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  1. dont need proof of it i know its a good shaft just not 100 percent set on launch and feel
  2. so ended up going elswwheee to get fitbvb used gc quad with hmt as i notmall see i hit the tip stiff whitevoard the most constent but launch is high to kuro kage 70 tx xt was a very close 2nd but if you offest the spin there would be closer just dont know if i wanna be launching my driver 13 to 14 degrees while this place had obabs and graphite designs they didnt have the pro blue or 4th gen diamanas so not really sure what to do but he did say stay in the 70 plus range in the shaft
  3. well ive never been fit for a high quality shaft and ive only ever used extensive tip stiff shapfys and now considering going outside that relm again just trying to get some feel and ideas for this mid launch low spin profile
  4. yea not a fan of counter balance but didnt wanna pay for an upgraded shaft till i was fit peoperly ive used the white boards t1100 evenflow regular t1100 atmoa black ts 6x hzerous black hc 65 and 75 6.5 just no feel ans really not sure i load the shaft being very steep and very agressive might need somethig to get some pop ala why i liked the blue board and kk tini silver
  5. 100 percent agree with the shafts not gonna stop a miss left im going to club champion in a week ans hoping they will have the zf just was hoping for someone who has may of hit them both by now i have the smoke yellow 6.5 60 gram ans juat no life in thw shaft it feela great ofd the face just would maybe like a limytle more life in the shaft and mayne more launcha dn more spin ive hit the blue board and have liked that but a touch spinny for my style is there any other mid launch low spin youd consider me to review before my trip?
  6. hello im new to the forums and am wondering who has tried the new zf and the pro blue i have a early to mid release but agressive tempo and agressive transition but looking mid launch low spin for my ts4 8.5 head my favorite shaft of all time was the kuro kage silver tini but looking for more stability and helping elimating a left miss club head speed bout 110 115
  7. Sorry I was looking at 2 threads at the same time and I accidentally posted on the wrong one but thank you for being polite about it
  8. I've done some studying of my swing and I realized my swing on my driver is a straight slice or straight fade
  9. I have a question I have a straight slice what ideas does anyone have on tips to keep the clubface squared or how I can turn my straight slice into a fade or draw
  10. thats exactly what i gotta do gotta get up there and slow down gotta get that in my head but should i still look into the headcover drill to make sure imm on the right plane
  11. i deffintly try to kill it on the corse lol can anyone explain to me the headcover drill for and outside to in swing
  12. and also i only do this on the course when im on the range i hit perfect drivers so what would that mean
  13. so does anyone have any ideas or drills for me to work on and can anyone make since why its just with my driver
  14. well i have a simmilar problom i hit my woods and irons as strait as can be and then i pul out the driver which is 10.5 diablo octane dg s300 shaft and it goes like 100 yards straight and then turns dramaticaly right and i cant figure it out. i dont go over the top i have a nutral grip. but i dont understand whats wrong i cut down my driver to 44 inches and my 3 woods 33 inches with the smae shaft and i hit it fine any ideas
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