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  1. I replaced the spikes on my Nike golf shoes that have the Tri lock system. Most of the spikes fell out after a few holes.
  2. February and I was looking at Orange County national. I just want to get to a place and not have to leave. Do you have a place that would be better in your opinion?
  3. I would like to get some ideas on where to play and stay, It would be best to stay at the course due to the fact that I will be partying while I'm there.
  4. From my experience with golf innovation, creation of a need is priority number one. They could market the graphite putter to walkers and stress the "less weight in the bag leads to less fatigue during the round. Add up the weight difference, bring in a chiropractor holding a spine model talking about disc compression and we have a need.
  5. Yes if that show wants to draw more viewers they have to cater to the average golfer. For instance instead of talking about good deals on green fees for 150 bucks maybe they can bring in a rules official to mediate an alcohol fueled argument in which 65 dollars are on the line.
  6. Savvy, it's amazing to me some of the hair brain stuff out there, especially at the PGA show. Did you see the $500 alligator skin cowboy golf boots that Paige Mac. gave air time to on Morning Drive?
  7. I'm surprised that we haven't been bamboozled with the benefits of graphite shafts on putters yet.
  8. [quote name="bste" url="/t/80091/can-someone-help-me-become-easily-amused#post_1105576"]Love your sense of humor, how much snow did you get? Get ye to a range, shape some balls. Brian [SIZE=10px]Edit by Brian[/SIZE] [/quoteI worked hard to craft that...And yes Brian my back is sore from all the shoveling
  9. My ultimate goal would be to reach the level attained by the people following any comedic actor at the AT&T; pro am. Will settle for the same level as the people standing outside the Today show. Please help me fill this void!!
  10. I would tell him that he should switch to kick x balls then locate some Corey Pavin PRG irons and put some Winn grips on them stat. Like Butch says "they are lighter so you will swing faster "
  11. He should hire a private eye to locate that "hit it as straight as you point" Dalton character
  12. For instance, go back to Butch or Titleist
  13. Why tell anybody anything about this, that's my question. Seems like he drank too much and blacked out, that's it.
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