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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm going to look into that for sure!! The guys I'm playing with have played True North and thought as highly of it as you. Although, they thought it went private, not semi-private, and didn't realize we could still get on there. If this info is still accurate, we probably WILL switch!! Thanks again!!
  2. I'm in metro Detroit and have played many courses ranging from horrid to spectacular. I have to say that locally, some of my favorites are Cherry Creek, West Wynd (semi-private), The Orchards, Greystone and Copper Hills. I've been able to play some nice courses up north as well and would like to share my list; Bay Harbor (Links, Quarry), which is without question the nicest courses I've played to date, have not played the Preserve there. Treetops, Garland, Elk Ridge and The Loone. We just booked our annual golf trip for this spring and am very excited because we will be playing the four
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