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  1. Oh shoot man. The Experience closed? Greg Norman course if I recall. That place was really neat. I didn't get to play but did go up to check out that hole with the huge drop. I believe that was #16? Biggest drop I've ever seen from a tee to fairway. That being said, it was a bit of an anomaly. Being up in the hills of Lanai with no Ocean in sight. Shame that it closed. Course I learned to play at, American Golf Club. Driving range, pitch and putt, and executive all gone. Also, Oak Tree in Tamarac. Great course, underrated, and difficult. Unfortunately got caught up in the great recession. Was going to be a part of a Four Seasons development that never happened. Polo Trace in Delray getting carved up too. Front 9 there was special.
  2. I'm jealous. Kauai is supposed to be the best island in terms of scenery. Lanai was very nice, but arid compared to the other islands. I played the Challenge at Manele (Nicklaus) which is on the coast and quite amazing. Views of the ocean from every hole. Didn't get to play the Experience at Koele (Norman) but walked a few holes including that unbelievable Par 4 (16th I think) which is up in the jungle and drops hundreds of feet from tee to fairway. I was just looking at the pics the other day. Beautiful. But very little else to do on that island.
  3. I've already posted about Abacoa. I haven't played but everyone is saying it's great. I've played Polo Trace many times dating back to high school (don't ask!) Love the front nine but the back follows this unsightly ravine and just doesn't seem as impressive to me. Fees are always quite high there. I would take Osprey Point over that. My golf group has taken many trips to PGA Village and are doing so again in May. They seem to really like it. I heard they just took over another course nearby so they have 4 now. Dye course apparently quite difficult, so no surprise there. My group is fairly particular so if they keep going back like they are at PGA, then it's probably pretty good for the money.
  4. I've been to Cabo and Hawaii (Maui, Lana'i), and boy they are hard to beat. Amazing golf, weather, and tons to do otherwise.
  5. I'd take the Ritz Carlton on that short list, and I've played them all but Orange Lake but heard that one is worth missing. Ritz is very nice, fun, fair, and quaint. Nothing but wilderness.
  6. I live in Broward, just South of you. Tons of good courses in Palm Beach. Some public. Emerald Dunes comes to mind. There is one that Nicklaus redid (muni) that many of my friends enjoy. I think it's West Palm Beach CC, something like that. I'll look up some more but you should be able to find some fun stuff. That area, especially including Jupiter, has some of the best golf ever. Unlike this hole called Broward. However, it's probably not a fair comparison to private because some of the most exclusive clubs around are up there. Medalist, Jupiter Hills, Loxahatchee, Seminole, etc...Just a lot of wealth up there. Still plenty of accessible golf it seems. Good luck dude! Edit: The muni I was talking about is North Palm Beach. Nicklaus course. Also, I played Osprey Pointe the other day. West Boca, end of Glades Road. $50. 3-nines, REALLY good shape. Enjoyable. 2nd Edit: Also heard the Palm Beach Par 3 course is super neat and fun, and pretty (right by the Ocean). 3rd and final edit!: Totally forgot Abacoa. That place gets a lot of attention lately. Apparently very nice and public. That would probably be my first choice.
  7. Also works well as an aid to keep clothes from wrinkling. You're welcome.
  8. FWIW, just got back from 2 days and 4 rounds of golf in O-town this weekend. Friday was at the Ritz and I loved this course as always. Greens were average speed but the course was in good shape. Championsgate (both courses) Saturday. International was crazy hard and not very good shape. National was more fair and better shape. Wouldn't play the Int'l again. Sunday morning was Falcon's Fire. Really enjoyed this course. Not overly difficult but in good shape and quite fun to play. Staff was friendly. I would play here again.
  9. In regards to Reunion, I organized a trip there about 2 years ago with 32 guys. I think we all liked the Palmer course the least, condos all around it. Watson was great but I think the Nicklaus course was the best of the 3. Down the street and through the wilderness with not much around. Many guys preferred Watson though. Didn't see anyone mention the Ritz Carlton/JW Marriot course designed by Greg Norman. Great track, no homes on the course. Just you and wilderness. Similar to Waldorf but much more fair in my opinion. The Waldorf ate my lunch. Actually seen some decent deals if you stay at the JW Marriot (very nice) or Ritz (even nicer), and book a time on the course. We've also been able to book our group on the course without staying at either hotel. Caddies available. Orange County is of course always a dependable choice. Never go wrong.
  10. Zipazoid. Dude, why the attitude? First off, I'm just sharing my knowledge. I've lived my entire life in South Florida so don't need a lecture. A) Not all courses down here have bad mosquitos in the summer. Usually just ones that are out West. Crandon is an exception being East. So the advice is relevant. Bring bug spray and it should be fine. Don't bring bug spray and you'll be miserable. B) I didn't say anything about hills, so not sure where you're going with that.
  11. I've heard Crandon has crazy mosquitos in the summer time, too. Regardless, you deal with these things pretty much anywhere in So. Florida. I too am a big fan of Miami Beach Golf Club. Great course, but yes agree it is very pricy. If you are mobile at all, I would suggest hopping on I-95 and going up to Emerald Hills in Hollywood. Old school difficult test of golf with some really funky holes.
  12. A buddy of mine played Old Corkscrew and said it was the hardest course he's ever played. He's a good player too.
  13. Also, I recently played the following Celebration: Very nice course routed through a community that is almost too perfect, like Truman show. Very nice natural areas. Challenging holes. Waldorf-Astoria: Pristine Course through the Wilderness and HARD. Bunker lined fairways and highly sloped greens. Highest round I've shot in probably 10 years. Ritz-Carlton: Greg Norman course that was a lot of fun to play. Challenging but not punitive. No homes on the course. Greens elevated but usually just 1 bunker greenside. Plenty of opportunity to get up and down if you want. And of course the staff was Johnny on the spot in true Ritz style. By the way, the prices were very reasonable. Played 1st week in November, stayed two nights, played 2 rounds for $400. Shared a room w/ a friend. This facility is also shared with a very nice JW Marriot that even has better pricing. I would return here again. Forecaddies provided for $25 a head. Grand Cypress: Family favorite. Played East and South last year again along with new course. East was in great shape and South was a little beat up. i think they were getting ready for an event and doing some work. New Course was really fun. Wide open but it gets interesting around the greens.
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