the reason why??!! any help would be greatly appreciated...
  5. I have got the titleist 910 D2 9.5 stiff flex and the G20 tour reg flex, G20 is moreforgiving but goes no distance, Love the sound and feel of the 910 but on the shots slightly off centre i get severly punished in distance! Thinkin of going for a Taylormade RBZ as iv heard they are long and quite forgiving..!! What do you all think?!?
  6. just found this, going to try this in the morning before my round!!
  7. Im going through exactly the same thing at the min!! When i try to hit the golf ball it ends up a fade/slice, and when i do loosen the grip and relax the arms and have a nice smooth swing it does go on a better trajectory and slightly further, still havnt mastered it, not even close in fact but a tip i was given was to hover the club behind the ball and loosen everything, its ment to relax the muscles a bit instead of having the club on the ground where you have somewhere to put pressure on it.....Im no Pro and my driving is the worst part of my game but im seeing slight improvements! Fingers crossed itl help
  8. http://www.clubhousegolf.co.uk/acatalog/Rife-Montserrat-Island-Series-Putter.html Its a MAGIC WAND... iv went from 18 to 9 with a few tweeks to my game and this baby, went from 3 putting everything to being one of the best putters in the club, Got at least one 2 in the last 10-15 rounds and constantly threaten the hole with my 1st putt.. Deffo worth a look
  9. i couldnt find a tour regular flex for the driver so went for the ping i20 tfc707 regular flex shaft, its stiffer and slightly heavier than the 169 and its ment to keep the flight down slightly more!! Il have it on in a week and get out for a round or two and post back to let you know what its like...
  10. id rather go for a shaft that i no will work, i really dont know enough about shafts to choose a different one, any help on choosing a different type of shaft that will do the same job would be great!
  11. iv the same, been told that the "tour" regular flex is better for a lower ball flight! its stiffer than the normal regular flex!
  12. I would grately appreciate any help in finding a link or site that i can purchase a Tour regular flex shaft for my 10.5 G20 driver, thanks sooo much for any help!
  13. That sounds great, iv ordered the shaft for the 3 wood, cant find it for the driver yet! Any help to find it for the driver would be grately appreciated... cant wait to get it
  14. How much extra distance would you say you are getting? sounds like a great move, i think il have a look for that shaft tomorrow
  15. I use a Ping G20 10.5 reg flex and get a high ball flight, carry it around 230-240, just wondering if anyone knows would a different shaft be better! thanks for you help!!
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