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  1. What Are You Working On?

    3 days ago I videod swings with 3 different clubs. I noticed I did not have a full wrist cock. I practiced keeping at least 90 degrees of wrist cock longer onto my downswing and had immediate improvement. Immediate means the very next shot. Much better squeeze on ball with irons. Higher loft and more distance. Took to course today and loved the new ball flight but was consistently long. I'll have to get used to the new distances.. Also lightened up grip pressure with no glove. It may just be differentl, but It feels like I have better feel of the club head through the swing. It's a nice feel.
  2. your favorite foursome game

    Play your normal games but limit the number of clubs per player. Four is a good number. Each player chooses their own clubs. You'll be surprised how well you all play. You'll have an interesting discussion with your partner after losing a hole because you picked "this" club instead of "that" club. And each players strategy for choosing their clubs makes for interesting conversation. E.g. Do you take driver? What wedge? Do you need a wedge or can you chip and pitch with an 8 iron?
  3. Unfortunately, not a single person complained about in this thread is a member of The Sand Trap. They will never know they are "that guy".
  4. How does this Myrtle Beach golf trip sound?

    Have not played Wachesaw. Caledonia is my favorite. True Blue is excellent. TPC is an excellent course but our group (mostly) think there are others we like better (e.g. Grande Dunes, Tidewater)
  5. Our group will play a couple of these courses every year as part of our 4-round golf package. Grande Dunes Resort (slope 126 white) Great strategic golf. Excellent facility and service (most courses in Myrtle area have great service in our experience). Good food. Our group always plays their last round of our ryder cup competition here. (slope 126 white) Caledonia (slope 134-mallard). One of our group favorites. And ask for two cups of unique chowder from the chowder attendant at the turn (don't forget to tip).. The finishing hole requires a long shot over the marsh to a very difficult green. And the clubhouse terrace is directly behind the green. There are always many players finishing their after round beers cheering and jeering everyone hitting in. 15+ miles south of Myrtle and easy to stop at the bars and restaurants on Murrells Inlet for after round fun ( True Blue, Caledonia's sister course is also an excellent option) Tidewater (slope 130 white): Many holes play along marshland. Some fun, but difficult holes. Nice greens. A couple very strategic par 3's. Think about where you want to miss. Barefoot-Dye Course (slope 143-member): Great, strategic, difficult, southern golf. I thought it was tricky the first time I played. But now realize I just wasn't playing strategically. You can't always hit a driver because you want to! Can't wait until the next time. Kings North: Another nice and highly rated course. And the "Gambler" is a par 5 with an island landing area off the drive (if you want) giving you a relatively easy 2nd shot. But the green slopes to the water and is hard to hold. A 210yd driver will find it hard to get to the green in 3 by playing around the lake. Legends Moorland (slope 136 Blue): A Dye course. Lots of strategy and hidden problems. The waste area down the left side of one is a magnet. Watch out for the hidden trap on the back (green) side of that knoll hiding the right side of the green. I thought I hit a nice wedge off the back side of the knoll thinking I'd get a nice roll onto the green. Fail! A nice course, strategic. I like those listed above better. It probably grows on you once you play a few times.. Excellent service. This course sees a lot of play with 3 courses dropping off bags and common practice facilities. But they do a pretty good job of keeping it organized. Whispering Pines (slope 129 white): Not in the same league (amenities, resort atmosphere, etc) as the others listed above, but who needs it when the golf is good? This course has plenty of nice and scenic southern style golf holes with trees, water, strategy and fun. The entrance is, literally, across the street from the airport parking lot. Good internet deals . An excellent and inexpensive course to relax on after flying in.