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  1. I currently play CG golds and I really want the Mizuno MP58s. I love the way they feel and I hit them pretty well. Any opinions about the switch? Any one have the new MP58s, input is appreciated!!
  2. i've been thinking about this more often...and trying to do what you were describing. I appreciate all the help, and yesterday i shot an 85...with no doubles thru 16, then doubled the last two...dang!
  3. i thought that could have been a problem...so short game work i is i guess....hopefully i can get better!! I guess when you average 34.67 putts a round that could be a problem(thats my BIGGEST problem--judging putt speed)
  4. Well, recently i have noticed that my scores have been very similar(91, 88, 85, 88, 91)...which to me is pretty similar(for the most part). I can not seem to break the high 80s plateau...it sucks. I tell myself to keep perservering and practicing, but my question to you all is...what did you do to overcome the dreaded PLATEAU in your golf game????
  5. what about a 52*, do you use this too??? thats what i use around the green and i have a 60*, but its tuff to hit. I ahve the same problems the OP has, it sucks man!
  6. make sure you swing the club TOWARD your target, and make sure to come down on the same path you took the club back on. good luck!
  7. also, i've found keeping your eye on the ball helps a ton..
  8. YES, i believe it does help my game...practice makes perfect!!
  9. First, i have this same problem from time to time...but if you have colorful tees, randomly grab a colored tee and tee the ball up without looking at the tee, swing, and make sure you can see the tee color Or, have a friend stand parallel to you and the grip side of a club against your head as you swing to make sure you keep your head down. or, watch your divot, and that tells you where the ball is going!!
  10. Let me try to help: 1. Stance too wide--shoulder width like blackxpress said 2. Hands need to be interlocking--they are too far apart, and it will help you control the club better 3. Keep your head down the whole time--as you take the club back, you lift your head and look back at the club 4. Make sure to keep your left arm straight thru the whole back swing 5. Work on posture--keep your back flat, don't slouch you are setting yourself up for disaster 6. Keep your left elbow in against your body and attack the ball from the inside, it will increase power and accuracy 7. Point your toes
  11. i think its cool, but don't break anything! lol
  12. funny you said this, i did this same thing!! and....it WORKED!! it was crazy, i bet i've watched that video 15-25 times, easy...try it, it works..
  13. i HATE when my friends and ppl i play with do this!!
  14. In regards to leaving birdie putts short... i do a drill where i put the ball in my right hand(right handed) and get in my stance without a club, then i throw the ball with my right hand only and that helps me relaize how slow or hard i have to swing, PLUS prcatice, practice, practice....TRUST again tho, trust yourself to make the birdie putt!!
  15. what i did today at the range is tell myself one thing before i shot, for me it was keep your head down...then i swung. You know how to swing, so trust yourself first...thats all it is, TRUST!!
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