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  1. Didn't Rory shoot an 80 one day at this years masters? He played lights out pretty much at the open. I myself am in a slump so I can relate to this guy if in fact he is a + handicapper.
  2. I get most of my stuff from an izod outlet. I routinely get their golf line shirts for $11-18. Their pants are great too and get them for under $20.
  3. BTW I typically poke my putter 375+
  4. I am talking sweet spot. 99% of the other times I am just a bit off, not a whole lot. I use a x-stiff in my driver it is an untipped shaft. The total length is 46". I would mainly do it to get my fairway % up. If I lost 10 yards I would have a problem with that. My main problem is blocking to the right or pull hooking. Hardly ever go OB. :)
  5. I measure mine with my skycaddie. It has a nice mark a shot feature.
  6. Oh also I am starting p90x this week hopefully I can add 10+ yards to my drives.
  7. I average ~285 on flat windless drives. I am thinking of shortening my driver shaft to get a bit more. I can hit 300+ when I hit the ball one the sweetspot, but that is probably 1 of 5 shots.
  8. If you just want to know your handicap for your own personal info, and you have a smartphone. Get an app that will keep track of it. If you want it to play in league or tournaments use the USGA. I have seen some places won't accept anything other than USGA. Btw the apps are usually free or less than $2.
  9. 9• driver 2H 3-pw gw sw Lw I took out my 2i and 3w in favor of a 2h which I can make work for both.
  10. As an aircraft mechanic I have been aroud a lot of metal fatigue. In my opinion though I do not think a driver will be effected by metal fatigue unless it is played as often as tour pros or people who play a lot of golf. I am no expert, but that is just what I think.
  11. That would be cool if it had actually gotten out of hand and people were attacking each other or something like that. The thread was learning about the people on this board and making friends. I could care less about post count. I frequent many boards. This one was at the top of the ones I checked, but when over zealous mods start closing threads, when it doesn't make sense, I lose interest. Similar to when a TV network shuts a show down, I tend to not watch that network as much, fearing that I will enjoy another show, which will be shut down.
  12. I miss the Say something about the above poster thread....One of the main reasons I came back. Guess I will look for other things to do.
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