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  1. Interesting. I was looking to go get fit for a putter and wedges. I have to drive 4 hours for a fitting. They want $100 for the putter fitting and $100 for the wedge fitting. If I buy the clubs from them they will credit half my fitting cost to the club purchase. I also asked if I could get a discount for multi-club purchases and they said no. I dont think I am ready to drop $1100 on a putter and 3 wedges. Do you think most places give a discount for multi-club purchases or are you in the minority?
  2. I have a garmin approach G6. Couldnt be happier with it. I am yet to find a course that I have played that isnt on this thing. I get about 54 holes before I have to recharge it. You can move the pin on the green to where you think it is. I usually get within 2 yards from my buddies that have lasers. 2 yds is plenty good for the game that I have.
  3. I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR driver! Phil Mickelson -6 Patrick Reed -6 Justin Thomas -6
  4. buckshot4227

    Are you fooling yourself?

    I use video, and this is what I struggle with. I see so many things I think need fixing. I work on one piece for 10 minutes, than I work on something else for 10 min. Nothing ever changes when you practice like that. What I need is a priority piece and think of nothing else while practicing besides that piece. I just don't know what mine is at the moment, and that leads me to be all over the place and not changing anything. I need to get back on evolvr.
  5. 4 1 pair of tours, which are my first choice and favorite golf shoe 2 pair of sensei, which I like so much as regular wearing around shoes, I haven't wore them for golf yet 1 pair of phoenix
  6. buckshot4227

    Hitting a Plateau with Ability

    I dont know if I will ever be happy with my golf game. If I can get to a 5 this year I would be happy, until next season.
  7. buckshot4227

    Hitting a Plateau with Ability

    I have also hit a plateau of late. I haven't seen my handicap improve over the last 6 months. It didn't take me long to get to an 8, but now I seem stuck there and my confidence is taking a ding. Just the other day I looked at my swing from 2013 vs today, and that made me feel a little better. The picture has changed a lot for the better. I just need to keep hammering away and hopefully I can see my scores improve. I have really neglected the short game and, I know to reach my full ability I have a lot of work to do on my full swing. For the next month, I plan on putting a little effort into my pitching/chipping to help try and improve my scores to get my confidence back up and my scores lower. Hopefully this will help me break through this plateau and get me to another one.
  8. buckshot4227

    My Swing (buckshot4227)

    Haven't done much constructive practice of late. The little I have done, I have been focusing on steady head and weight forward. I am going to try and get more practice in over the next 30 days and try and make some strides. On these videos I was focusing on shallowing the club from A4 to A5. I wasn't focusing on steady head or weight forward. To my untrained eye, those 2 keys dont look that bad? I am looking for some input and where you guys think my practice should be focused on.
  9. buckshot4227

    Rough Time with Rough

    Hopefully this isn't ot, but couldn't find the answer to my question else where. What do you guys do when the ball is sitting up in the rough? I am wondering mostly about longer shots, 170-220. With shorter shots I tend to play the ball back a little and really feel like I am hitting down on the ball. I seem to have decent results, but dont know if this is the right approach. With longer shots I tend to hit it high on the clubface and come up some 20 yds short. Im not sure if playing it back in my stance would be the correct approach. Wondering how you guys go after these shots.
  10. buckshot4227

    My Swing (danL)

    If you turn your right hip back(behind you, not away from your target) and up in your backswing it may help you make a more centered turn. You should lose flex in your right leg and feel your weight on the inside of your right foot. These things should help you from sliding off the ball.
  11. I think that should read, most parents are delusional, but some parents have some idea of what their kids can do and help them as much as they can.
  12. buckshot4227

    My Swing (Abu3baid)

    I had the same issue. What helped me was go to the top of your backswing, and than do nothing but try and get your right elbow to your belly button. Than go back to the top and do it again. Pretty much a pump drill. Thats what has worked pretty well for me. Good Luck

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