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  1. spiderrower

    Your Workout Today

    Broke 7:00 on my 2k time today at an erg sprint competition haha big day for me. (I'm not even 170lbs just to put that into perspective) An hour @ 2:00 is pretty impressive too... it might not be a bad idea into looking into local masters leagues or rowing clubs and getting out on the water - it's the same workout and it's so much more fun and satisfying than the erg.
  2. spiderrower

    Your Workout Today

    If anyone is looking for a new workout to try, I'd definitely suggest rowing. Your gym probably has a rowing machine (an erg), and if anyone's interested I could give you some workout suggestions and tips for how to get started. Rowing is a very healthy workout option, and it doesn't take long for you to get a great workout in. It's also both strength- AND cardio-based. I'm pretty sure it's integrated into CrossFit on some level (or, at least, it was a couple years ago) as well.
  3. spiderrower

    IOC drops wrestling from the 2020 Olympics

    I have a bunch of friends who are wrestlers and are all worked up about wrestling being removed. I think some of the sports that aren't up for removal are a little ridiculous... equestrian? That's mostly the horse doing the work, not the rider. I've never understood olympic weight lifting, either: their entire sport is the rest of the athletic world's training. Who watches that, anyway?
  4. spiderrower

    My Swing (spiderrower)

    I've been Playing Golf for: about a season, I'm just starting to get serious My current handicap index or average score is: 95-105 My typical ball flight is: irons: high, straight, far. driver: either a push and then slice, or straight off the tee and then a slice; either way, not much distance The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: make my driver go straight I'll include a link to a video of my swing at the end of this post, but I've made some pictures that I want to use to ask some specific questions. I made these comparison shots of me and some of the pros on Nike's web site (Paul Casey in the red shirt and Jhonattan Vegas in the white). I've never actually looked at my swing like this before so bear with me and my dreadful form. Pictures: (excuse my last-minute range attire haha) 1. I'd read about trying to have your body angled back a little bit, but I'm still clearly not doing this enough. 2. I also feel like my legs are a little bit too bent (unfortunately I didn't get any shots of my swing from behind - I'll do that later this week) and my arms are extended forward too far, rather than more perpendicular with the ground. 3. The top of my backswing obviously has a lot of issues. I think part of why I'm overrotating so far is because I'm breaking my left wrist. 4. I think I'm turning my whole body too far in the clockwise direction, which is why my leg looks like it's broken. 5. I'm guessing that partly why I'm not angling my body correctly here is because I started with it too straight at the catch. I'm hoping that by having my body tilted correctly, my hands won't lead so much, which is probably contributing to my slice. 6. One tip that I followed for a while was to try to move the club up and away from the ball, rather than around my body. As a result, my hands end up really high above my head. ----- So: Here's what I think I should work on at the range this week. Let me know if you agree or disagree or have any other suggestions. (the numbers here correspond with the observations I made above): 1. When I address the ball, I'll place it about even with my left heel, and set up my stance so that my spine is vertical when the club is straight in front of me between my feet. Then, I'll rotate my body forward, changing the angle of my spine so that it's back the way it's supposed to be. 2. I'll try and make sure my legs aren't too bent/too straight. I'll get some pictures of this next time. 3. I plan on starting with a very slow backswing and very little weight transfer. Eventually, I can work my way up to a more powerful swing after the mechanics are there. 4. Starting slower will help me keep both feet planted better (to get rid of that nasty leg bend) and I'll make sure that wrist doesn't break. 5. Do you guys have any suggestions as to how I can keep my arms from leading the swing? I'm guessing that helps contribute to my slice. 6. I'll experiment a little the idea of swinging around my body as opposed to trying to have an iron-esque upward stroke. Here's a link to the video: http://www.nike.com/nikegolf/ng360/swing/3fb2c054-322a-4de1-aa13-a38cd345a25a Thanks so much for your help - let me know if you have any other suggestions, too!
  5. spiderrower

    What Do You Do for a Living?

    Undergrad working on a Political Science degree with a Business Administration minor.
  6. spiderrower

    Who All Owns A Boat? If so, pictures are needed.

    ^ Nobody wants to go after him. I have a 420 sailboat for class racing but I don't use it much anymore. Spend most of my time crewing on my buddy's Nacra F18 Infusion - more class racing. Representative picture of the latter (same model):

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